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There's not a single singer and a dancer..
..Iike you, in the entire market place.
The child has gone to sleep.
You are beautiful and beloved.
Then why did you leave all this?
Only after everything I have gained one.
Kesarbai, may God give you the..
..happiness which he has given me.
Madam, someone has come to see you.
Who's that? - He is an old man.
What is his name? - I didn't ask his name but he was..
..saying that he has important work.
Who could it be? Fine, send him in.
I think you are Kamla. -Yes, but, who are you?
I shall tell you who I am, but..
Just go and see in the kitchen what Lataria is doing.
My name is Laxmi Narayan.
Rai Bahadur. -Yes, my dear child.
Whether anyone believes it or not..
..the truth is, you are my daughter-in-law.
And this little one is a part of my heart.
Have you come to take me with you?
No, I have not come to take you.
I have come to give you a trouble.
Trouble? -Yes, a very deep blow.
I, I didn't understand what do you mean?
There is no justice in whatever I want to say.
And it is very difficult to understand and explain..
..and explain that which has no justice in it.
Even then, I'll try to explain it.
See child, I know, that my son loves you very much.
That's why, I have come here without informing him.
I want you to remove him from your mind.
Remove him from my mind? Whom I have personified.. my God in my heart, I should stop thinking of him.
If you'll do that, then you and your child will not have..
.trouble in your entire life for house and money.
You have come to throw money in front of the one..
..who has sacrificed everything for the sake of her love.
Don't take me wrong, dear.
If I would not have realized your value, and if I would..
..not have respected your love which you have in your..
..heart for my son, I would have never come here.
But, I know your love is true. That's why you..
..would be able to do this big sacrifice for him.
I beg you for the sake of your love, give back my son to me.
I can give back your son to you, but, how..
..can I snatch this child's father from her.
If you have this in your heart that..
..the one you love should be ruined.
He should have no respect in the family, society and world.
And his family members should..
..become helpless to go shelterless.
Where did this helplessness come from?
You are rich enough. - We were, but now we are not.
The debts have made us hollow from inside.
And today the condition is such that..
..if I don't get my only son married to my..
..friends daughter from where we will be getting a..
..mill in dowry, then within 15 days we will be bankrupt.
There are only 15 days for us to be ruined, my child.
And you are in between.
No, no, I will die. I will die.
Child, please child, don't ruin our family for your love.
Don't bring us a bad name in this old age.
You are under the oath of this child.
No, no, no.
Raju, when will this worshipping of books, finish?
Aunty, till there are books, the worship will continue.
Your aunty understood, but the assembly of..
..Jagat Babu will not continue for ever.
Oh my goodness, it's 4'0'clock. What will Jagat Babu think?
What will he think? Does he not know you?
He has reared you since you were 12 years old.
He must have understood that again..
..again a book has been opened.
Don't you get tired of reading such fat books?
Do you get tired of my talking, aunty?
This is religion. Will anyone be tired of religion?
That's the thing. The books are my religion.
I don't get tired reading them. Yes, I get tired..
..keeping them back in their place.
Aunty, my money is kept in one..
..of the books, can you just look for it.
Don't know when this boy will get brains.
Does anyone keep money In such a place?
So what aunty? The grocers keep them.. ledgers, I have kept them in books.
The residents of this city, friends and colleagues..
..with all the love and trust with which you elected.. the Mayor, since the last five years.
The respect which you have given.. I thank you all for that.
I don't want to say anything More on this..
..occasion but I just want to tell you I have not left..
..anything to serve you, I did whatever was possible for me.
And I never bothered for my rest.
And I fully hope the next Mayor Shri Ganga Sharan..
..Tripati will do more than that which I did.
Friends and colleagues, after serving the city for 5 years..
..I think the mayor Jagat Babu thought that he was left cheap.
But we will not leave him so easily.
Very well said.
There is no such school or college in this city..
..for which Jagat Babu has not done something.
There is no such hospital, maternity home or..
..orphanage for which Jagat Babu has not..
..served with all his wealth, heart and body.
That's why we all have decided that..
..we will make him contest for the..
..parliamentary elections, from our city.
Friends, listen to me, listen to me.
Glory to Jagat Babu, glory to Jagat babu.
Rajesh, why are you standing? Sit.
He is in a hurry. His books are waiting for him.
I wanted to ask you, when will your thesis be completed?
In somewhere around 20-25 days.
Good, good. I have spoken to the college trusty and.. the principal, you will get the job of lecturer easily.
Thank you, sir.
If I'll get the job It will be because of your favor
What nonsense. If you get the job it will..
..because of your hard work and capability.
Daughter, the tea has not yet come. Just go and see.
Come here. I just forgot to give you your college fees.
But you have already given me the fees. - But when?
I just took it day before yesterday.
I keep forgetting these days. I really forgot.
That's a very cute mistake. People take money and..
..forget, you have given money and forgotten.
Son Rajesh, if I tell something then people will say..
..that being a servant I am trying to show dignity.
What are you saying sister Janki?
You are not a servant of this house, you are mother Janki.
Yes mother Janki. - But who listens to me?
Daughter was with you since morning to evening..
..and you did not ask her for tea.
It was so crowded over there.
Leave it, brother. Bring it fast, Dhania.
Why are you coming behind of her?
She forgot to get sugar.
Dhania, you go. I shall prepare the tea myself.
Bhola, you come with me.
Rajesh, I think you should leave..
..the house of Mayadevi and stay here.
I don't like your staying alone There after your mother's death
Why, Rekha? -Why do you ask me?
I can't say no to you, but I have a great attachment.. that house. My parents breathed their last in..
..that house. I don't feel like leaving that house.
I understand Rajesh, no problem.
Take it. -Thank you.
Rajesh, before leaving, meet me.
I want some things from the market.
This is wrong, Rekha. Whenever Rajesh comes.., you give him some work or the other.
So what, father?
Dhania, oh Dhanu, what's all this? Where are you going?
To hell. -To hell. What do you mean?
It means that because of you, mother Janki..
..fired me from this job.
It doesn't matter. A girl like you doesn't need a job.
Am I dead or what for a job?
Dhanu, read this letter of mine.
Keep this letter with you. Who ever comes.. my place, give it to her.
But Dhanu, I have written it for you, just for you.
Please read it, read it for my sake.
What happened, you are so late?
I had been to mother Janki to meet her.
Did I not ask you to meet me first?
Mother Janki, called me first that's why I went there.
Always you change, what I say. Why this mischief?
No Rekha, I don't do any mischief with you.
Will I do mischief with the daughter of that noble person..
..because of whom I am alive today and who looked..
..after me, after my parents death and made me capable.
..anything other than this?
Rajesh, when you'll understand me, after all?
Who told you that I don't understand you?
Rekha, according to my opinion the way..
..I understand you, nobody understands you so well.
Are you telling this after thinking properly?
Yes, I am telling it after thinking properly.
Thank you, Rajesh. Thank you very much.
But why did you call me?
Oh I forgot.
I want some things from the market. This is the list
Fine, I shall get it. -No, even I'll come with you.
Then we'll go tomorrow, not today.
What time tomorrow?-Say by 4'0' clock. I am going now.
Bhola. - Bhola is dead. -What happened?
What should I tell you, Arun Babu.
The girl who was ready to marry me after so much..
And the new wretched one doesn't..
..even allow me to touch her.
Bhola, at least you reached till marriage.
But there are some people who could not even..
..say to the people they love that 'I love you'.
This is the mistake they make.
Shall I tell you an important thing? - Tell me.
One should at once tell the girl that they love her.
Otherwise the girl thinks that you are timid and senseless.
Bhola. - I am dead.
She will think to be senseless.
Today I will definitely tell her.
I'll hold her hands and hug her and tell her Rekha, Rekha.
What happened? - Nothing.
Whom were you talking to?
I, I was doing rehearsal.
Since when did you start acting?
You were studying in an engineering college?
No, I am not studying. I have passed the exams.
Then join father's factory.
But father wants to send me to England for higher studies.
Then go. - Should I go?
But I will miss a lot over there. - Who?
Who? I will miss her. Everyone.
Who all? - Who's name shall I take?
Then take her along with you. - Should I take her along? - Yes.
But mother says I should get married first.
Then get married. - Shall I? With whom?
Search for a girl. - I have already searched a girl.
Who's that? -I came to tell you that.
Then tell. Speak up.
What should I tell? She scolds a lot.
She scolds. -Everyone scolds me.
The professor used to scold in the college, at home..
..father scolds and here you scold me.
The bell is ringing.
It's 4'0' clock. Arun, now you go home.
But, that talk. - We'll talk over some other time.
Fine. - Bye Bye. - Bye Bye.
Ok. Bye Bye. - Bye Bye.
Mother Janki, mother Janki, your Rajesh is a very bad man
Why? What happened?
See, I told him to be here at 4'0' clock.
It's already five and he is not yet here.
Bhola, see what is burning on the gas?
Were you going to the market with him to buy something?
Yes. -But he has already brought all the things.
He had come in the morning. he gave me all the things.
But where is he now? - That, I don't know.
He was in a hurry. He had to catch a train.
Train? But where did he go?
He has gone to some hill station.
Your father knows everything.
He has only sent him there to study.
He only told me that he is going out..
..for 15-20 days to do DDT.
DDT. He must have said PHD.
He had to write a thesis for PHD.
What DHT or PHT. I don't understand..
..these names, these days.
