Not Your Stereotypical Heroes - Ep. 1

Uploaded by jdcohn34 on 02.11.2011

Mr. White: Hello Mr. Mayor. Another gang fight in Central Park?
I think I have an idea. No, Im sure this will work.
You know I only hire the best. Will do. Goodbye.
Mr. White: Hello all, do you know why I have brought
all of you super heroes here together?
A: I dont know, Mr. White, so we can all start a garage band?
B: What garage band has a violin player in it?
A: Hahaha, very funny!
Mr. White: Hey now! I brought you all together
because there is a serious gang war starting up in our town
and I need to bring our best group together to stop it.
L: So then why is HE here?
J: Hahaha, I am the best!
Mr. White: You were all brought here because
you all have very unique talents that complement
each other very well and can be used to stop any situation.
J: I can fix this by myself, I dont need
any of YOU people to help me out.
A: Hey! What do you mean YOU people?
B: What do YOU mean you people??? (looks at A)
A: Asians are the target of racism too you know?
L: Since when?
Mr. White: Enough! I’m tired of the bickering.
You four are the best at what you do
so figure it out and get it done! The gangs are meeting
up at Central Park soon, so be there and figure out a way to stop it.
L: So what is it that you do? (looking at B)
B: What do you think?
J: Youre probably super fast and strong, huh?
B: What? Does that mean you are super rich with lots of high tech gadgets?
A: Hey, he is just saying what we were all assuming.
L: And let me guess (looking at A) You’re probably the brainiac?
B: And so you’re good at sneaking into places? (pointing at L)
L: You are so racist!
A: Ok, come on guys. Lets figure this out and start to work together.
Mr. White is counting on us, and this gang war could tear up the city.
J: Whatever Mr. Miyagi. I actually have the super speed and strength.
B: Woah, who knew? My brain is my muscle of choice. I am the genius.
J: Now theres a surprise
L: Ok boys, well to keep up with the surprises,
I actually have all the high tech gadgets.
A: And as you probably guessed, since youre so smart (points at B)
I am the best at sneaking into places undetected.
J: So now that were all the four bestestest friends
of all time, can we go solve this gang war before its too late.
B: Ive actually been thinking of the best way to do this.
We’re going to have to talk to one of the leaders of one
of the gangs before they leave their headquarters.
Talk him out of his plans. Try to solve this problem diplomatically.
J: And how do you expect us to find their headquarters
and get into their headquarters without getting into a fight?
Not that I’m worried about a fight.
L: I have a device that can track the gangs headquarters
and give us a location of the gang leaders office.
A: With those layouts I should have no problem
sneaking us into their headquarters undetected.
B: And you can provide protection should anything get out of control.
J: Well it’s better than inviting them to tea I guess. Lets go then.
L: Follow me, we can track the headquarters
and get there in my Stealth Copter.
B: Figures you would have something to sneak into places…
L: What?!
B: Nothing...
A: That sure was a bumpy copter ride. You would think for
spending millions of dollars, you could get a smoother ride.
B: Hey, were here at his door. Everyone be quiet. Can you break it down?
J: Can I break it down? HA!
You heard me when I said I was the strong one right?
Gang leader: Ey foo! Whatchu doin’?
L: Were here to talk, not to fight.
Gang leader: What chu want, little lady?
A: We’re here to talk to you about the gang war set to happen at Central Park.
B: Why is it that you are fighting this other gang?
Gang leader: We hate them! They are our enemies, foo!
We always be fightin them.
B: What did they do to make you hate them so much?
Gang leader: I dunno. That’s just how its always been.
We talk bad about them because I think they talk bad about us.
J: So you dont even know for sure that they talk about you?
You guys just hate each other because of what you guys THINK you know?
Gang leader: Well... yea...
L: Well if there is one thing I’ve learned today
by getting to know these heroes, its that assumptions are
stupid, and stereotypes about what a person is supposed to be is wrong.
B: Dont you think it is pointless to continue to
fight each other when neither side knows who they really are?
Why not get to know each other and see if you guys might get along?
Gang leader: I dunno, I guess foo...
A: Well it looks like our job here is done.
L: You can use my cell phone when we get to the copter
Ill probably have to show you how to use it.
Gang leader: Watchu think Im ignant just cause Im from the hood?
J: Shes got more money than Mr. Monopoly.
Dont be impressed by all her nice little gadgets.
B: Lets just get back to Mr. White to let him know the good news.
Mr. White: So I take it you guys got the job done?
A: There won’t be any more unnecessary gang
wars based on stereotypical hate, if thats what youre asking.
Mr. White: Great! I knew I could count on you guys
to get past your differences and figure out how
to work together. I could see this team being a permanent group.
L: Once we realized that all our own stereotypical ideas
about each other were wrong, we were able to understand
each other and work together.
B: Sometimes you have to find the problem
in yourselves to fix the problems out there.
J: Wow, could we get more corny right now?
I mean seriously? Could we?