Desfilar el Cabello - How to trim your hair diagonally

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How to trim your hair diagonally
Hello there! How are you? Hope you're good ^^
Today I'm here to show you how you can cut your front hair in a diagonal manner
Is very very easy to do and very quick! ^^
So! I leave you watching! :* See you!
My first step is to part your hair right in the middle
when I accomplish a nice parting, I comb it
you have to divide from the half of your head...
to your ear...
and take that section to the front
Like this
and we separate this part at the front
and now, if you wish, grab this section here with a hairgrip
and let's now separate the other side
from half the head... to the ear...
of course, if I should not wear fringe, I would have more quantity here at the front
but as I have, I got little quantity, without it you might have here much more hair than me
what I'm going to do next is to grab the two shorter locks
which are these two here at the front
this ones
and I will cut them at the same length
I will grab these two and join them exactly at the center of my chin
you see? and I cut here so they are both at the same height
I cut here...
If your hair gets dry, spray it to keep it humid it's better
and now...
you pull thoroughly with the comb
pull well down to the bottom
and you are going to grab the hair "in this manner" with the fingers
now you can see your first cut here at the beginning. You should now cut the rest in "this" direction
with the scisors in this direction
Now I do the cut as I explained previously...
let's cut it carefully
and now... I find my longest flock...
and will join it to the longest flock on the opposite side
and I'm going to join them at the neck
the locks must join exactly below my chin
do you see this shorter hair? That's the one I made by cutting the hair diagonally the first time
So I will use this already cut flock, as a guide to the opposite one. So I will cut the opposite lock at the same length
Can you see? Here I make the cut
and now, I have to get simply this side...
comb it thoroughly as the other side...
you straighten it a bit pulling like this
with your straight fingers, you pull down the hair
do you see the result?
Now you can see clearly what I have to do. "This" is the cut done at "this" height
and "this" one over here it's the same height as the opposite side
So now, you just simply cut in "this" direction
You have to imagine a line going from the two mentioned points
and place the scissors in that imagined angle to do the cut
I straighten again my hair...
I grab my scissors and will now cut along the imaginary line between this short hairs, and this long ones "here"
and will cut in this direction with the scissors...
I place them like this
and I cut carefully
and this is how the diagonal cut looks like
if you don't have a fringe, you'll have more hair here at the front
but it's exactly the same procedure
I will dry it, so you can see the final look
By the way, this dryer is from Maquillalia Ultron, cherry model
it comes with a Turmalina iron
that has the same cherry pattern
I will place the links down here
Once dried, you can see how it achieves this form
If once dried, you see that you are not completely happy with the shape you can trim it a bit
you can even empty a bit of hair
so this is how it would look
let's see the other side
I grab it and explore the tips
If I don't see it perfect, I can trim it more with the scissors
If this final trimming you do it with ironed hair it will be better and much easier
as I have some experience now, I don't need to iron it
but as said, if you straighten it with iron it's easier
so now you can see how the diagonal cut looks like
as you can see it's quite easy to do
it's also quick and if you do it with care it's difficult to go wrong
I hope it will come handy. Thanks a lot as always. So this is it, see you at the next video! :* Bye!