But, mother Janki, why did he not inform me before going?
"These unknown mountains are blocking my way."
"I am standing on this side and thinking..
..what's there on the other side?"
"These unknown mountains are blocking my way."
"I am standing on this side and thinking..
..what's there on the other side?"
"Looks as if there is something in the screen."
"Don't know whether it is bright or dark?"
"Looks as if there is something in the screen."
"Don't know whether it is bright or dark?"
"The playful heart says, go, go."
"But the heart still fears."
'Those are the lanes of flowers or the deserts of thorns?"
"I am standing on this side and thinking..
..what's there on the other side?"
"There are stings of sorrow in legs."
"There is a picture of happiness in the heart."
"There are stings of sorrow in legs."
"There is a picture of happiness in the heart."
"Hope pushes me forward and dismay pulls me backward."
"Whom should I listen to and whom not, the mad heart."
"I am standing on this side and thinking..
..what's there on the other side?"
"I am standing on this side and thinking..
..what's there on the other side?"
Listen? - Yes.
Can I be included in your loneliness for a moment?
Loneliness is not shared.
Actually, I want to ask you something.
Could I ask you, why you want to ask me something?
Don't feel bad. I have come here to write a thesis.
Or say I am in search of the answers to those..
..questions which could be answered by others.
I think you are very proud of yourself.
Why did you feel like this?
You want to solve the complications of other's life.
Everyone sees life with his own viewpoint.
When a flood rises in the sea, I see the flood and not the sea.
But I am in search of that sea from..
..whose womb those flood like waves take birth.
Congratulations on becoming a doctor.
Your thesis was excellent. -Thank you, sir.
Now you will teach history in our college.
But later on you may even have to teach literature.
Thank you, sir.
I have seen your student report and I have decided that along..
..with lectureship you will also become the warden of hostel.
I hope you'll look after the boys very nicely.
I'll do my best, sir. -Start the job from tomorrow.
And give my regards to Jagat Babu. - Sure, sir.
Hello, Jagat Narayan speaking.
Yes, tell me, tell me what's the matter?
What about Rajesh. Oh good, good.
He even became the hostel warden. Wonderful.
I am very happy to hear this. Thanks a lot.
Yes, I will meet you surely. Thank you.
Sister, Janki. - Coming brother.
Sister Janki, come here. I have a good news to give you.
Rajesh has done a wonder. He got his PHD.
He even became a lecturer and the hostel warden.
But how did you come to know all this, father?
Just now there was a call from the principal.
That's very good, brother.
The promise which I gave to Rajesh..
..father, has been fulfilled today.
But why didn't come he still?
I have come. - You, have come?
What are all these flowers for?
I just brought them. I mean they are for you.
For me. But why for me?-I just felt like taking it for you.
Rekha, he has brought these flowers for me. - Yes.
Do you know Rajesh has got the degree of PHD.
He has become a doctor.
Yes, even I have become an engineer.
That's very good. -Rajesh, come.
Professor Rajesh Verma. PHD.
You have done a good job.
All this is because of your favours.
Again the same old thing. Why do.. think yourself to be so small?
I am smaller to you. - You are smaller only age wise.
That's true. But a man is always smaller to his ideal.
You are my ideal and my faith.
You have become a professor so we'll..
..have to listen to what you say.
See, Rekha. He is spoiling my brain my praising me.
Congratulations. -Thank you.
Congratulations. Even I have become an Engineer.
Very good. Congratulations.
Child, go. Go and get some sweets for Rajesh.
Mother Janki, he has become a professor..
..and I should bring the sweets. What's the happiness?
This is wrong. - No, Rekha is right.
See, I have brought these sweets.
Oh wonderful.
Wow! -Ladoos(sweets).
You yourself distribute to everyone.
Congrats, Mr. Rajesh. - Take this.
I want two. -Why? Why two?
Because I became twice happy. - OK take two.
I will take four, I will take four.
I felt four times happier.
Take the whole box. What are you doing? Give there also.
How did you get four times more happiness?
And how did you get double happiness?
One of mine and the other of my queen.
Your queen? - Chanchal, dear.
Chanchal, dear? See Bhola, don't.. mischief with Chanchal.
She is a girl from our village.
Leave it, leave it. A girl is a girl after all.
Be it from your village or my village.
Shut your mouth and listen carefully.
Don't speak too much with Chanchal.
Staying in same house how can we not talk.
Master has kept you for talking or for doing work?
Fine, I shall talk less. And do more work.
Nothing, nothing.
Chanchal. - What? What's there in this paper?
You predict. -Did I learn fortune telling that I'll predict.
There is such a science of fortune in your eyes..
..that you can even predict what's in my heart.
But you don't get time from washing vessels.
What do you want, shall I stop washing vessels.
I am not saying this. Clean, clean, clean very well.
Chanchal dear, clean the vessel of my life one day.
It has become very dirty.
What's there in the vessel of your life?
It will be cleaned in only one stroke.
Anyway, tell me what did you bring for me.
I have brought two sweets for you.
You miser, you have brought only two pieces of sweet.
The thing is actually, I was scared whether.. will accept my sweets or not.
What two, I will bring four or eight.
Will you bring this sweet again?
No, I'll bring whatever you'll say.
If you'll say I'll bring the entire shop of Ghasita Ram.
Fine, so bring one pink petti-coat for me of silk.
I'll bring. Any more orders.
And bring one sandal. - I'll bring even that.
Anything else. - Yes that top with chain, bring that also.
I am tied with the chain of your love, what.. are talking of the chain of a top.
If you say I'll make a chain of my life..
..and hang it around your neck.
Chanchal. - The wretched one has come again.
Bhola, listen carefully. If you'll talk to me like this..
..again I'll slit your nose with a knife and throw it.
What was he saying?
He was saying that he'll bring one Banarasi Sari for me.
I told go and get it for your sister.
Good, you have done a good thing.
I shall bring the Banarasi Sari for you.
What else did he say?
He said why are you wearing silver ear rings..
..I shall get gold rings for you.
God save me from this Bhola.
Why? What happened?
He is unnecessarily increasing my expenditure.
I shall bring you gold ear rings.
You are so good, Gopal. And that Bhola is useless.
Even I hate him. You can call him horse, donkey..
..whatever you feel like.
Shall I tell you one thing? - Yes, tell me.
I don't like the way you dress up.
What shall I wear?
Get a suit, tie, hat, like a hero.
When I'll come the next time I'll come like a hero.
Take this, take this, take this, have these sweets.
Have this. Have this. -Gopal, Janki mother is calling.
Mother Janki, mother Janki.
Do you know who is called a professor?
Who? - This one. Who carries our burden on his shoulders.
Do you know who is called a student?
Who? -I will tell you.
Sit down boys. Ramesh, clean this.
But sir, I have not made this.
I know you have not made this.
No.1 - Yes sir. No.2 - Present sir. No.3 - Yes sir.
No.8 - Yes sir. No.9 - Yes sir. No.10 - Present sir.
No.12 - Present sir. 13- Yes sir.
18, no.18. Suresh. - Yes sir. -What's in your hand?
It's my sister's snap.
I have just got it from the photographer.
Sir, he has it in this hand. - Nothing sir.
Raise your other hand up. - There's nothing in it sir.
Gautam, raise your hands.
Move your legs. - Which one sir, right or left.
Move your legs. Pick it up.
Amjad, Gautam, Suresh, Shankar you..
..all go out of the class.
Did you not feel ashamed to take the names of..
..your sisters along with these naked snaps? Get out.
Mr. Bihari, why don't you give resignation.. the post of canteen manager?
Why, sir?-What will the people think, if the..
..canteen manager's health is like this, what..
..will be the condition of the students?
What should I tell you Mr. Rajesh, even..
..if I drink two ounce of milk, it doesn't show on my body.
Then start drinking three ounce, everyday.
What's happening?
We were playing rummy. Would you like to join us, sir?
It's already 10:30. I think you all should go to bed now.
One more round and then we'll sleep, sir.
Ok. Good night, boys. - Good night, sir.
Watchman. Are you awake or sleeping?
You do duty with eyes closed.
Salute, sir. I am awake, sir.
Do you know some boys are missing from the hostel?
That, that.. -Don't say that, that.
Tell me where the boys have gone.
Which boy's sir?
Banarasi, Amjad, Gautam, Suresh all are missing.
I don't know, sir. I really don't know.
Do you sleep here or do your duty?
I will dismiss you today itself.
No, sir. - Pack your bags and go.
No, sir. I will tell you. I shall tell you everything.
Tell me, where they have gone?
That Jamuna Prasad's nephew is there.
I am very frightened of him. He says if I'll tell..
..any thing about him to others he will dismiss me.
Nobody will tell you anything.
Tell me correctly where they have gone?
Sir, there is a brothel in the market place, what's its name?
"If you feel giddy or your heart sinks."
"Come to us, why do you feel restless?."
Listen man. Do you want a good item?
Where is Chanda's place?
Go straight from here. You'll only..
..get to see dance over there.
"The world has listened to our love story..
..secretly, beloved, oh my beloved."
"Beloved, oh my dear beloved."
"The world has listened to our love story..
..secretly, beloved, oh my beloved."
"I died of shame, and became watery my..
..beloved, oh my beloved. Beloved, oh my beloved."
"Some one came to my attic."
"Some one came to my attic."
"Everyone saw the moving shadow."
"Yesterday night someone came secretly to my attic."
"I thought it must be some thief."
