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Now, that's just a real quick overview of the company. Let me give you a little bit
about the foundation. First off, Go Fun Profits is a subsidiary
of E-Ad Gear, which about a two and a half year-old company. Last year, we did $22Million
in sales. This year, we're on track between $70Million
and $100Million in sales. There are 70,000 distributors already in the parent company.
We have a 10,000 sq. ft. office right here in Pleasanton, California. It's kind of in
the San Francisco Bay area. I'm not talking about some virtual office or rental office.
I'm talking about the whole 10,000 sq. ft. is ours.
We got the CPAs, accountants, customer service, the programmers, the training rooms, everything
right there. We have a 3,600 sq. ft. office in Hong Kong.
The parent company has a huge base in Asia. We this 6,000 sq. ft. office in China, and
we're opening up an office in Taiwan in September. What I'm trying to help you understand is,
Go Fun Places may be a start-up company, but it's backed by a $70-$100Million company.
By the way, all those 70,000 distributors are helping launch this program right out
of the gate. Go Fun Places, and the parent company, are
an international company. In fact, the parent company is a Hong Kong-based company. All
the vacant accounts are Hong Kong. All the servers are offshore.
Here's the deal: You get an international company, offshore company, all the banks are
offshore, all the servers are offshore, we got customer support in the other offices
overseas, but yet we have a presence in the United States, as we have a 10,000 sq. ft.
office. We're not some company trying to hide. In
fact, I'm inviting any of you out, because next week, we have somewhere around 100 people
coming in to the office next week to see us. If you want to come out and shake hands, meet
me some of the other leaders, and owners of the company, you're welcome to come out.
We're serious about launching this. What we have happening is, sometime towards the end
of this week, or next week, we're going to be announcing a Founders' Packages to the
parent company's database, as well as to our top leaders who are helping us with the pre-launch.
Somewhere around the 7th of September, we're going to do the Founders' Packages to the
general public. We're going to do our first commission run
some time towards the middle or third week of September for all the unilevel commissions.
We're going to keep that pre-launch going and building, because on October13 and 14,
we're going to have an international convention here in San Francisco, where we got a lot
of our distributors from the parent company coming.
The parent company's having an international convention. We're also using that as a launch
or big kick-off for Go Fun Places. With that, we're going to pre-build all the way till
the end of October 13 and 14. We're actually going to start taking in money
this week for the pre-launch. Starting October 13 and 14 at the final kick-off, that's when
we'll actually start the marketing profit-sharing bonuses that I've talked about.
We've got one other bonus program I forgot to tell you about. We have what we call lifestyle
bonus. The way the lifestyle bonus works is, just
like when you got out there and share this with other people and when you earn reward
tokens in our profit-sharing pool, you also earn the same reward tokens in our lifestyle
bonus pool. The way our lifestyle bonus pool works is,
as that pool grows, for it's a separate pool, when it gets up to a certain amount, we have
what we call our card bonus, which is a dark blue Mercedes car program.
You go out there, get a dark blue Mercedes in each and every month, the company's going
to give you $750 to pay for that. We also have a vacation bonus that, as your
bonus pool grows and it gets to a certain level, you just availed a pick to a vacation
you want, and it's paid for. That's just a few things about the comp plan, the products.
I'll be giving a lot more detail on what the products are.
But real quick - How do you get paid? We have a mobile wallet. You can use the mobile wallet
to fund your account to make payments and join, as well as merchant accounts for credit
cards. We also use the mobile wallet to pay you.
You can set your mobile wallet up, and when we pay your commission, they go straight to
your mobile wallet. If you have it set up to go straight into your banking account,
that will do a direct deposit straight into your banking account.
For those people overseas, the mobile wallet works with over a hundred different types
of currencies. Whatever country the person's in, when we pay her commission, it automatically
pays them and converts it over to their local currency, as well as debit card options and
things like that. We got everything in place; we got a structure,
a foundation. We got serious backing. The thing is, we got real products and services
that are in huge demand. We basically take in and put together one of the most powerful
compensation plans with this profit-sharing model, but we've it in a way that's legal.
We've done it in a way that rewards for performance, not pay-to-play.
With that, I guess I'm going to go ahead and turn it back over to you. Thank you everyone!