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Hey guys and welcome to this lesson which is He's A Pirate.
Now I'm going to teach you the entire song so if you want to learn it, just keep on watching.
Now I'm going to play a little part first and than I will tell you exactly how to play it.

Okay, so the right hand plays a D
And the left hand plays a D-octave
And the right hand plays first, like this.
And then...
The left hand kicks in..
Here you go
Like this, okay?
And than we start of with the next part which is.
Okay so the right hand plays: A, C
and then
and again
and again
And than you play F, A, E
Okay so like this
The left hand plays a D octave right here.
Okay you combine it like this, right, right, together, right right.

Than the right hand plays Bb, D, F
and again
and again
And than Bb, D, G
And the left hand plays a Bb-octave.
he just come on the flight displayed together
rights brian's
and then the write up less space cd
and again
and and the
and the left i'm pleasantly arxiv
and then india
become on it like displayed together
rights together
because like this
aka citizens live part goes like this
now what i do is a play my left hand twice up lady octave firsthand
and then a play mohammed and
like these okay now if you can do that that's very nice if you count it's no
problem with a verdict goes for the entire song if you want to your
yelp first and they have found that the sound like this
okay so that's an option for you
now you don't have to do that if you like it you can play it like that
fretting ta song
now would like to point out that you can validly sheets which i use a buff the
by clicking the link in the description box on below
that'll take you to my website so they can then that she's with us on and for
any of the lesson i would also really like to make a lesson for a medley of
pirates combining six to eight songs but a money going to do that if i get files
and found subs and this video que because
it takes me about fifty us to make
and see if you guys are not going to watch anyway denying won't bother making
okay said give me a fans up if you want to see
a piano mentally for parts money six to eight songs
but that's another thing could look at the second sheet
goes to the right hand please stay in scene
and they play f b_-flat ke uh...
and again uh...
and again
may play half deflecting
on the left i'm place would be flat out
become on it like this the right strikes together
right rhymes
then the right implies they cn
and again
and again
may play a c g
and the lesson plans that have worked a front-end
or writing
like to play the written about place right here
okay play deadline is to get there
rights crimes
and the right of myspace easily
and again
lesson plans and i noticed
idea tive
and tdap is andrew
you come on that like displayed together
rides rides together
left last
because like this
okay so now let's take a look at the next sheet
but this is this part of the ccs solicit limited to the first sheet first
the prime time place and seen nameplate after aideed uh... and again by and
and they play f k f
and the left implies that the other front here
take a month like this front rights to get there
then the right implicitly flat d g
and again
and again and they played the flat t eddie
like these
left in place to be fired up right here
take a moment like this like to get there
arrives rights
bend the right intensity she'd be plant
and again
may play daily
an end to the s any
and that auntie
a case like this
that's unpleasant she up to the fan
and jia
we take a moment like this fight together
rights rides together
i guess it doesn't i partners like this
okay now let's take a look at the second sheet of this boat
like this the rotten pasty and they played the flooding ads
and again
and again
and then be plenty ki
that's unpleasant beefed up
take a month likeness rights rights together
rides rights
then the russian players t asst
and a single dean
and then t as
like this
and they play facing child
that plagued sean's aunt together
i and d together
pen and pacing shopping ticket
acosta like this
and the left i'm plaza de alto and then and i am to
and after the game
as you can one of like disha play together
rides rides together
all right
access like this
because then i'm going to play the entire first part the first four sheets
for he's slowly
okay so that's the entire first thoughts and i'll play everything are displayed
again but to play the right and the octave higher right here
et cetera okay
c_e_o_ pay freeze sheet one two three and four again
amplitude right until the little tired
but older witty and she used to play this
but now you will replace that part of casey you will play disney he
and ideas
the dr molly plagued eat f
he'll play seat number five which i will show you right now
sanibel play something else which is the and right hands and then n c sharply
and then delete c sharp
it's like this
and still have time for obviously still plan to have to try to have his let's
try that folks
like these another right onto a plate is
which is a ninety together
and again
and again
and then pastry shop p
and and and i think after
and again
and again
and and and she to get them
lessons of played diaz of seashell boxes
advances and that yet
pay too much like this you play together
rides writes and then to get better
and then to gather
rods rise
because like this
aggressive issued in slow motion
okay now let me come on twitter part you played before
and they're used
take a little bit the connection
ecosave now let me looking through it
and we used to play here
and you play it all the way through data conceal place you'd one-two-three-four
and they'll play higher
and then the second sheets
and they plan to fetch eat
and they applied this sheet instead of two forty two k
like these
but then i would take a look at the next sheets
okay so we ended up right in
and as you can see a write-in displaying and cheney
and now you will just plan to any right off the bat
architects as part of the issue
so nang upton's
now than i thought of
and then i opt