"I thought it must be some thief and behaved strangely."
"My beloved, oh my beloved, beloved, oh my beloved."
"If it is a string, I would break it, dear."
"If it is a string, I would break it dear."
"If it is world, I would leave it, dear."
"And not take a bad name, dear."
"If it is a string, I would break it, dear."
"How to leave and how to break?"
"How to leave and how to break, this old affection, dear?"
"My beloved, oh my beloved, my beloved, oh my beloved."
"The world has listened to our love story..
..secretly, my beloved, oh my beloved."
"Beloved, oh my dear beloved."
Oh beloved, what a dance you have shown us, beautiful?
Dear, Chanda has killed us today."
It was really fun.
See her body and her attitude.
And listen to her melodious voice.
Enough, enough, keep something for tomorrow.
It's become very late now.
Who are you? What do you want?
I have some work with you? - Work?
Yes, I have very important work with you. -Come.
Are you Mr. Sharan Das son?
No, I am not. My name is Rajesh and I teach in college.
If you are lecturer, then why have come here?
That too at 12:00 in the night.
Did you forget the way to your house, lecturer?
Aunty, you leave it to me. I shall handle him.
Keep this in the locker.
You, you are here? -Yes, but why are you.. astonished to see me here?
I never imagined that I would meet a girl like you over here.
Till men like you keep coming here, you will find..
..girls like me over here. Have a seat.
I have not come to sit here.
Then tell me for what work you have come here?
I need some help from your.
It's not my duty to send someone empty handed.
How much do you want? - What?
I have not come here to ask for money.
The thing is the boys who have just left from.. after seeing your dance, study in my college.
And they stay in the same hostel.. which I am the superintendent.
I want that they should some how stop coming here.
They should stop coming here..
..means, our livelihood should stop.
You are bothered of your livelihood.
You don't care for those children..
..who are future of this country.
These students are the future of this country.
But even I am someone in this country.
But Ms. Chanda? - And when this moon will have an eclipse..
..then the students praising me, will not come here.
But today they appreciate my beauty.
Those who would weigh your beauty in diamonds..
..those who would change your looks to money.. would get many more of such people.
But the innocent children coming from..
..decent families will be ruined for ever.
It is your duty to stop them and it is my job to call them.
They are your college students.
Why don't you yourself stop them?
I can stop them if the doors of your..
..brothel would be closed for them for ever.
But you are forgetting that there..
..are other doors in this market.
I know. And I even know that they..
..come to this door, and don't go anywhere else.
Those who like me so much, why should I leave them?
For the welfare, for the sake of decency.
You had just now told that it's not your..
..duty to send some one empty handed.
Yes, I had told. Fine, I will help you out.
But, I have a condition. - Condition?
What condition? - Whatever you teach those students..
..everyday, you would teach me the same.
You would study? - I am not that..
..illiterate the way I seem to you.
I am SSC pass and wanted to study higher.
But, it's all a game of destiny.
Anyways, what you have to do with it?
Tell me, do you accept my condition.
You got scared. Will education become dirty coming here?
No, no at all. I was thinking whether whatever.. said, did you think properly over it?
Sure. The day you'll start teaching me from that day..
..the doors of this house will be closed for your boys.
He will teach you? What will you teach, Chanda.
In a few days Chanda will teach.. and make you a scholar.
Like the way someone made me a scholar.
A man can bear the pain when heart breaks..
..but when the intoxication breaks, it gives a lot of pain.
Who is this person? - He used to.. a rich man in some generation.
Today he is just Gopinath.
Fine, leave him. What did you decide?
If you promise that you'll turn away your eyes..
..from those boys then, even I can make a promise.
I have already promised. - Thanks a lot. Greetings.
Chanda, what's this mischief?
This is not mischief, aunty. Looks like this person.. very proud of his gentleness.
Now I will see, who will win -his decency or my beauty.
Good morning sir. Good morning.
Gautam, all of you come here. - Yes, sir.
You all were missing from the hostel yesterday.
And I know where you had been.
This is the last warning. If this happens..
..again, you will be removed from the hostel.
He shows so much dignity. - I think he is lying.
What does he know where we had been yesterday night.
Now we will have to put him right.
Don't worry. I will set him on right.
Come let's go from here.
What's this Mr. Gopinath, if I would have fallen?
It would have been nice, master.
One who falls surely learns after getting hurt.
And one who doesn't fall, doesn't get hurt and his eyes..
..doesn't open, he doesn't wake up.
And he keeps walking in his own mania.
And it doesn't matter whether the mania.. of Hafim or of Kesarbai.
Mr. Gopinath, shall I ask you something? - Sure, why not?
What do you keep doing here?
I. I hold the legs of people coming here.
Sir, you have come. We have been waiting for you so long.
Go, master go. The steps are this way..
..and the door that way. Go wherever you feel like.
What happened? Why are you standing? Sit down.
Take out the books. We shall start studying.
First, have tea. I already had tea.
Have sweets. - No thanks.
Then have some fruits. Do You have any stomach problem?
Do you have books to study?
I'll show you whatever I have.
Motia, you take this tray. Sir, will not have tea from our house.
I have books of this type. -This is poetry.
Where are the books of course?
This is the course over here.
I shall give you the list of the required books.
Get them from the market.
In this market there is a shop for..
..everything except a shop for books.
Some day I shall go with you and get it.
I shall get it myself, Miss..
My name is Chanda.
Fine, for today's lesson read one poem from this book.
If a moon is there, then the waves of the locks of hair..
..increases more, the night shortens and..
..the conversation increases.
What do you mean by 'Kakul'?
It means locks of hair. - Locks of hair, means this.
Yes, even this is called 'Kakul'.
But I didn't understand the second line.
How does conversation increases.. shortening of night.
How does the shortening of the night help sir?
It must be a night of loneliness.
As the night passes the desires of heart increases.
Desires of heart, but why?
Because the one she loves is not with him that night.
Master, did you love someone? - Read further.
The dreams of the living, the gait of the dead.
Everyone has a desire even if he doesn't do anything.
I have understood this.
What did you understand?
It means those who don't love, neither live nor die.
That don't do anything like master.
Chanda, please read further.
My beloved your love has added colour to me.
My eyes are alive.
Have you seen such eyes which..
..are mentioned in this poetry?
No. Do you really want that I should teach you?
Surely. -Then remove all these books from here.
I shall give the prescribed books. Greetings.
It's not good for you to come here everyday.
You all are from decent families. Go, go and study.
Leave the milk, even the sieve is speaking..
..which has got fifty six holes in it.
There are many people to give lecture outside.
What happened you?
That professor is enough to give lecture in the college.
Move from here aunty. Go and tell Chanda..
..that her night bird has come.
I have told you that Chanda won't dance.
Not even for money. - No.
If the rate is increased, tell us. There's no shortage of money.
I have told you. This door is closed for you forever.
Don't climb onto these steps even by mistake.
Go, get lost.
"We were insulted in your room."
Remove from the brothel.
Greetings, sir. - Greetings.
I think you are going out. Fine, I shall come tomorrow.
You are finding excuses to leave.. soon as you have come.
I don't need an excuse to go from here.
I'll go whenever I'll feel like.
Today you will need to have tea. -Why?
The tea is of Lipton brand, the water is of municipality.
None of these have the dirt of my soul.
Miss. Chanda, I come here to teach, not to have tea.
These are your books. Come lets start studying.
Come. Sit.
Today I will tell you what effect..
..geography has on human society.
Seeing the geography we can predict what kind of..
..generation that particular country will have.
It means geography is like science of fortune.
Sir, do you know fortune telling? Just see.
Go to your seat. -Please see my hand.
Please go to your seat.
What happened? - Something fell in the eyes.
Show me.
There's nothing visible in it.
See it properly. - Nothing has fallen in your eyes.
But this act of yours is cheap.
What did you say? -I don't like your acts.
Rajesh Babu. -I think you only made an excuse to study.
I think you even thought me to be a customer.
Playing with people hearts, you even thought I was a toy.
Rajesh Babu, I have committed a big mistake.
I took you wrong. Please forgive me.
For God's sake, give me one more chance.
I shall truly reform myself.
And I shall study with all my heart.
There's no place in this room to study.
All the four walls are covered with naked pictures.
Come tomorrow and I'll show you those pictures..
..which are hanging on the walls of my soul.
Just come once more and see. Promise me, you'll come.
What are you doing?
Should one not touch his master's feet?
No, no Jagat Babu. We will not listen to you any more.
You will have to contest for Lok Sabha. Take this and sign.
If you all want this, then I am signing it.
Is Mr. Pratap contesting?
Mr. Jagat, don't worry about that.
We shall pull his hand and make him contest.
I don't mean that. It's a democracy.
Everyone has equal rights. Let him also contest.
Democracy gives equal rights. But our society doesn't give..
..any rights to the lewd, characterless and infamous.
We will not allow him to contest for Lok Sabha.
See his character..
Now, you don't say anything. Be tension free.
Now we shall make a move.
Have some tea or coffee. -Thank you.
All that after you win the election. Why, Jamuna Prasad
I will give the party. Greetings.
Greetings, father. - Greetings, Rajesh. Sit.
How is your college?
College is fine but some boys are mischevious.
Sometimes I get so angry I feel like beating them.
No Rajesh. A person doesn't..
..understand in anger but by love.
Yes, you said that day, I have signed..
..the election papers today. - That's very good.
Let's see what will happen?
