Passport to English - IELTS speaking test with Astari: Part 1 - Introduction

Uploaded by australianetwork on 12.07.2011

Where are you from Astari?
Where are you from Astari?
I come from Jakarta, Indonesia. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia.
Why did you come to Australia?
I came to Australia to live to get my residency here.
What do you like about living here?
I like the lifestyle in Australia. It's very laid back and relaxing - not so much hurry,
unlike in Asian countries. Where else have you travelled?
I've travelled to other Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore and of
course I've travelled around in my own country. Where would you most like to go?
I would like very much to go to Europe, for example UK, Spain or Netherland, but I also
want to go to Dubai - and India. What's the best thing about travelling?
The best thing is the journey itself, not when you arrive at your destination because
when on your journey you are in this moment of anticipating of what's going to happen,
the experience that you're going to have. That's what's best.
Is travel easier these days? Yes, travelling is easier these days. You
can buy your tickets online nowadays and you can pick your, your transportation. You can
go by airplane, train, bus or boat. So, yeah, I think it is much easier these days.
Just relax and be natural.