How to reduce a photo in Photoshop.

Uploaded by TrainLearnCreate on 13.11.2010

Ok I've got a photo I want to put on the web.
I took it with my camera and and it's huge.
I know a lot on times when I shrink it down it comes out looking pretty bad.
so your first step when you're looking at this photo.
You've got it right now fitting into view on the screen.
So let's go up and check its image size under the menu at the top.
Image > image size this dialog box will pop up.
And give you a description of the actual measurement by pixels...
And the measurement by document size.
And those are two valuable measurements to look at when your resizing a photo.
This 22 almost 23 meg is huge. It's huge for the web.
It's coming in from your digital camera...
and we're going to set it up through Photoshop.
The first thing you want to look at is your resolution.
Your resolution is ready for web, 72 ppi (pixels per inch)
The next step is to convert those inches into a more manageable size.
Let's try five inches in width.
Okay five.
Photoshop immediately converts from...
that pixel size to the inch dimensions.
It calculates that
One other thing I want you to do is drop down...
to the bottom drop down.
Click on that and go to best for reduction.
It will sharpen your image and make it a better quality photo.
Now look at your file size Brian from 22 almost 23 meg...
Down to 284 K that's still a little large for the web.
But now you're at a manageable size to work with.
Click OK.
And there's you photo in real time at 100 percent.
Ddouble click and that a very nice high quality photo for the web.
Now if I wanted to make it exactly a certain pixel size...
In width I could do that in there also.
Absolutely go back to image size.
And then look and see what your pixel dimensions are
If I needed 150 width it going to automatically determine what the height is?
Yes, so go ahead and try that Brian.
So now you've gotten down to that size.
Go ahead and click OK and see if you like it.
Double click on that zoom tool and it take you to 100 percent.
A very quick way to get that file size down and...
ready for the web.