Come, father. I am ready.
Yes, we had to go to the temple.
Sit for sometime, I want to talk to him.
Take him along with you. A person becomes..
..atheist by reading so many books.
If you have time come with us. - Come let's go.
Maybe I would really become an atheist.
See, what I have got for you.
Pink sari. It's so nice.
And see this sandal. - Sandal. Bhola, you are so nice.
I like your smile. When you smile bells ring in my heart.
The body dances. I am a woman so..
..I feel shy to tell you how It feels.
It was hot.
Will you come with him for a movie wearing this pink sari?
How is this possible? -Why?
How are you related to me?
Fine, first marriage, then movie. Isn't it?
She is feeling shy. Fine, feel shy for two more days.
Then on the third day, third day we will get married.
You will become a bride and I a groom. Isn't it right?
Fine, the marriage is fixed for Wednesday.
I will come at 7.:00. Exactly at 7:00.
Chanchal. -Gopal has come. Go. He will listen.
Chanchal, dear Chanchal.
What is sir's name?
I am MB.
Gopal, you. -I have a hat on my head. Even then I am Gopal.
Even if you became a rich man you will remain Gopal for me.
Did you bring my things?
I have brought them. Take this. Open and see.
Gold earrings. They are so nice.
Gopal, you are so nice. I like your smile.
When you laugh bells start ringing in my heart.
The body dances. I am a woman.. I am feeling shy to tell how I feel.
Chanchal, tell me when the flowers..
..of our garden will bloom?
How do I know? - I think Wednesday will be perfect.
Why Wednesday? -See, I was born on Monday.
On Tuesday I saw you for the first time.
And how will it be if we marry on Wednesday?
It will be fine. -It is fine. You be ready..
..on Wednesday at 7:00 in the evening.
I will come in a litter and take you on a horse.
Take me on a horse or on an elephant.
But Gopal, you should take me surely. -Sure, I will take you.
Shall I go now? - Go. - Shall I go now? - Go.
What are you doing? -I wore a basket by mistake.
What happened to you? Where are you going so early?
Chanda will not practice. She says she..
..will not sit in the Mahfil now.
But why?-Who are we to question her, Kesarbai?
Good bye. -Good bye.
Only God knows what's there in this girl's heart.
The symptoms don't look good to me.
What is there in whose heart, who knows, Kesarbai?
You just shut up. There is darkness here..
..and you are in your own mania.
What happened, that you are so tensed?
Will I not be tensed? Since the time that professor..
..has come, I don't understand this girl's symptoms.
What's there to understand the symptoms?
You are seeing the smoke. Have patience.
You will even see the fire.
Take the name and he is here.
You have a very long life, professor.
Even you rid his habit, you'll be very happy.
You. - Today, everything is changed.
Who made these changes? - There is someone.
You worship Goddess Saraswati? - Yes.
Because Saraswati is the goddess of..
..knowledge and intelligence.
You even worship Lord Mahadev?
Yes, he is a great ascetic and a great renouncer.
And he even gets happy quickly.
Then you must even be going to temple?-Yes, I do.
What do you ask God? - Peace.
And? - Patience.
I feel scared to ask for something more.
Are you not feeling Surprised today?
For what? - I am not speaking of studies.
Actually, I was going to meet someone.
It came into my heart, that I should go and meet you.
It's enough for me that you have come.
Can you get me a glass of water?
Water. For what? - To drink.
The water in this house.
Today I feel like having municipality water.
I shall just get it.
I am happy to see a new Chanda.
I will even have the sweet.
Just this much.
A sea is recognised by one drop.
Ok Chanda, I shall go now. I will come tomorrow.
Brother, have tea. - Make the tea, sister Janki.
Sister Janki, what is your opinion about Rajesh?
Our Rajesh. He is one among hundred thousands.
You didn't understand what I mean to say.
I am asking how Rekha and Rajesh look as a pair?
What are you saying? Rekha's marriage to Rajesh.
What's wrong in it? - There's nothing wrong but I mean.. say, where is your family and where that poor fellow's.
So what if he is poor. He has such good qualities in him..
..sister Janki, which cannot be found in boys of noble birth.
Is it true or not? - That's true.
So do you like this opinion of mine?
Such noble thought can come in..
..the heart of a good person like you.
"The earring has fallen in the market of Bareli."
Greetings, Ashok. - Where is father?-He is upstairs.
Did you call me, father?
Yes, Rajesh. I have something important to talk to you.
Yes, tell me.
Rajesh now you have completed your.., and you are standing on your feet.
I want you to get married.
Marriage? Father, I never thought of marriage.
Why should you think, when I am still alive?
Rajesh, I have decided that you will get married to Rekha.
What? With Rekha.
Don't you like Rekha?
That's not the thing. I have not seen Rekha..
..anytime, with such an intention.
That's why I have chosen you, Rajesh.
And I know you'll never say No to me.
What are you thinking?
How can I say No, to you?
I know son. May God give you a long life.
Sister Janki, I shall give you a good news.
What were you doing hiding here?
You were listening to everything.
I am very happy. See, it looks like even..
..nature is present in our happiness.
These lovely scenery, these branches full of flowers..
..seems to be swinging with happiness for our coming life.
Isn't it?
What was I saying?
What were you saying? -Where do you have time?
Don't know what you keep thinking always?
Now I'll have to think a lot. -What do you mean?
Now not only mine, even someone
..else's future, is attached to me.
So, now you have come to know of it.
From when do you know it?
Rajesh, from childhood to youth, the dream of life..
..which I had seen is, going to come true very soon.
Pearls necklace, Ganga Jamuna necklace, Champa's necklace,..
.. earrings, anklets.
And see this sir, the trend of new generation, new fashion.
Please make a choice.
Lalaji, I am only doing my daughter's engagement now.
The marriage will be later.
Engagement is also half marriage.
See there, darling daughter has come and even son-in-law
Ask them to select.
Rekha, just see what all you like from this.
Father, actually I am feeling thirsty.
These are the values of a girl from a good family.
The child was feeling shy. She is happy with..
..all the choice. - Greetings father.
Wait, wait for sometime. Take the size of his ring..
..otherwise even he'll run off. Come here.
Where's the need of all this botheration?
It is necessary, my son. It is a custom of our family..
..that after the engagement this kind of necklace is..
..given to the girl and the boy is given ring of this shape.
Why, Daya Lalaji?
Won't I know the customs and traditions of your family?
Your grandfather's marriage jewelry was made by.. grandfather, my father made your father's and..
..I myself made with my own hands..
..the jewelry for your marriage.
Father, permit me. - He has left.
Bhola, till when the place of our heart will remain empty?
Leave that. The clothes which I had got stitched..
..for her, I did not even pay the bill for it yet.
And the gold ear rings which I had given to..
..Chanchal, half the bill of it is due to the goldsmith.
Gopal, yesterday I had shown my hand to a fortune teller.
He saw my hand and said that the God is happy.
Now you will surely get married.
Will you get married to me?
Mother Janki doesn't keep a maid servant in the home.
How will she keep? Whoever comes.. stick to her like a bat.
You get onto them like a bed bug.
Am I a bed bug? - Am I a bat?
What's all this noise?
Nothing mother Janki. We were..
..talking about the war of Mahabharat.
Mother Janki, yesterday I had been to my aunt's place.
A girl stays in their neighborhood.
Her parents are dead. She is striving for each grain.
Why don't we keep her as a servant in this house?
We even have a vacancy here.
Where is the vacancy? -Why is it not there?
I have already kept a new servant today.
She is always busy with work.
Where is she busy?-What do you have to do with it?
Go and look after your work.
God has listened to our prayers.
God you are very generous, very merciful.
Her voice is like this, then how she must be?
Fair body, thin waist.
Thin Back. -Attitude in the eyes.
Say a hundred times..
I can't wait any longer. I can't wait any longer.
I can't wait any longer. I can't wait any longer.
Dear. -Who are you?
Who are you?
When you both don't know me, then how..
..were you describing my beauty?
After seeing you, I remember my third husband.
What had happened to him?
Nothing happened. He saw me on the..
..first night and got scared and died.
How about second? -The second one was very brave.
He held my hands and said, Champakali I..
..will not leave these hands for birth.
I just got carried away. As soon.. I hugged him, he breathed his last.
And the first one? -The first one was very timid.
As soon as he saw me he climbed..
..on the 4th floor and fell down and reached up.
He was very intelligent.
Champakali. - Yes. - Meet him. He is Bhola.
He is very fond of getting married. Bye.
Brother Gopal, you are elder to me. And still unmarried.
How can I get married before you do?
You as a pair are looking very good.
I shall get married later. It will be seen.
Why do you both, fight? I shall get married to you both.
With both of us. - Yes. - Yes.
I reared you up after your mother died.
Don't you feel ashamed to answer me back, Chanda?
You had put such a question, aunty for..
..which there could not have been another answer.
Shut up. You'll do that what I'll say.
Till today I did whatever you said.
Did I not sing or dance in this room in front of whoever you..
..said, only in the hope that you would keep your promise.
But till today you did not tell me anything.
If I would have known, then I would have told you.
Don't lie, aunty. When my mother was dying.. sweared on her head, was that also a lie.
You call me a liar, you misbehave with me.
No, aunty. I am not misbehaving.
You have come? What for do you come here everyday?
Why are you spoiling your life?
You don't get love at the steps of a prostitute.
You only get the shadow of love. -Aunty.
