Glass Bead Making: Flamework for Beginners : Glass Bead-Making: Flamework Swirl Designs

Uploaded by expertvillage on 29.09.2008

I've got a gorgeous white, fairly thick and the cobalt, transparent. Actually make the
blue be the toothbrush and the white will be my toothpaste. So the toothpaste glass
is the one that should really be hotter and globby and the toothbrush glass should be
more stable and cooler. It still needs to be hot because you can't apply hot glass on
to the cold glass and expect it to stick. There you go and do a nice kind of lateral
stripe without twisting. Do not twist. On the other hand if you do twist, well then
that will make another interesting design in it. It's just all part of experience in
terms of making a nice clean kind of spun twisty. And to act as a handle, you can use
any color you want that's lying around any short stub. The white stub was getting a little
too short for comfort. Usually, I can hold the glass about two or three inches away from
the flame and its not too hot. Glass is a poor conductor of heat so that explains why
I can hold the glass cane as I'm holding it and heat up my little other handle of glass.
We now have a gather of white and blue. I'm rotating it in unison so I'm not creating
any swirls yet, no twists, pumping heat in to that white area that's not really melted.
You'll still be able to see the color seam when I'm done here. But I want to eliminate
any ridge or you know, tactile difference between the color zones. I want them to be
smooth at their seam. I'm wanting to put in a nice good thorough kind of homogenizing
heat in to the sort of the mass of glass ball. And then hang out for a minute and then I
begin my twisting process as I pull. Beginners will often pull and twist way too fast so
it gets thin. I have a lot of white and I'm pulling and twisting, pulling and twisting,
pulling and twisting. If you're not using up the glass like you want you can flash back
and continue to sort of surgically pull. But watch out for that flame, you don't want to
burn yourself. Surgically pull and remember that the thinner it gets the faster it's going
to react to the heat of the flame. So you really want to be ginger. And the only problem
with doing a twisty this way, I mean sometimes it's the only way to use up your material
and not waste it. But the only problem is, is that the twisty then, the result of your
effort is not always as straight and clean as those stringers that we pulled a moment