New Vegas Weapon Guide 5 - Energy Rifles

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While traversing the Mojave wasteland one will undoubtedly run across a copious number
of firearms. Choosing the right one for your tastes can be difficult, especially when faced
with the gamut of firearms available. Among the weapons though energy based arms likely
tickle the fancy of many people. If you're interested in loading up a battery instead
of of a clip of bullets in the heat of combat, then check out these powerful two handed energy
weapons in Fallout New Vegas; Keeping in mind that One Handed energy weapons have their
own video.
First off is the enhanced version of the laser rifle called the AER14 prototype. Most enhanced
energy weapons consume batteries more quickly than the softer hitting models, and the AER14
is no exception. However the AER14 has a plethora of advantages which outweigh the battery consumption
rate. These pros include a much higher damage per shot, heightened fire rate, better chances
to score a critical hit, enhanced critical damage, and finally the beam's spread is even
smaller than the traditional model. These pros by and large make the AER14 laser rifle
a worthwhile armament. To find this Energy arm you need to head to
Vault 22, also known as the jungle vault, located almost directly east (<-- should have
been west) of the New Vegas strip. Once inside the vault head down to the fifth floor, pest
control. The stairs leading to the level are blocked though, so you'll either have to fix
the elevator with a level 50 repair skill, which is the fastest way; Or take the stairs
down to level four, and use the cave system to reach level five. No matter how you get
to level five you want to go through the locked door leading to the the ascending stairs near
the elevator. Beyond the iron doors you'll find the barricade preventing access from
level four. It's here on the small landing that you can find the AER14 prototype next
to the remains of it's last owner, presumably a very unfortunate vault dweller.
While laser weapons are ok, some people prefer to use plasma based energy weapons, and enhanced
models are very few and far between. In fact there are so few that only one enhanced plasma
weapon exists, called Q-35matter modulator. An enhanced and updated version of the standard plasma rifle
the Q-35's only bragging points are an increased and steady fire rate, higher critical damage,
and a significantly more durable build. Ultimately the Q-35 matter Modulator is only marginally
better than it's basic counterpart. However, if you have an affinity for plasma weapons
this is a gun you should by all means track down.
Finding this gun is fairly simple, all you need to do is travel to the Repconn head quarters
located much more west than north of hoover dam, and more south than east of the New Vegas
strip. The Q-35 is stored in a room on the first floor behind a sealed metal door with
a very hard lock, and a very hard terminal next to it. If unlocking the door, or hacking
the terminal isn't an option it can be opened with a key card found in a briefcase on the
third floor of the facility. From the entry hall you can simply go upstairs if you can
pick the level fifty lock on the door to the right. The alternative is to ask one of the
robots to take you on a tour of the facility, at the end of which it will unlock the door
to a room with a model of the solar system. Just off of this room is a maintenance hall
where you can pick up an ID card that will open the doors between you and the third floor.
No matter if you pick locks or use the ID card, when you reach the third floor look
for a skeleton clutching a briefcase, near a chunk of collapsed ceiling. In the Briefcase
is a level three key card, which will open the very hard door on the first floor. Just
beyond that door is not only the Q-35 Matter Modulator, but also a safe with some minor
loot, several MFcells, and a skill book, Nikola Tesla and you.
Though Laser and plasma based arms truly define the category of Energy weapons, a miniature
rail gun powered by only batteries also qualifies as an energy weapon, which brings up the YCS/186;
An enhanced version of the Gauss rifle, that's superior in every way to the base model. It
has higher damage per shot, shoots faster, has a smaller spread, it deals more damage
when a critical shot is scored, and is more durable than the standard Gauss riffle to
boot. The soul downside to this weapon is how fast it can burn through MF cells, but
even so it uses less charge than the base model, effectively cementing this gun as one
of the best in the entire base game of New Vegas.
If all of the advantages weren't enough the real crowning jewel about the YCS/186 is how
easy it is to acquire. The gun can be found on one of several hostile mercenaries far
northwest of the New Vegas strip. The location of their camp isn't marked, but it isn't too
far east of Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch, and northwest of the Horowitz Farmstead. Acquiring the weapon
is as easy as simply killing the mercenary who holds it. However there is one small issue
when it comes to acquiring this gun. At the beginning of the game, during character
creation, you are prompted to choose two traits, and one of them is called "Wild Wasteland".
If this trait is taken the YCS/186 is unobtainable, because the mercenary camp is replaced with
an alien landing site. It's unfortunate, but the trade off is the ability to acquire the
alien blaster, which is nothing to sneeze at. Now if you want more information about
the alien blaster check out the one handed energy weapon guide.
Finally there are two additional energy weapons to mention, the tri-beam laser rifle, and
the multiplas rifle. Due to how both these guns emit a spread of projectiles, they are
covered in the fourth part of the New Vegas Weapon Suite, which covers shotgun and their
pseudo counterparts. If you're interested in where to find these weapons check the video
discretion, or tun on annotations for a link the the shotgun part of the weapon suite.
Naturally there are more energy weapons in New Vegas, but the three mentioned here undeniably
add a certain flavour to the game unlike any other. Of course if you're looking for one
handed energy weapons you'll have to watch the one handed energy guide to hear about
them. Still, if firing plasma or light from your hand isn't quite your style, and you're
looking for arms that don't shoot at all, more traditional guns, oversize weapons, or
maybe a good old shotgun then check out the rest of the Fallout New Vegas weapon suite
from Visage Guides and Kerosene Dreams.