Don't feel bad about aunty's words.
She is somewhat like this. Come, let's go in.
What not you had to listen to, for my sake.
Aunty doesn't see a human.
She only sees money.
What's the matter, Chanda?
It looks from your words that you are very sad today.
No. - Don't hide from me. Tell me what's the matter?
No. I don't want to put my shadow of sorrow on you.
Why? - What right do I have on you?
If a master has a right on his students then..
..even the students have a right on their master.
I have solved many questions of your studies.
Maybe I can solve this question of your life.
Tell me what's the matter. Tell Chanda, what's the matter?
Kesarbai is not related to me.
My mother died many years ago.
I used to study in Dehradhun those days.
One day I got a telegram that my mother is seriously ill.
Mother, mother, how are you?
Daughter, now that you have come..
..your mother will be perfectly all right.
No Kesarbai, don't give her false hopes.
Now not even the motherly affection..
..or the daughter's love can save me from death.
Mother, don't say like this.
Now my last time has come.
Since childhood you had been asking..
..and I had been always postponing.
And you never came to know your father's name.
That's why I got you admitted in a hostel.
So that you should be engrossed in your studies..
..and friends and forget as to who and where is your father?
But today,.. you will come to know everything.
I.. I was not married to your father.
I didn't get the happiness of marriage.
Because I was a daughter of a wicked man.
But God is true, I have not seen some other man's face.
He was my husband and my God.
He also loved me like this..
..and you are the child of that pure love.
Till today your father doesn't know anything.
He doesn't know whether I am alive or dead.
He must be blaming me in his heart, he must be..
..saying the wretched one was the daughter of..
..a prostitute. She turned out to be a prostitute.
I never faced him since that day till today.
Why did you do this? Why did you do this, mother?
Your grandfather took a promise from me that I..
..will never come before your father in my entire life.
And I will not tell his name to you in my entire life. -Mother
Till today I kept this promise and I..
..will keep the promise till I die.
This friend of mine..
..will take you to your father.
She knows him. - Yes Padam.
My child.. - Mother.
After me.. go to your father with your aunty.
..hold his legs and say on my behalf that, that..
Tell me..
After mother died my destiny changed.
Instead of taking me to my father..
..this lady pushed me in this hell.
And whenever I try to break the strings and escape from..
..this hell, Kesarbai shows a bag of hope from far away.
She says your fathers name is closed in this bag.
And again I stay back on the hope that.. day Kesarbai will have mercy on me.
And will open the bag for me.
Rajesh Babu, people say that this world is very small.
Those who search, can even find God here.
But I don't know how this city has become so severe for me.
That even after searching so much..
..I could not find my father.
Chanda, really your story is full of sorrow.
But one good thing happened.
Good thing. - Yes!
I got to peep into your pure soul.
Chanda, you must be having some address, or some..
..snap or any other sign of your father.
I don't have a photo, but I do have..
..a sign, which my mother had given me.
I shall just show it to you.
Chanda, shall I keep this ring with me for 2 days?
Why not, sure.
Let's go.
Greeting Dayalal. -Come, come, Rajesh Babu.
Tell me, what is it. - I have come to give you trouble.
Where's the question of trouble? I am getting an..
..opportunity to serve you. What more do I need.
First tell me what you'll have anything cold or hot?
Nothing. Just see this ring.
This was made in our shop.
See it thoroughly and say.
I have seen it Mr. Rajesh. This belongs to..
..your would be father-in-law, Jagat Babu.
I had made it with my own hands. This sign of..
..Swastik, is the sign of their family.
Rajesh Babu, where did you find this ring?
Why? - Because Jagat Babu was saying..
..that day that he lost this ring some 20 years ago.
How many years? - He was saying some 20 years.
Where did you find this ring?
I found it in my friend's uncle's house.
Jagat Babu must have given it to someone and forgotten.
Where do big people remember all this?
Yes, but we will have to reform his mistake.
If you help me out. -How's that possible?
Promise me you'll not tell anything to father.
I promise you Rajesh Babu. It's a man's promise.
Thank you.
Mr. Pratap Singh, you are at my place.
It's by Vishwanath's grace. - Please come.
Jagat Babu we got him. -Good for you.
He is ready to sit in your favor.
Why do you want to sit? Keep standing.
I have decided that I will sit in front of you.
See, I sat. Are you happy now?
What will happen if you sit here?
Sign on this.
Take back your name.
No problem, I will do that.
But the question is, who will pay for my expenses?
Expenses? -Yes-What expenses?
What are you saying? You never told this to us before.
I had to tell this in front of the party, so I am doing.
Aha! You have taken a new card from your pocket.
Never mind.
How much is your expenses? I will pay for it.
Not much. It's just a matter of hundred thousand.
Hundred thousand. - Yes, hundred thousand.
And if you want the account I can show it on my fingers.
Ten thousand has been given to goons to..
..drink and eat and get ready for elections.
Five thousand has been distributed in gambling dens.
And we have spent ten thousand on buying liquor.
And twenty five thousand has been given to newsmakers..
..for writing and publishing about us.
Ten lorries and twenty drivers have been..
..purchased to bring and take back the voters.
And this way there Is no account for small expenses.
Did you understand now?
Jagat Babu, I had intentions of spending ten hundred thousand.
I take it as a business. Give from one..
..hand and take from the other hand.
It's shameful. You are making election as means of business.
Yes sir if you want just see..
I don't believe or will I accept this.
Fine, then leave it. I shall stand then.
How will you stand? I will make you sit.
How will you make me sit? - I have seen huge arenas.
Not sit, but I will make you lie down.
Why are you forcing me?
Why are you fighting, Mr. Jamuna Prasad?
Why shouldn't I fight?
Do you remember Chamia's case?
You used to go to her secretly.
Then you kept her in your house.
He even has a son with her.
Bad, very bad. What are you speaking?
No, no, Jagat Babu, he is absolutely correct.
But Jamuna Prasad, I am not the only one to be like that.
I can make you count the names of eleven thousand..
..such people on my fingers. And I can even publish a story.
Everyone is naked in the bathroom.
Now I am telling you the last time.
Go, I will not even give you a penny.
I will give four hundred thousand to Chamia.
And I shall bring your son with her in front of you.
Broyher, you also stand along with Chamia's son.
I will even accept you as my son.
Greetings, Jagat Babu. - I felt really bad. - Forgive me.
See, I don't like all these things. You please be quiet.
You only see, they are doing business.. the name of service. - That is ok but..
Come, Ganga Savant. Today I shall arrange for him.
Rajesh, how come you are here at this time?
Father, I need some advice from you.
In what regard? - Regarding life.
Regarding your life?
There is a bad fortuned girl, father. - Is that so!
Her mother could not become her father's wife..
..according to the customs and traditions of the society.
What are you saying, I don't understand?
Tell me clearly.
That girl's mother was a dancer.
And whom she believed as her husband..
..was a decent man from a rich family.
20 years back, that decent man's decent father went to her.
And he made her helpless begging for the reputation..
..of his family to go away from his son's life.
Is this a story? -No, this is reality.
Now that poor girl is forced to take up..
..the profession which her mother left.
Who is forcing her?
Mother's so called sister.
Her mother gave her hand to her..
..friend who knew her father.
So that she take can her daughter to her father.
Then?-That mean lady instead of taking her to..
..father, wants to take her to a brothel.
But Rajesh what do you want to ask me saying all this?
Father I want to ask that, if that girl goes to her..
..decent father and says that she is her..
..daughter, then will his father accept her?
Why not? Humanity and decency..
..says that he will accept her.
I hoped this from you.
But Rajesh you said 20 years..
How many years did you say? - 20 years.
What are you thinking, father.
I was just thinking as to how the father will know..
..after 20 years, that she is really her daughter.
She has one sign of her father.
What sign? - This is one ring which her..
..father had given to her mother.
Rajesh, it's possible that all this is a lie.
Such kind of girls weave such stories to gain sympathy.
That girl is not like that, father. I know her very well.
Rajesh, your age is small. You don't have the..
..experience of life, I have.
I don't want you to get involved in such matters.
Come, Rekha come. I just forgot.. you made the food with your own hands.
Come, father. -Rajesh I didn't get the chance to tell.., today she made the food with her own hands.
Go, you both go and have. -And you father?
No, I will come after some time. You take him along.
Come, Rajesh.
"The giver of life, you are the father of entire universe."
"The giver of life, you are the father of entire universe."
" I am your child."
"I am your child."
"Who would ask me other than you."
"Who would ask me other than you."
"Who would ask me other than you, asks a one with sorrow."
"I am defeated, I am your child, your child.
"I am your child."
"I am not worthy of your pity."
"I am not worthy of your pity."
"Why did you give me this birth?"
"Why did you give me this birth?"
"Is this a fault of mine or a mistake of yours, God?"
"I am your child, I am defeated,..
..I am your child."
"There is no happiness in life without you."
"There is no happiness in life without you."
"This is the condition of the heart in this body."
"This is the condition of the heart in this body."
"Like a priest is sitting in a lonely temple."
"I am your child, I am defeated. I am your child."
"The giver of life, the father of the entire universe."
..I am your child."
Sorry, I didn't see you. -No problem.
Listen child, can I ask you something?
Yes please.
I have seen many crying after hearing the hymn.
But you were crying so much. Can I ask you why?
Even I don't know why? Tears always come to my eyes.
Even in happiness and in sorrow.
But why today, for sorrow or for happiness.