and they play a b_-flat active
and that dr
and to be fine
okay so there are some plays this
like that at eight
the left i'm plaza de until
and the defect
okay seek a month like this play together
right right right
to get there
writes back drivers
and then the rods in places a c sharply
and again
and then enti
and prices sharply
because the command like this
rides together
lesson plans and i have to have
and after the game
because they like this
okay so now let's take a look at the next sheets
because the right hand plays the f_a_a_
and again
and again
and they played the f_b_i_ flat
an n_t_s_b_ again
like this
left hundreds of the active
and she kanata played like this
or your complaint
something like this case you can either played like this
which is just holding down the octave
or a complaint
uh... the octave implied that these
few more times
which audit personally liked better they play c_d_ in the right ends
and she placed four times
and stay in place the halfway
because like this
that employs a c_r_ and then the mailbox
become on it like dislike together
rides together
okay and then again you can just lady artists
oregon ban
played like this
day get back to p_s_a_ plagues actually the same
like this
because they have this time
and then the raj implies this
which is seen sharply g
and entity
and have to pay t
like this
lesson plans and i have to find
an idea
become on it like this to play together
rides together
and that's that's what i see it let's take a look at the next one
attest to the right unpleasant e and then a_t_f_
an airplane sheet they an asean take to get their days
seem to have to get there
antsy and teach kept
cases like this
latham ties to the octave
and ceo
you come on it like that she played right rides together
rights rights too
gather bribes bronze
as like this
then the right on plaza casey s
racing team
pays the any
and that's the beauty
and the less someplace and i looked at
and the ceo
okay come on it like this like to get there
right rights to canada
dendrite unpleasant have team an n_c_o_ okay
and then she asked
and the left i'm close enough
kamon it like this right rights together matrox
then there are some places so the
scene shop f
antsy sharply
and then half eighty
half eighty
a case like this
and that's unpleasant mailto
and an idea
amity active again
income on us like this play together rice brides together rights rights to
okay so this implies she does limitation
like this mothers they delivered the next week
pass the right unpleasant the and then pay-t_v_ ads
nameplate the
and icn teach get there
cnf to get there
antsy and cheat to get
picea like this
they play haven't eight to get there
cn tea together
and seem to have to get there
and then half the flat d
sulit this
and it
citizens live by says like this
and the left i'm plaza deductive
the sea octave
have active
and to be flat out
he come on it's like dixie playwrights
rights to can turn arrives
rice together
right brought together
arrived together
attempts at his books in slow motion
like this democrat implies that the came
and then d_n_ today
cuz they like this
and i played b_-flat t_b_a_ fast
and then be flat
an empty flexi
okay like this
said his box in slow motion
left some plaza de oxes and then a cheong
he come on it like it's rides
get there
rides rights tincture
again i'm not let it be flat artist
when applied is stuff right in front of the sheet cake
and that was a little too slick are needed to play a cheok to frighten icy
dot com
okay so like this
and then the last part this sheet and to have to get there
and handy to get there
ec show
and lesson plans and i have to
planet and again
a case like this
garage price together rivals
aka citizen policy does lamination
like this let's take a look at the next week
at a pretty cool stuff here as well
left town plaza deductive geog pt
uh... and the steel
the right time players d_f_a_
gtv flat
and then cfd eighty
aka ceceo a for a total of four times
he combines with the left hand like dissipated catherine
an anti gather empty cather t get better
ninety candor
because like this
and and and
but that's another selected from the f_t_c_ after frightening
now you change
and then just arrived
like these
done the right on plaza b_-twenty cheat
and they'll play antes uh...
i am f
i am t
painting and
and handy
because like this
adolescent plaza geog two idea unpainted and the diya rocket ok commode like
displayed together
nanti get better
brides t gambar drivers goes like this
tennis on the plane is in the beginning
but i played it like this
et cetera now what you need to do their is if you want to play it like that
they play together
and made by the left and another for times i guess if i'm to five times in
so like this
t three four five together
xiv report five major spiders
and they play together two three four five together
t pre-qualified
like this
now let's take a look at the last sheet
because the right implies the uh... and they played together
right to get there
they applied d_e_s_ and then detained effect to get there
and they played d_e_s_ and the sea of eight to get
because like this
ants down the road in place the f_a_a_ again
an airplane and c
an n_c_o_ a again
and energy
as select
so what you get is this
because the left i'm plaza de active
ante up to
and i thought
he combined it's like to see playwrights writer right together
rides right right to get them
bright right righty catherine t get thirty cather and now the left-hand
changes to the sea otters
teakamp therein
because they're slow motion
like this
and there you go with the rest
and i did not plant degan
okay so like this
and they finish up with half a and d
a castle i guess
and they play a deductive in both hands
because the decedent slow-motion
and that's the end of this lesson peace enough to get to download sheet size
about the piano
by clicking the link in the description box on the note
and give this video thumbs up because remember ever get a thousand tons of
some this lesson i'll make a piano mentally for six to eight part of songs
hope to see it does verisign goodbye