Spicy Spatchcock Chicken - How To Spatchcock a Chicken!

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>> HILAH: Hey dudes! I'm Hilah, and welcome back to Hilah Cooking! Today is episode one,
season four, and I'm gonna show y'all how to make my new favorite way to roast a whole
chicken. It's called "Spatchcock Chicken" and "Spatchcock" refers to the way it's prepared-
not anything to do with penises. So, don't get the wrong idea.
>> HILAH: I've got about a four pound chicken here, and remember: if you go to hilahcooking.com
you can get all the detailed instructions and printable recipe cards. So, if you want
this recipe printed out , that is where to go.
So, the first thing is, I've got these kitchen sheers- I used to use an old pair of office
scissors that I relegated to the kitchen, but these are pretty cool because they come
apart so you can wash them really easily. Anyway, you need some sturdy scissors to do
this kinda deal.
>> HILAH:So, what we're gonna do, this is a little gruesome, that is the downside over
doing this over regular roasted chicken. I showed y'all that last season. But the results
are so good and it cooks so much faster. Uhm, if you can hang, then you will be in for a
>> HILAH:We're just going to cut up either side of the backbone, of this poor, sad chicken.
>> HILAH:Thank you chicken.
>> HILAH: Okay, and the backbone, if you want to make chicken stock, that is a great use
for that. I've got a recipe for that on my website to. I can link to that for you.
>> HILAH: Okay, so now here comes the even grosser part! So, I've got this kind of busted
open, and you can see here there is a little sort of dagger-shaped bone and that's the
breastbone and there's cartilage there. So, we need to cut through that in order to open
this up properly. So I've just got a super sharp little knife
>> HILAH: Alright, so, we're just going to cut through that, it's real easy to get through
it, actually.
>> HILAH: And then, on back, down here. Kind of through the breast there, and then, you
just kind of {snapping sound}
>> HILAH: I mean, it seems a little gross but you just kind of press on it and that
wishbone there snaps open.
>> HILAH: Now we got a flat chicken! Okay, and we're ready to season it.
Okay, you wanna make sure you have all of your seasonings and stuff out before you start
messing with your chickens, so you don't get chicken juice everywhere.
>> HILAH: Uhm, I've got a little bit of cooking sherry- well, it's not cooking sherry, it's
just sherry, which i'm just going to brush under the underside here. I like the flavor
that this adds. You can totally leave it out if you want to. In fact, you can really simplify
this recipe down to bare bones and still end up with a really great, delicious, tender,
moist chicken. That's good.
>> HILAH: And then I've got a spice mix here that I've blended up previously. I'm just
going to sprinkle over that. Okay, good. And then we're going to flip it over.
>> HILAH: And now I've got some olive oil that I'm gonna brush over the skin and that's
going to help it get really crispy and have a beautiful color. You could use melted butter
to. And then, some more of our spice blend. And this is like: thyme and paprika and cayenne
pepper, oregano…what else did I put in it? Uhm, black pepper, salt, chili powder, blah-d-blah.
It's pretty spicy. You could leave the cayenne pepper out if you want to.
>> HILAH: I've got a baking sheet here. I covered it in foil mostly because it's really,
really ugly and I wanted to save your eyes from that, from the sight of the rust. But
also it helps the clean up a little bit easier. Although, somehow, some oil usually seeps
underneath it anyways, I don't really know how that happens. I've also got a little wrack
here, and this is going to keep the chicken up so that it cooks evenly, so that air can
circulate around it.
>> HILAH: We just wanna pick up the floppy little guy and arrange him there.
And then these little wing tips, you wanna kinda make the chicken do like this:
>> HILAH: Like the chicken may be lounging by a beach. So it's, again, it seems a little
harsh but just kinda bend it back, pull it around there, just gonna like, you wanna keep
the little wings compact and off of the breast. So we got our little guy arranged all nice,
okay, cool, he's covered in spices. Alright, now I'm just going to put it in a 400 degree
oven for forty-five minutes it's so fast you guys, it's amazing.
[placing in oven]
>> HILAH: Alright, while that's in the oven, I'm gonna show y'all how to make a spicy spatchcock
sauce, which, actually, I put this on the website a few days ago just because I came
up with it, but a lot of people requested that we do a video for it. So, I just figured
that I would go ahead and do that. In the original recipe I used a hatch pepper,
but I'm all out of those so I'm going to use a jalapeño, and all I did was throw this
under the broiler while the oven, for the chicken, was preheating,
>> HILAH: So it was in contact, not direct contact, with the flames and stuff. I pulled
it out and just put a little glass bowl over it. Any kind of bowl will work. And that just
keeps the steam  in there and helps the skin softenand separate from the pepper.
So we're just trying to peel off the crusty skin here. You can use a hatch pepper, whatever.
You could use a couple serranos. That would be a spicy sauce! And I'm just gonna cut the
stem off. I'm gonna leave the seeds in but if you don't want it quite as spicy then you
can take them out.
And just drop is into my fancy pants blender. And, I've got a clove of garlic, and a little
bit of olive oil, and some plain, greek yogurt- if you wanted to use sour cream that would
probably be really good too. And also, it just occurred to me, I bet some green onions,
toasted under the broiler would also be really good blended up in here.
Just a pinch of salt, we don't need very much. And I'm just going to puree this
[sound of blender]
So, just go until everything is chopped up real tiny. And look, that's such a pretty
color, it's like this pale green. I guess I can use this bowl.
So there we go, this is the sauce that I'm going to serve with the chicken. Uhm, you
could also use like any kind of red salsa if you like, or you could just serve it plain.
It's really, really good. So, okay, there! There's a bonus sauce recipe for ya!
Alright our chicken will be done in about thirty minutes and I'll see you back then.
{time lapse}
This chicken cooked for about fifty minutes and I checked the temperature just by putting
a thermometer   in here, in the breast, down that way, and then also in the thigh,
that direction. Uhm, the breast should be 150 and the thigh should be around 170, and
then I've just let it rest here for five or ten minutes.
So, I'll show you how to cut it up now. We will start with just cutting off this leg
quarter and that's going to include the thigh. So, I mean it's like, it's so tender it's
falling apart right now, so it's really easy to separate this. You really just, you don't
even have to do anything. It basically just broke off.
And then this one {okay, good deal} and if you wanted to just do it in four pieces you
could get a bigger knife than this and just cut it down that way and have a breast and
a wing section.
But I'm going to go ahead and cut off the, separate the wings from the breast to. So,
just like, with the leg, not quite as easy, usually, you should be able to kind of separate
it out, find that joint and cut between those two bones there. And then, if you wanna get
the breast meat off of there, boneless-style. You can just carve it like you would a turkey,
and cut off a few slices. See how this method, here, like this breast meat is so tender and
juicy and the thighs also are cooked well. A lot of times when you do a whole roasted
chicken it's real easy to end up with over-cooked breast meat, but this is just beautiful and
amazing. So, I'm just going to take a bit of this chicken stuff. You can see, a lot
of juice is coming out- probably should have let it rest a little bit longer. But I could
not wait. And then I've got my little spicy sauce here. So just a little dab will do you
there. This sauce is really hot, man, beautiful! Perfectly cooked.
>>HILAH: Mmm.Y'all I think your'e going to be really happy with this recipe and, man,
dudes, it's my new favorite way to cook a chicken, I don't think I'll ever do it any
other way again. So I'm very happy to be able to share this recipe with you.
>>HILAH:Alright, well thanks for watching. I hope you try this recipe, if you have any
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I'm so glad to be back with season four of Hilah Cooking, everybody check back for printable
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