I had just told you, I myself don't know why?
Do you come here regularly?
Not regularly, I have to come sometimes.
You have to come. Why?
Like you, even I don't know why?
Sometimes I come by myself. Sometimes.. daughter brings me here. See, she has come.
You have a very long life. I just took..
..your name and you are here.
She is my daughter, Rekha. - Greetings.
How did you come so early in the morning?
Rajesh came to see you. So even I came along.
Where is Rajesh? - He is over there.
You left him there and came.
Will you do the same after marriage?
Understand, now itself. You have to be with him..
.through out your life. Go and get him along.
She felt shy.
Rajesh, you are looking a little restless. What's the matter?
Mother Janki, I have come to ask you something.
But promise me you'll not hide anything from me.
You'll tell me everything truthfully.
What is it, that I'll have to hide from my son?
There is. There is one such thing.
Tell me. - It's some 20 years back thing.
Before the marriage of father.
Did father have a relation with some dancer?
Raju. - Tell me, mother Janki.
Who told you all this?
Just tell me whether all this is true?
Why are you asking? - It's a question of someone's life.
Raju, brother has reared you like his own son.
Don't you even care this much for him?
Don't take me wrong, mother Janki.
I respect father like I respect God.
But at this moment, it is a question of someone's life.
It might be a question of someone's life..
..or your life, you are under my oath, these..
..words will not come to your mouth again.
Mother Janki. - There was something for which we had..
..kept a stone on my heart for the last 20 years.
If you try to remove that stone today, it will bring a calamity.
Promise me that you'll never take..'s name in this case again.
All his reputation will be spoiled. Promise me.
You are under my oath.
Fine, mother Janki. Father's name will never..
..come to my mouth in this matter again. Never.
Rajesh, sir. Come let's hide.
He turned out to be a silent one.
He gave advice to others and he himself is doing the same.
Very nice, sir. The prey is in our hand.
Now you see. I'll show him. Come let's go.
Brother, tell us one thing. The person who just..
..went upstairs, did he come here any time before?
What sometime? He comes daily.
Now leave everything on me.
"I have seen what is the condition of decent..
..people in this society, that, I have left decency."
"I left decency, I left decency."
"I have seen what happens to the people..
..who love someone, that, I left love."
"I left love, I left decency."
"I left the hands of our own people..
"..and came to strangers. I came to strangers."
"Then I wore the same string of anklets in my legs."
"The same anklet in my legs."
"I will sing, I will dance, to the tunes of these people."
"I have left revolting, I left revolting, I left decency."
"Neither there are diamonds, nor, pearls."
"Neither silver, nor gold, neither silver, nor gold."
"There is no value of heart, it is a toy of mud."
"This is a toy of mud."
"See my foolishness that listening to this..
..heart, I left this money, I left this money."
"I left decency."
"Why are you angry, you only thought me to forget."
"You thought me to forget."
"Love has thought me deception, by deceiving."
"Love has thought deception."
"Why are you upset with my faithfulness."
"I have stopped complaining of your unfaithfulness."
"I have stopped complaining, I have left decency."
"I have seen what is the condition of decent..
..people in this society, that, I left decency."
"I left decency, I left decency."
Wow! I left decency.
She is so nice, Kesarbai. I swear on God.. have searched a very good one.
You will get the amount you ask for from the rich merchant.
Gold is gold, if not sold today, then maybe tomorrow.
But, what will happen to the Goldsmith who..
..used the gold and created exquisite jewelry?
What do you mean?
Don't try to be so innocent.
You are taking the jewelry but will not give..
..the making charges to the gold smith.
If Chanda goes to the rich merchant then what will I do?
What are you saying Kesarbai?
The rich merchant has already fixed an amount..
..of one thousand per month for you. See this.
He has even sent the advance.
Tell the rich merchant that Chanda.. his deposit from today onwards.
What do you say, Kesarbai?
You are really great, Kesarbai.
What am I listening to?
What did you listen?
Whom are they bargaining for outside?
The think which is kept in the market will be..
..sold and not worshipped. - Chanda.
Chanda, If you wanted to lead a life of this kind..
..then, why did you start learning reading and writing.
I thought I would become a woman..
..from a prostitute, after my studies.
I thought I would become worthy to be..
..called the daughter of my father.
But destiny kept me away from him.
And you, even you could not do anything in this matter.
Then roaming on the roads of life..
..Iike this, I went near to someone.
And my hopes made a home around him.
But with just one kick of destiny..
..even that house fell and broke.
A person sometimes becomes helpless in front of his duty.
Somebody is helpless for his duty and some..
..become helpless in front of the situations.
Then why do you blame me?
I am not blaming you. I am asking you to have patience.
Even after the most darkest night morning definitely comes
It's possible that when that morning comes I may..
..not remain worthy to show my face to anyone.
You are so weak, Chanda.
I am not weak, I am lonely.
And the place where I am standing, there are..
..many people to push me and make me fall.
There is a valley of dismay backwards..
..and a pit of sins in the front.
Tell me, what should I do?
I knew it's very easy to give advice..
..and that much difficult to give support.
Chanda, give me a days time.
Wait for one more day. Just one day.
Uncle, why don't you believe us?
I can't believe that a person like Rajesh could go to a brothel
Uncle, I heard it with my own ears.
He goes to the Chanda's brothel daily. -Yes uncle.
It means they have seen him with their own eyes.
Yes. No, no. -What's this yes and no.
I mean I have not seen with my eyes..
.but I heard it with my own ears.
From your ears have become Harish Chandra..
..that they don't listen to false things.
I shall go myself and talk to Jagat Babu.
Mr. Jamuna Prasad, I know Rajesh very well.
I can never imagine about him like this.
Leave it Jagat Babu. What is not possible in youth?
But..- But there's nothing to worry about.
Just explain Rajesh Babu not to get..
..involved with such type of girls.
That's right. Fine, I shall leave now. Greetings.
Come here Rajesh. I want to talk.. you something important.
Father, even I have come to tell you something today.
About Chanda?
Its very shameful that the child I..
..reared, whom I gave education, today..
..i have to listen all this about him.
That today he has become a loafer.
The whole city knows that the girl.. go to meet, is a prostitute.
I know. Father, the truth which I learnt from you.. making me helpless to tell you something today.
What do you want to say?
The girl whom you are calling a..
..prostitute, is your own daughter.
Who dare you? Who dare you say this?
Forgive me father. The thing which I could not tell you..
..that day, I would have been able to tell even today.
But today she is standing on the edge of ruin. Save her.
Believe me, Chanda is your daughter.
I have only one daughter, Rajesh and she is Rekha.
Don't do like this, father.
Otherwise it will be a big calamity.
One noble soul is being hunted by the lust of people.
For God's sake, save your daughter.
There's no need of this drama.
What is the evidence that she is my daughter?
Your family's diamond ring with the help..
..of which she was searching you till today.
Can you deny even now?
I understood. This is a game played by my enemies..
..who want to let me down in the elections.
And you along with them want to ruin my reputation.
You want to blackmail me.
Father, what are you saying?
Each part of my body is obligated to you..
..will I bring bad name to you.
With whom you want your daughter to get..
..married, will he blackmail you?
Will you listen to one thing of mine, Rajesh?
Till today I never said No to you, father.
Forget this matter entirely.
You only taught me not to turn..
..away from truth till one is alive.
Give me some other order.
You can leave. From today we don't..
..have any relation between us.
As you order.
Rajesh, what happened?
What happened, father?
Rekha I don't know whatever..
..I did is good or bad, but I did it..
..for the welfare of this family.
I have broken your engagement with Rajesh.
You are too good Keshar brother even at this age.
Thank you. - Isnt it?
What are you saying sir.
Rich merchant Mr. Jamuna Prasad, you, and at this place.
I am a greedy wasp of pleasure.
Wherever I get pleasure I flutter about over there.
But you are a college professor.
How come you are here?
I come here to teach Chanda everyday.
Stop, professor. From today Chanda will not learn from you
Go back. - When I'll listen the same words..
..from Chanda's mouth, then I'll go back.
Sir, if you order.. -Then we shall crush this mosquito now itself.
No, let go of him.
Till I finish this drink, let him teach.
I will give the last lesson. -Why not? Why not?
What's the matter, Chanda?
Today you have dressed up like a bride.
Yes, today is my nuptial night.
Nuptial night? Who is that good fortuned one?
Who it can be?
Rajesh Babu, decent women get a husband..
.and we get a customer. That's it, there's one customer.
Do you like this kind of life?
As if I have another option.
Chanda, you must have seen some other dreams also.
Even I had thought that I would leave this brothel..
..and bloom like the lotus flower.
But in whose destiny only dirt is written, who can save her?
How far one can fight with destiny?
If there's someone who could fight with your destiny, takes..
.you out of this dirt and think your destiny is his destiny.
Rajesh Babu, I think you don't know on whom you are..
..taking pity today, she wanted to pull you in this marsh.
Only if she would have known that day that there are..
..some people, seeing whom, people change themselves.
Rajesh Babu, the pure and clean way you came here..
..the same way you return from here.
And forget that Chanda came into your life any time.
My destiny is calling me.
I shall go.
No, Chanda. I won't allow you to go.
Who are you to stop me?
What rights do you have on me?
The right of love. - Love.
Love is a very worn out word, Rajesh.
At this brothel, I hear the same word every time.
Love, love, love.
It is so worn out that it rings..
