Eat My Shorts - The Breakfast Club (3/8) Movie CLIP (1985) HD

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[Vernon ] Damn it!
Andrew Clark, get up here.
[ Snaps Fingers ] Come on. Front and center. Let's go.
- Hey, how come Andrew gets to get up? - That's right.
lfhe gets up, we'll all get up. It'll be anarchy!
Watch-Watch the magazines.
That's veyclever, sir, but what ifthere's a nre?
l thinkviolating fire codes and endangering the lives ofchildren...
would be unwise at thisjuncture inyour career, sir.
All right. What areyou doing with this? Get this out of here, for God's sake.
What's the matterwith you? Come on.
You know, the school comes equipped with fire exits at either end ofthe libray.
- Show Dick some respect. - Let's go.
Go. Get back in yourseat.
l expected a little more from a varsity letterman.
You're not fooling anybody, Bender.
The next screw that falls out is gonna be you.
- Eat my shorts. - What was that?
Eat... my... shorts.
Youjust boughtyourself another Saturday, mister.
- Oh, l'm crushed. - Youjust bought one more right there.
Well, l'm free the Saturday after that. Beyond that, l'll have to check my calendar.
Good! Because it's gonna be filled. We'll keep going.
You want another one? Say the word.Just say the word.
lnstead ofgoing to prison, you'll come here.
- Areyou through? - No.
l'm doing societya favor. That's another right now.
l've gotyou for the rest ofyour life ifyou don't watch your step.
You want another one? Yes.
You got it! You got anotherone right there. That's anotherone, pal.
Cut it out!
- [ Mouthing ] Stop. - You through?
Not even close, bud.
- You got one more right there. - You really think l give a shit?
- You through? - How many is that?
That's seven, including the one when you asked Mr. Vernon here...
whether Bary Manilow knew he raided his closet.
- Now it's eight. Stay out ofit. - Excuse me, sir. It's seven.
Shut up, peewee.
You're mine, Bender. for two months, l got ya.
l got ya.
What can l say? l'm thrilled.
Oh, l sure that's exactly whatyou want these people to believe. You know something?
You ought to spend a little more time tying to do something with yourself...
and a little less time tying to impress people.
You might be better off. All right. That's it!
l'm gonna be right outside those doors.
The next time l have to come in here, l'm cracking skulls.