How to Make Tai Chazuke 鯛茶漬けの作り方

Uploaded by cookingwithdog on 21.03.2010

Hi, I am Francis, the host of this show "Cooking with Dog."
Today, we will be making Tai Chazuke.
You will be addicted once you have tasted this.
Let's prepare the sesame marinade for Tai Chazuke.
Put the sake and mirin in a deep pot.
Turn on the burner and let the sauce simmer at medium heat.
Be careful to always monitor the sauce
because it is easy for the alcohol in the sake and mirin
to ignite at a high temperature.
Boil down the sauce until all the alcohol has evaporated.
Add the soy sauce.
When it boils again, turn off the burner and add in the kombu.
Place the pot on a trivet and let it cool down.
When it gets cold, remove the kombu.
Put the marinade in a food storage and let it chill in the fridge.
Let's cut the ingredients.
Cut the long green onion into a single 2 inch pieces.
Make a deep cut in the center and remove the yellow core.
Scrape off the gooey layer with the blade of the knife.
With the outside facing up, chop the white layers into very fine strips.
Drop the fine strips in cold water and stir with your hand.
Let the green onion sit in another bowl of cold water for around 10 minutes.
Cut the mitsuba into half-inch pieces.
Slice the sea bream into 1/4 inch slices.
Thin slices of the fish easily absorb the marinade
and it will cook by the heat of the hot green tea.
Let's toast the white sesame seeds at a medium heat.
Even though they are already toasted,
freshly toasted sesame seeds really bring out the best flavor.
Put the toasted sesame seeds in a suribachi bowl.
Grind the sesame seeds with a surikogi pestle.
The sesame paste will turn creamy because of it's oil content.
Add 2 tbsp of the premade marinade to the sesame paste.
Mix until the marinade becomes smooth.
Dip the slices of the tai in the sesame marinade
until they are completely coated.
Let's roast the toasted nori over the burner.
Slide the nori back and forth on the cooking grid.
Tear the sheet of nori into rough pieces.
Put them in a plastic wrap and crumble the nori into very fine pieces.
Let's warm up the tea pot first.
Pour boiling water into the tea pot.
Put a lid on and discard the hot water.
Next, put tea leaves in the prewarmed pot
and pour on hot water which is a bit cooled down.
Cover and let it sit for around 2 minutes.
Let's prepare a rice bowl while brewing the green tea.
Serve the fresh steamed rice.
Line up half of the tai slices on top.
Garnish with the chopped mitsuba,
thin strips of the long green onion
and crumbled toasted nori.
You may also add a little wasabi to your taste,
if you want to be a little adventurous.
Now, it's time to pour on the hot green tea.
The surface of the tai will turn white because of the heat of the tea.
Dissolve the wasabi in the green tea
and enjoy the Tai Chazuke with the seasonings.
You also have the option to have this recipe
without pouring the hot green tea over the rice.
A rice bowl served with just the raw sesame flavored tai is also delicious.
It's so delicious! I can eat 3 bowls of Tai Chazuke.
Another version of Tai Chazuke is pouring on
rich dashi stock flavored with usukuchi soy sauce.
Good luck in the kitchen.