..Iike a defective coin in my ears.
Anyways, when even you have used this word like others..
..then can I ask you, what will you give me against this love?
Love is only..
..given against love, Chanda.
But in the other room rich merchant..
..Jamuna Prasad is sitting.
He will not only give me love.
Apart from love he will give.. a car, a bungalow, and jewelry worth fifty thousand. And..
Chanda, I can't give you all this because..
..I don't have anything else apart from my love.
Yes, but if I would have wished for I..
..would have achieved more than this.
But I left all those and came to you.
To me? - Yes, Chanda.
I want to take you far from here.
I will give you a small house in place of this brothel.
I will marry you, Chanda.
And I'll be with you till I am alive.
No, Rajesh. Don't show me such false dreams.
I am not speaking lies, Chanda.
Believe me.
Look into my eyes and see.
Rajesh - Chanda.
Chanda, oh Chanda.
Did you feel sacred?
No, I didn't.
I have seen in your eyes. Now I am not afraid of anyone.
Chanda, Chanda, come let us go.
Where, Rajesh? - To our house. Come.
Where are you going, Chanda?
To my house.
Stop, Rajesh. Till now I kept quiet because you..
..are my friend's, Jagat Babu's, would be son-in-law.
Do you want me to tell him that you come to this brothel?
Tell anyone you feel like.
I am not marrying Jagat Babu's daughter.
And the one I am marrying, I am taking her along.
Come, Chanda.
Rajesh. -Don't feel scared.
These are hired men.
You people will not understand like this. Chanda, you go out.
Rajesh. - Chanda, I say go out.
Run. -She shouldn't escape.
Move, Chanda.
You. - What are you thinking?
Chanda, for some days this place will look strange to you.
The place doesn't look strange.
But I feel strange.
I never imagined that I would get a house of my own.
I knew only that Chanda, who was walking since..
..the time she gained consciousness.
She was just walking.. some unknown search.
And you supported when she was about to fall being tired.
What I was till yesterday night. And this morning..
Chanda, this morning is new not only for you, but for me.
I got this morning because of you..
..otherwise God had not given it to me.
Don't say like this, Chanda.
If you have got this morning, then even..
..I have got Chanda who is like sun.
But I am still sad of the thing that..
..I could not take you to your father.
Even if I would have found my father, my destination is this.
I would have come here.
I would have got my world here.
Chanda, although this house is small, but because of your..
..coming, the whole world has come into it.
What are you seeing?
I was thinking. - What?
Do I still have to call you professor or Rajesh Babu
By what name do you want to call me?
Banarsi, you have made this professor sitting.
Make him lie down in her feet. -I will just do it.
The professor is coming. Move fast.
I will just come.
Did you call me? -Yes, take your seat.
Rajesh, is this news true? - Which news?
That you have brought one prostitute to your house.
Sir, she is not a prostitute. She is a decent girl.
But she is from the same market.
Gold fallen in mud doesn't becomes mud.
But if you put your hands in mud, it will become dirty.
Listen to me, Rajesh. You know how much I like you.
Remove her from your house. I'll take care of everything.
But this is not possible. I am helpless.
What are you saying, Rajesh?
Do you know with this act of yours.. much will it effect the moral of this college?
Principal sir, I won't be able to leave her.
Then you'll have to forgo many things.
You mean the job of this college? - Yes.
I can leave this job, but I can't leave her.
Is this your final decision?
Yes, this is my final decision.
I am sorry. Even I don't have any other way.
You better send in your resignation.
Fine, sir.
I will send you the resignation.
Uncle has come. uncle, uncle..
Uncle has come. uncle, uncle..
Rajesh Babu, we want to tell you something, Rajesh Babu.
Tell me what's the matter? -Say that..
Everyone say's that the lady you have.. to your house, is not a good lady.
Who is that lady? -That lady, I mean that lady..
Did you meet that lady? - Me?
No. -Did you see her?-No.
Then how did you feel that her coming.. my house is not good.
Whom you have not seen, whom you..
..have not met. About whom you don't know..
..anything. Then how did you decide about her?
Everyone says she has come from a brothel.
And we will not allow such a lady to reside in this colony.
Who are those people who have..
..taken charge of this colony.
These are the people. And these, your college students.
Does this colony belong to them?
Do they know more about of houses, that..
..they have come to clean it.
Not about your house, but we know you.
You are having an affair with a prostitute.
If you speak one more word, I'll remove your tongue.
Whose all tongues will you take out?
Today it has spread only in this colony.
Tomorrow the whole city will come to know of it.
Your welfare is, only if you throw her out.
Remove that waste from your house..
..or else we will throw you out.
First go and clean your houses. Then blame others.
I know very well what I am doing.
If that is a waste or a dirt, it is in my house.
I have not put it in someone's else lap.
I say professor, put her in our bag.
We will take her back to the brothel..
..from where she has come.
What's this?
What happened to you?
What happened to you?
Nothing, Chanda. -Who hit you like this?
Who is outside? -Some people.
Who are they?-Some decent people showing their decency.
Come, Chanda.
No first tell me why are they shouting?
What have you done?
I tried to live, Chanda.
That's why this people are shouting.
These are all my students.
They are crying and mourning why..
..i put the handcuffs of books in their hands.
Why I have put the poison of education In them?
This is not a place for prostitutes.
Come out, professor.
I won't allow you to go.
I know all this is happening because of me.
Chanda, this is not happening for you or for me.
But whatever is happening, I can't explain it you now.
Move, Chanda. If I don't face them now..
..then I will never be able to show my face to you.
And if something happens to you..
..I will not be able to see my face again.
Move Chanda. - No, I will not allow you to go.
Move, Chanda. I can't bear it any more.
Move Chanda. I will not allow you to go.
Just move Chanda. I say move Chanda.
Rajesh, open the door. I say open the door.
Come, come downstairs.
Why have you become quiet?
If anything else is left, tell that also.
We just want to say that Goddess looks good in..
..a temple and a prostitute in her brothel.
Do you understand?
And if you like this prostitute so much then..
..take your bags and go and stay in that brothel.
Get lost from here. Get lost.
What's happening here?
Some goons are beating uncle. - What?
Mother Janki, mother Janki, mother Janki.
Sister, sister. -What happened?
Rajesh Babu is seriously hurt.
He is lying unconscious on the road in front of his house.
Who hurt him? - Some goons together hit him.
I've heard he had got some cheap girl to his house.
I will go, mother Janki.
How will you go alone? - Who will go with me to that house?
I will go with you. I will go with you.
Maybe I could be of some help on time.
Come. - Come.
Doctor, how is Rajesh, now?
There's no danger. But it would be better..
..if we could take him to the hospital.
Then take him. I have a car.
That's really good.
Don't be scared. He will be all right.
Shall we take him to the hospital?
Come then. Why? You won't come?
I am feeling very scared. -Have patience.
I shall come myself and give you the news.
He needs rest. You all go now.
Why are you sitting in darkness, my child?
You didn't switch on the light.
How is he now, mother?
He is fine. There's nothing to worry about.
But he will have to stay there for some days.
You come with me tomorrow morning.
I shall go and switch on the lights in the house.
'Rajesh Babu, one who has shackles in his legs..'
'..can crawl, if not walk, but one who has a whirlpool in..'
'..his legs, has no other option other than drowning
'Let go my hand, Rajesh Babu.'
'I don't want you to drown along with me.'
'I have understood my mistake, Rajesh Babu.'
'I don't want my love to go astray because of my mistake.'
'That's why I am going. Don't try to search me. Chanda.'
Chanda, you. -I have returned, aunty.
You have come back to the same place?
When the bird's wings are cut, then cage is better.
Decency has also betrayed you.
It neither betrayed, nor left. I left him myself.
How can a bird living in golden cage..
..Iive in the cage of sticks and hay.
I would have lived in whatever..
..condition he would have kept me.
But when his own life was at a risk because of me.
Risk of life? - Yes, he is In the hospital now.
The goons beat and wounded him.
And you left him in this condition and came off.
I did not leave him. He still lives in my heart like God.
But what kind of love is this?
To take the life of one you love.
I know, he would be very sad without me.
But at least he will be alive.
But if I would have been with me, then those who can't..
..see us together, don't know what they would have done?
Whom are you afraid of?
I am scared of this society, which did not forgive me.
This society which can forgive a thief, a pilferer..
..a murderer and even a person fatal to the country.
But it cannot forgive a woman coming from brothel
..who wants to lead a decent life.
That's why I tie the anklets again on my legs.
And keep a "Thumri" on my tongue.
Spread the look of lust in my eyes.
And decorate me like a plate and..
..throw me in front of your hungry customers.
I shall fill your empty lockers again.
Chanda. -Aunty, I shall listen to whatever you say.
But listen to one thing of mine. - What?
Take me somewhere else, far from this city.
Other wise, here, my legs will be in your brothel..
..but my heart, my heart at his door steps.
Fine, fine. Motia, take Chanda along.
Freshen her. Go daughter.
Will you even take a sacrifice of her?
What are you saying?
You understand very well what I am saying.
Kesarbai, one day this whole market used to be..
..filled the smell of your body.
When I came to you with a dream of a house.
But you put off my dream with a smile.
From today to tomorrow, tomorrow to day after.
Then days passed by, then months and years.
But you did not keep up your promise and old age came.
And you, instead of becoming a mother, became an actress.
And I lost all the desires of my heart in marijuana.
Do you want to give the same life to Chanda?
