[POPSEOUL! Spotlight] Vidulgi OoyoO, Idiotape, Galaxy Express Interview

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I'm SeungHun from Vidulgi Ooyoo and in charge of humor.
I play bass in Vidulgi OoyoO. I sometimes dance and take pictures.
I'm Lee JongSeok and I am the guitarist and the vocal.
I'm Ham JiHye and I'm also in charge of beauty in Vidulgi OoyoO.
I'm YongJun Lee and play the drums.
YongJun Lee...
I need to say it that way since we are in America.
It was great for me, at least. Canadian Music Week... it was in Canada so I won't say much.
Starting from SXSX, went to New York,
When we played in front of the foreign audience in Korea,
we were wondering a lot, whether the audience here will react well.
we felt so much better after we got here.
We wanted to confirm for sure. I think coming to America was a good choice.
It was our first time in America. It's been a lot of fun, experiencing different weathers,
and we got to meet a lot of other people. It's been fun.
Opportunity wise, we had so much time to spread our songs. It's been great.
Some poeple only listen to K-Pop and don't know there are a lot more genres out there.
so people don't really know... I don't know how we've came this far.
I'm sorry.
With lot of teams playing different genres... in front of the audience... it's been nice.
Being friendly with each other from staying for a long time definitely has been the greatest.
The fact that they are other genre teams is the best.
In Korea, Galaxy Express is very friendly with us.
but whenever we do a concert, we rarely do a show together.
But since we are on a tour, playing together,
I think we receive a different kind of energy.
Although we all play different music, we receive different type of energy from each other.
If we were the same genre team, then there won't be anything like that.
Listening to other type of music gives us an unique influence.
We connect with each other in many ways.
We emphasize our fans to feel our music in deeper meaning just like we do.
and that's why we play shows.
Our music isn't an instant attention getter, not at least at the first time.
In America, some audiences appreciate our music, some might not.
When fans hear our work, they need to feel we made these songs with this type of feeling,
We appreciate when fans can realize what kind of emotions we have poured into our songs.
Watching our show might even feel like watching someone painting.
We are constantly influenced from seeing paintings, movies, documentaries,
and then we recreate those influences through music.
Fans can imagine this is music, but at the same time it's like a painting also.
Hello, we are VI!
-It's embarrassing, can we do it again? -I love you, San Diego!
I'm DR from Idiotape and I play the drums.
I'm Dguru from Idiotape and I do synthesizing and sound mixing.
I'm Zeze and I do synthesizing.
Everytime a tour ends, I am relieved and sad at the same time.
A lot felt unsatisfying, a lot has been fun.
I feel I will miss a lot of things and wish to come back, sometime very soon.
I'm slightly shy around people,
I was actually afraid of spending time with people I do not know well.
I'm strongly individualistic.
But then, the reason why we are all here together is because of music.
and we are here together as part of Seoul Sonic, even as a family,
I feel like I gained a great family and great friends.
I wish everyone stay close with each other, and furthermore
when we get a chance, I wish we can make something together
and I wish for that devotion.
A peace in their mind?
and glee?
-Fun! Just say any English you know. -I don't know about fun.
I think it's hard, but then easy also.
Probably our situation is challenging.
but then, since we came to America,
If we set 3~6 months of solid schedule,
We might have a chance. Because in contrast to my expectations, there weren't that many great American teams.
I don't know if we were unlucky, but
A lot of Korean bands have great talent,
and they have very passionate hearts.
So I think Korean bands have a possibility.
If there is one thing I want to ask for the bands seeking for oversea expansion,
I wish their purpose of expansion isn't for Asia, I mean,
Bi (Rain), Se7en, and Wondergirls,
When they came, their attempt just became an advertisement, rather than focusing on seeing the reactions of the audiences here.
Don't expect to be respected in Korea.
The key lies on being well-received and communicating with the local audiences.
that will increase the possibility.
The students in America, or the resident in America
if you look at them, they are struggling and fighting
not against America, but it's for themselves, their own will.
I think some of the previous musicians might have been easy on their determination,
and since I got here, I felt like this challenge is manageable. We think a success is possible.
If the musicians develop stronger determination, help each other,
I don't think it's impossible.
We are IDIOTAPE. Thank you!
-Which TV station are you from? -It's called PopSeoul
-Pop Sori? -Pop Seoul, Seoul!
Iggy Pop
What was it?
-I don't know...
Hello, I'm Lee JuHyun and I'm Vocal/Guitarist from Galaxy Express.
I'm Guitar/Vocal, Park JongHyun.
I'm Kim HeeKwon on the drums.
We are,
It's something we should't say, but since you are asking, I guess we need to give it a thought. Our impressions on the tour...
Different meaning.
We experienced different, different things.
We saw new things, something out of ordinary.
-Lot of surprising things! -yeah... lot of surprising things.
-Playing with Different teams? -Great.
-Because... -We are not lonely.
People usually want to stay alone.
People usually want to stay alone.
and usually feel like they are alone?
but when something is done with everyone,
we've learned things can be better with everyone together.
Isn't being alone too lonely?
People might think I'm crazy doing this.
A team is great, we are three in a team, so a team is great.
All the other teams all have different colors.
If there's Kimchi, then we can show Bean Paste, Pepper Paste,
- I don't know what I'm saying. - It's a buffet.
Along with other genre teams, we all create a different kind of sound together.
in a different land, different environment.
We all communicate, get along together. That's where the fun is!
It's something heavier, not lighter, and people call that a "rock" Hahaha!
-That.. -It's hard...
It's something like power of life, we are not dead yet.
It's like, I'm alive. Ah! I'm still alive.
So my life is fun now!
- Like this. - So that's the life!
Like a corpse, drinking at home everyday! This cannot be everything the world can offer.
I wish fans feel that heart thumping feeling.
If it's fun, watch us with fun. If not, then don't watch us with fun.
Watch us as you please, since not everyone can be equal.
Transportation cost is probably the biggest deal. If that can be taken care, then maybe.
Indie bands might be able to travel often.
Money... Financially problems exist, but the trip itself is worth it.
So far, we've gone to Toronto, Austin, New York, and here today,
They all seem to have good places to live in,
It actually feels much more open than Korea.
Since Korea is a bit small, perhaps this bigger land might be a better choice.
And plus we are just passing by like this, but the people here know other form of an entertainment,
and even though we are just passing by, I wish to see variety of sceneries.
- What was the question? - The question is... if Indie bands can easily come or not?
Talk to Bi or Se7en on camera.
Uh... Se7en or Bi...
-Send a message. -Very....
-Se7en and Bi... I love them so much.
Thank you! Pop Seoul!
Please watch them a lot... what? Haha!
Anyway, Hello San Diego, Check out PopSeoul often.