Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - [Part 6 ~ La Cité des Cloches 2/3] (English Subs)

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Phoebus: Hey, Sora, right?
Sora: Aren’t you the guy that was just with Frolo?
Phoebus: Please… I do not want to fight.
Phoebus: Please… I do not want to fight.
Phoebus: I’m glad you understand. I’m Phoebus.
Phoebus: Anyway, she is still here isn’t she?
Sora: Esmeralda went outside with Quasimodo
Phoebus: This isn't good
Sora: What's wrong
Phoebus: It's about Frolo
Phoebus: Frolo is totally engrossed with exterminating the gypsies
Phoebus: I voiced my opposition and was banished
Sora: That's so cruel
Phoebus: I'm fine with it
Phoebus: Frolo said that they found the gypsies hideout, The Court of Miracles
Phoebus: Esmeralda and the gypsies are in danger
Phoebus: We have to inform them before Frolo gets there.
Sora: Quasimodo Esmeralda's in danger!
Phoebus: Where did she go?
Quasimodo: I don't know. She went somewhere in the town
Quasimodo: This pendant
Quaismodo: She said that I would understand if I saw this
Quasimodo: If I put on this pendant the town will be mine
Quasimodo: That's it! This is the city's map!
Quasimodo: The catherdral is here, and if we go through the city and beyond the bridge is the Court of Miracles
Phoebus: Good job Quasimodo!
Sora: Awesome Quasimodo!
Quasimodo: Yes. I will save her.
Riku: A Dream Eater. It's huge!
Riku: What the-?
Riku: Not good. It looks like I have to run for now.
Frolo: Get out of the way, Captain Phoebus.
Phoebus: I will not! Just what do you plan to do to them?
Frolo: The people in this house helped the gypsies
Phoebus: Just because of that-
Frolo: That is enough for it to be a sin
Phoebus: That monster!
Frolo: What are you saying Captain Phoebus?
Frolo: This is no monster. This, is the judgement of God.
Frolo: God gave me this power to eradicate the gypsies
Phoebus: What do you mean?
Riku: We should stop.
Riku: If he is this engulfed in darkness it's going to be hard for him to revert back to his normal self
Frolo: "Engulfed in darkness" you say? Me?!
Frolo: Just see for yourself
Frolo: When the flames of judgement bring the gypsies to light!
Phoebus: You won't get through here!
Riku: Are you okay?
Phoebus: I should have listened to you
Riku: Don't exert yourself. Leave him to me
Phoebus: Thanks...
Phoebus: How pitiful, me relying on a child.
Riku: You shouldn't worry about it. I'm used to it.
Phoebus: You are certainly a lot more dependable than I am
Phoebus: I'm sorry. I'm counting on you.
Phoebus: I think the monster went toward the cathedral
Riku: Gotcha
Frolo: This world is going through a dark age.
Frolo: Because the gypsies are disrupting the balance of the world
Frolo: They are trying to destroy the city
Phoebus: Is that... so?
Frolo: I have been exterminating gypsies for 20 years
Frolo: But, as always, they keep doing as they wish
Frolo: I am sure that they have a hideout somewhere in the city
Phoebus: What should we do about them?
Frolo: Exterminate them... Leaving not a single one behind
Phoebus: Thank you for the detailed explanation