You are forgetting Gopinath..
.. I didn't go to call her.
She came on her own.
The girl who has the handcuffs of destiny in her hands..
..who has fetters of duty in her legs and noose of..
..society in her neck, what other option she has.
Kesarbai, she came on her own to you..
..Iike a goat goes to a butcher.
Gopinath. -Today the day of decision has come, Kesarbai.
The God sitting above is seeing, where you..
..and me, everyone have to account for our deeds.
When on one side Chanda's mother will hold you and..
..ask, why you didn't keep up your promise which you..
..gave me for Chanda while putting the water..
..of Ganges in my mouth when I was dying.
And on the other side will be Chanda.
That Chanda who will die tonight.
She will hold you and ask why.. kept the knife on my neck?
Tell, tell, what answer you'll give them.
Stop it. Stop it.
Did you recognize me? -Who are you?
It would be better if people like you don't recognize me.
I am Kesar. - Kesarbai?
Yes, Sir. - What have you come to take now?
I have not come to take, but to give something.
The piece of your heart, your Kamla's last memory.
Your daughter. - I don't have any such daughter.
And I don't know any Kamla.
Your displeasure is understood, sir.
Because she left you and..
..disappeared with her one year old child.
You can't even understand why she left you?
To save your family from poverty and disgrace.
And for your promotion.
He was the one who came and begged in front of Kamla.
And when she didn't accept, he gave her, her child's oath.
Her heart moved. When she couldn't deny..
..then she kept a stone on her heart and left.
How much money do you want?
If greed of money would have been there..
..then would have I not earned by insulting you.
I have come with a request, accept your child.
Kamla's soul will rest in peace.
Shall I get that innocent one, sir? - No.
Looks like you have decided to..
..make your daughter a prostitute.
Non-sense? I told you, I have no such daughter.
Get lost and don't try to come here again.
Where is Chanda? Why doesn't she come here?
Aunty, tell me why Chanda doesn't comes here?
Why are you all so quiet?
Tell why Chanda doesn't come?
Son, son Raju, don't worry.
Doctor has advised you not to speak.
Rekha, tell me why Chanda doesn't comes here?
Tell, why Chanda doesn't comes?
Rajesh, I think you don't know that when a girl loves..
..someone, she loves him with all her heart.
May be Chanda is feeling what ever happened..
..she is responsible for that.
Forgive me, sir.
Don't be adamant, Kesari brother.
I've heard even Rajesh is not marrying now.
And even Chanda has come back.
This Chanda Is not the same old Chanda.
She has changed a lot.
But, you have not changed.
Even I am going with Chanda, leaving this city.
When? -Day after tomorrow.
Many things can happen between.. and day after tomorrow, Kesari brother.
Now, nothing can be done.
Don't become so cruel before leaving, Kesari brother.
At least to keep my master's heart, accept a proposal..
..of dance by Chanda at his place tomorrow. -No.
Tomorrow many elite people will..
..come in the party of master tomorrow.
Badri Prasad, Jagat Babu and..
..many more people are coming.
Lala Ram Prasad Gupta, Babu Harbans Lal..
..Rajendra Bahadur Singh Pali and..
..Chaudhary Naikullah Quereshi.
All these people will come?
Each one of them will come and..
..that too walking on their heads.
Then I accept this city's last dance.
Who was it? Who had come?
What happened aunty?
Chanda, I have accepted one dance performance.
And this will be your last performance in this city.
Again a performance and in this city?
Aunty, in this city..
Chanda, This order is not from the Kesarbai of today.
That Kesarbai is begging you..
..who has promised your dying mother.
But don't ask me why I am begging you.
Come, come, Mr. Pratap Chand. How are you?
Now the party will be fun.
Looks like he has spend money with..
..all his heart in the happiness of his son.
Come, sit. - I'll sit. When I contested in the..
..elections on your saying, then will I stand here?
All the people of colony are present here.
Come, sit. - Cold drink?
Jamuna Prasad, I will not keep quiet without saying this.
Why one, say two things.
This function which you are celebrating..
..all the people of the colony should celebrate this.
But why?-Because when a son is born in youth..
..then the family members are happy.
But when a son is born in old age..
..then all the colony people are happy.
Leave all this. Tell me where is that brother?
Ask Kesarbai how much time is..
..time is remaining for the performance?
Jagat Babu has come.
Come, come, Jagat Babu. All are waiting for you.
Congratulations Jamuna Prasad on having a son.
Now get the performance started, Kesarbai.
All the people eyes are waiting to see Chanda.
I am ready, aunty. Come, let's go.
Chanda. -What happened, aunty?
Time has come. The secret which I hid from you..
..till today, I will reveal it you now.
Which secret? - Whose daughter you are?
Whom you are very anxious to see.
Today he is sitting in this function.
What? He, means my father.
Where is he? Where Is he? Who is it?
Tell me, aunty, who is it?
Chanda, do you see that man who is sitting like God.
That, who is having a child in his lap?
Yes, he is the one.
Are you speaking the truth, aunty?
Am I his daughter? - Yes, you are his daughter.
But he doesn't know that you are his daughter.
That's why you go ahead. Go, Chanda.
"How do I convince you? You are my upset with me."
"You are the gardener of the garden.. which the bud of beauty bloomed."
"One day you remembered it, but.. it is a forgotten story."
"One day you remembered it, but.. it is a forgotten story."
"This is the day when you and I met."
"But this meeting is so old."
"One day you remembered it, but.. it is a forgotten story."
"One day you.."
"Maybe you would recognize me today."
"Maybe you would recognize me today."
"I am a destiny written by you."
"I have your color and your appearance."
"I have your color and your appearance."
"I am a picture made by you."
"If I have a stain in my aspect..
"..then it is a sign given by you."
"If I have a stain in my aspect..
"..then it is a sign given by you."
"One day you.."
"I was born in a decent family."
"I was born in a decent family."
"Who has blamed this decency?"
"I am a noble woman, oh my lord."
"I am a noble woman, oh my lord."
"Then who gave me the name of a prostitute?"
"Maybe you the one by whose mercy this merciful is born?"
"Are you the one by whose mercy this merciful is born?"
"One day you.."
"Without shelter and without helplessness."
"Without shelter and without helplessness."
"And who has no other support."
"Whose marriage procession didn't pass through the lanes."
"Whose marriage procession didn't pass through the lanes."
"Whose father didn't put her in a litter."
"My youth is that which was sold in the market by destiny."
"My youth is that which was sold in the market by destiny."
"This is the day when you and I met."
"But this meeting is very old."
"One day you remembered it, but.. it is a forgotten story."
"But today it is a forgotten story."
Stop all this, Chanda.
Rajesh, why did you come here?
Go from here, Rajesh. Go from here.
Come, Chanda.
For God's sake, leave me on my condition.
Just go from here.
Don't say like this, Chanda. I have come to take you.
No, I won't go with you.
I don't want to ruin your life.
What are you saying, Chanda?
What I am saying is true. This is my life.
I have to live in it and die in it, Rajesh.
Rajesh, my praise is from them and even my complaint.
No, Chanda. Neither can they listen to your..
..appreciation nor to your complaints.
These ears can only listen to the voice of "Thumri."
They can't listen to the voice of a wounded heart.
These are the care takers of society..
..who are spreading their dirt in the society.
Chanda, they can give a bag full of money to your..
..mother, but they can't give you their name to you.
The rich and famous people of this city are not..
..humans, they are insects crawling in dirt.
Who live in dirt, give birth to dirt and die in dirt.
Why did you come here? Who called you?
Come Chanda. This place is not for a decent girl. Come.
Get lost from here, you scoundrel.
Throw him out.
I ask you go out. Get lost.
Till today I didn't ask anyone anything for my sake.
Today I beg you for Rajesh welfare.
Please save him. Please save him.
Go out. Go out.
Today you will have to pass through my..
..dead body before touching Rajesh.
What are you listening to?
Throw both of them out.
Wait. Leave this work on me.
Today they both have crossed their limits.
Even I will have to cross my limit, to take them out.
Daughter, Rajesh is correct. This place is not for you.
Jagat Babu, have you gone mad?
You are calling a prostitute your daughter.
Yes, Pratap Chand. I am calling.
..this prostitute my daughter.
Because daughter is not the name of any profession.
It is the name of a relation.
Because professions change but not relations.
Did you all listen, a relation between..
..a father and a daughter never changes.
You must be all surprised as to what I am saying and doing.
Even this is a rule of our society.
Deeds are of someone and someone else bears it.
Crime is done by someone and..
..someone else bears the punishment.
I did one sin and her mother had.. bear the burden through out her life.
And my innocent daughter is still bearing the punishment.
But not any more.
Daughter I am your guilty father.
I didn't accept you my daughter..
..feeling afraid of this society.
And I left you in this life of disgrace.
But today, today I want to hug you in front of everyone.
Tell me daughter. What is your decision?
Father. - Call me once again father so loudly that the..
..whole world can listen that you are my daughter.
Father, father.
This is not the time to cry. The time to cry has not come.
The time of crying will come when my..
..Rajesh will bring the marriage procession.
Yes, dear. Rajesh will bring the marriage procession.
And you will sing the song of departure.
The time of your crying will come then, not now.
Son, Rajesh.
Father, if I insulted you then..
No child, no.
You didn't insult me. Whatever you said was true.
And your truth opened my eyes.
I am really proud of you.
Come. Let's go from here.