GANO EXCEL Organic Plantation

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Welcome to the Gano Excel International Plantation in Malaysia
the largest Ganoderma Organic Plantation in the world.
Our tour begins down the long hall ways between the buildings or green houses
where the Ganoderma Lucidum or red mushrooms are grown
The six species of Ganoderma used by Gano Excel are grown with this building in individually wrapped husks.
That climate the meta juice to grow the mushrooms produced the high quality products of Gano Excel.
No chemicals, pesticides or hormones are used in the cultivation process.
And exposure to the sun is control to ensure that therapy to the qualities are not lost.
It takes 3 months for Ganoderma to mature before it is harvested.
The mushrooms you see in this picture are incompletely different section of the plantation.
These are the younger mushrooms used to create Excellium and Gano Schokolade.
Here’s the different look of the individually wrapped husk used to grow a mushroom.
All organic ingredients are used:
paddy husks, brown rice flour and rubber tree scrapes as the medium for plantation.
Of course, no view of the plantations will be complete without the tour
from our founder and president of Gano Excel International, Mr. Leow Soon Seng.
Not only its proper environment important to cultivation of the Gano Excel mushrooms,
but also the right equipment to process the Ganoderma.
In every aspect of all operations, our commitment to excellent and technology
has made it possible to produce our great testing product to meet customer demands.
Gano Excel will make no compromising quality.
As this is the guiding principles practice throughout the entire process from growth on the farm to the final packaging.
All products are created under close supervision to ensure the highest quality possible.
Teams works are positive attitude and the efficiency are the hallmark of Gano Excel team in Malaysia,
providing quality service for everyone.
The dedication and hardwork of these employees ensure that Ganoderma is care for
from the beginning, to cultivation, to harvest.
Bringing health and wealth to every family.
The rich color and beauty of these ancient herb goes into every Gano Excel product.
Ganoderma Lucidum, the red mushrooms, the Miraculous Kings of Herbs!