[EngSub] JAEJOONG @ TONIGHT SHOW Mar,28 2011 Part2

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JJ ; No
Mc ; You have to try it, and you'll love elephat like Thai people do.
Mc2 ; There's something carry on his person.
It's pink wristband of our king,
Can you show it?
Mc2 ; when you begin to wear it?
JJ ; Since first time i camr to Thailand
Mc ; How did he know this story? and why he wear it?
JJ ;At first time I came to Thailand. I saw fans and everyone wear it.
So I ask "why you wear it?"
and everyone describe about honor and respect the King
then I feel the heart of fan to the King,So I start to wear it.
JJ ; I ask staff and fans about the King .And I heard about honor and respect the King.
.It's honor and respect with heart that I never seen before,
So I began to honor and respect the King too.I start to wear it and don't take it off.
Mc ; That not only Thai people that can feel royal grace of the King.
Althogh other poeple whose we love, he heard the story ,he respect and love him too.
It's a graet thing. we're Thai, when heard these story from him,
I want to say I'm very thankful
JJ ; Fans are the one who love me.I'm a foreigner but Thaifans still love me.
I should requite fan's love.I give my love to the King
Mc ; alright, let's go to this title. It's important for me.
Actually, high class like Mr.Kim comes, Jae comes .
Kim jaejoong must dance for us.
if I don't see his step dance, it's gain nothing.
Show me.And if show it you have to show right here
JJ ; There's dance that I will do in concert and I want fans to dance together.
JJ ;There's korean dancer.Can i take him here do dance?
Fans ; yes ~
JJ ; Shall we begin? Fan ;Yes ~
Mc ; It's a very impressive thing.
Because I know that all the thing he did for us today,it's the thing he did from his heart.
Manything when we talk to him
or something we heard when he interviewed about Thai,about us .
we feels so impress. it's very precious for us.
Actaully,He's shy guy. He's very shy guy.
And shy like this how can you get a girlfriend!
Fans ; Yunho!! Yunho!!
JJ ; what them say? ah ha ha
Mc ; I think he have to learn [about how to get gf] very hard
JJ ; I want to have a gf
JJ ; But i thing i'm a member who's the least popular.
Interpinteror : who? JJ ; me
Fans ; no~
Mc ; that his cute. that his actaully habit and feeling.
Mr. Kung, where's the concert arrange?
MC2 ; At impact arena on April, 2-3 2011
Mc ; what time?
Mc2 ; gate'll open at 4 p.m. and concert start at 6 p.m.
who still have no ticket can buy it at Thaiticket Major.
Mc ; There's rumoar that tickets are sold out.
Mc2 ; There're still left.
Mc ; So who have no ticket you still can find it , only 2days
Mc2 ; And there're many surprise in this concert too.
Mc ; So! when he comes, we impress.
I want to know that what's he impress in his fans
JJ ; If I tell everthing.it's too many thing.
But the thing I regret and tell my fans is
I couldn't come to meet you often. I regret in this part
Even if I live in Korea,Fans still care me ,still wait for me and love me
, this thing is the most I love.
*she trans that jae regret for coundn't com often and fans say "it's alright , don't be sad" *
Mc ; And this's the one in your hearts.
I have to say agian that this concert is World Tour.And 1st place of his performance is in Thailand on 2 - 3 April.
Mc2 ; Thailand is the 1st place they come.
Mc ; Yes, it's honor for us.
Please clap your hand for him agian, Kim Jaejoong