Weight Loss Challenge Week 9: Fiber

Uploaded by GoodNutritionForYou on 03.12.2012

Do you eat a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables? And do you eat at least 7 servings
a day of these? Hi, I’m Luigi Gratton, Vice President of Nutrition Education at Herbalife.
Now I know what you’re thinking, 7 servings? Yes 7 servings. Now let’s find out why in
today’s lesson. Our focus is on fiber. Now when our mothers told us “Eat your fruits
and veggies.” They were right. They are an essential part of our diet providing a
wide range of vitamins and minerals that serve in a ray of important functions in the body.
Many people however are deficient in their fruit and vegetable intake. The average person
falls far short in meeting the fiber recommendation of 25-30 grams a day. In fact most of us only
eat about 15 grams. So what is fiber? Fiber is the structural portion of the plant, it’s
found in whole fruits, vegetables, beans, and grains. Now different types of fibers
has different effects on the body and it’s important to get plenty of fiber from a variety
of sources. Water soluble fibers are found in apples, oranges, carrots, potatoes, oats,
barley, and beans, these are types of fibers that delay the time it takes for food to pass
through the system so they provide a feeling of fullness. They also slow the absorption,
glucose or sugar, from the blood stream helping to lower the blood cholesterol levels. Water
in soluble fibers are the other type of fiber, they’re found in vegetables, wheat bran,
corn bran, rice bran, and most of their whole grains. These fibers speed up the transfer
of food through the intestines and they also trap water. So they are particularly good
in helping to prevent constipation. In order to get more fiber out of your diet, try to
eat whole fruits with their skin more often. Also eat a variety of whole vegetables, cooked
and raw and eat them freely. Try to use 100% whole grain breads, waffles, rolls, English
muffins, and crackers, instead of those made with white flower. Supplements are great assets
in helping you meet your fiber intake, although they don’t replace the healthy fruits, vegetables,
and whole grains you should be consuming. You could use Herbalife’s wonderful fiber
supplements to help you increase your intake of fiber. Herbalife’s Activer Fiber Complex
is a great powder that supports regularity and bowel functions. It contains 5 grams of
balanced soluble and insoluble fiber which can be added to your formula 1 for a thicker
smoother shake. You could also add Herbal Aloe products which soothes the stomach, relieves,
and relieves occasional indigestion and enhances intestinal health. These two products along
with the diet, rich and fiber, will work wonders on your body helping you lose weight and feel
great. For more information about how Herbalife products can support you in fiber consumption,
you can speak to your wellness coach. This concludes this week’s topic of discussion.
I’m Luigi Gratton reminding you to listen to your mother when she says “Eat your fruits
and vegetables.”