Review: iPad Smart Case

Uploaded by TechByteHD on 07.07.2012

Hey guys, welcome to this episode of TechByte. Today we are going to look at the Apple iPad
Smart Case. This is basically a smart cover with a back. For my smart cover demo click
the annotation in the top left corner or if you’re watching on a mobile device find
the link in the description. This case isn’t connected by magnets but
by putting half the iPad in and then pressing the two other corners into place. This case
works with the iPad 2 and The New iPad but as it has to fit the new iPad which is slightly
thicker, there is a bit of extra room when this case is used with an iPad 2. This case
is made out of polyurethane and at the time of recording there are not any leather versions.
The material on the inside of this case is soft microfiber so that your device doesn’t
get scratched. There are perforations for the speaker, which
impressively doesn’t drown any of the sound out, cut-outs for the 30 pin dock connector,
camera, microphone, headphone jack and mute or rotation lock switch. The cut-outs for
the headphone jack and mute or rotation lock switch aren’t placed that well as it is
hard to flick the switch and the headphone cut-out is very small. A feature I like is
the raised profile buttons which sit over the top of the iPad’s buttons.
The smart cover works just as a normal smart cover. It wakes and sleeps the iPad, closes
magnetically and works in the two stand modes: the typing stand, which is very useful and
works fine, and the movie stand which is quite wobbly and if you tap the iPad too much then
it could fall over. Another feature in the original Smart Cover is the screen cleaning
function but as this case has a raised lay-on-table design, the microfiber doesn’t touch the
iPad’s display. The case feels like it has too much room, like it was made for a bigger
iPad as you can squish the case and if you turn the case the iPad moves around in the
case. Many people have complained about the ease of opening the cover but that hasn’t
really been an issue with me. The sides of the case are quite sharp and uncomfortable
to hold and when you take the iPad out of the case and hold it; it feels so much nicer
to hold in the hand. Just to point out; if you would like to return
your smart case with engraving you won’t be able to as it has been already personalised.
The iPad smart case gets three bytes. Overall the case is quite good. If Apple made it so
that the iPad fit in it tighter then it would be a great case but at the minute it’s just
an okay case. I’ll have one more iPad video coming on
Tuesday and then that will be the end of the series but I’ll keep doing the ‘What’s
On My iPad Series’. Thanks for watching this video guys, I’ll see you in the next
one. Bye!