Driving a Semi for the First Time - "The Truck Driving School Experience", Part 2/4

Uploaded by cdltraining on 23.08.2011

>> MATT: My name is Matt Adams. I'm from Lexington, Kentucky.
>> MORRY: My name is Morry Uhl. I'm from Atlanta, Georgia.
>> MATT: I am in my second day of the second week.
We've been going over our pre-trip inspection and
we've been actually out on the road driving
yesterday and today.
>> MORRY: And we're just now beginning to spend a little time in the trucks.
Which is kind of the exciting part.
>> MATT: The funny thing is it's exactly like I thought it was going to be.
And that was extremely nerve-wracking
You don't know how far back the trailer is
You're always watching the mirrors
Then you're watching the road then you realize
you've got to watch the tachometer
And then you're looking at the gears and the miles per hours
There's just so much to keep your eyes on.
But it's a loop that you learn to do.
And the more you do it, just like anything else in life,
the more you do it, the better you become at it.
>> MORRY: It's kind of high excitement, it's like
a little intimidation
You've never been in there before and
there's so many things to do and watch
and you're in such a big rig rather than sitting in a little vehicle
But everything kind of falls into perspective you know
Having just come back from my first trip on the road,
I mean,
it's not bad at all.
I mean it's just like driving
Everyone knows how to drive
Some people will tell you they can drive better than I can
but it's like driving, it's just driving
It's just a little different.
>> MATT: But it's, I'm still..nervous.
I just got out of the truck just a couple minutes ago
and I'm feeling it.
>> MORRY: It's a real time learning experience.
You do something and it works and the shift was smooth
and that's what it should be
The next time gee it wasn't quite as smooth as it should have been
You realize the timing was off a little or
the RPM dropped a little
It's nice the instructor's there and he'll walk you through it
make the comment you should pick up the RPM just a little
or maybe you tried to shift a little too high
and it went in when it was down
Having not gone that far and having come back
The more you drive the more it just starts to flow and
you don't have to think about it you just do it.
>> MATT: They literally say, you need to downshift into 7th
you need to downshift into 6th
You need to keep going in that way
And they
And it's easy to kind of get frozen
You forget which gear you're in
Especially when there's ten gears it's easy to forget.
And he just leans over and
puts it right into gear for you.
>> MORRY: It can be a little intimidating.
However you know big breath, deep breath
Relax, they'll walk you through it.
I've never driven one of these before
and I just came back, survived my first road trip.
>> MATT: As long back as I can remember, I've always loved road trips
and I do think this is going to be a little similar in that.
Especially when there are many many hundreds of miles you have to go
It's just, you get to enjoy the sights
And you're in a
comfortable, professionally maintained vehicle
So there's, as long as you keep it between the lines
on the interstate
That's where I think ya know the
A lot of enjoyment will come.
>> MORRY: Truck seems more comfortable than sitting in a car.
There's, it's going to be a little more tiring
because there is more to watch and more to
defensively watch for because you've got a bigger vehicle a lot of weight
and you've just got so much around you that you may have to stop quickly.
If somebody cuts in front of me in a car I can stop real quick
Ya know pulling a loaded semi down the road
you just don't stop quick
So there's certain differences you need to understand and remember but
it'll be fun driving. I enjoy driving.
The next thing I'll have to do and will continue to do this week is
and driving out on the highway.
>> MATT: We start out with a pre-trip inspection,
We move into the 4 point brake check
the tug brake check just on the brake
a way to check the braking system.
Then we do a straight line backing, off set backing
And then a parallel park
Ya know can you imagine parallel parking one of these things?
But they showed us how to do it.
>> MORRY: And then go out on the street and
be able to safely drive out there and not
create any accidents or have any accidents
That'll happen this week, the training
We've learned a lot already, it's just my second morning
of really driving.
We've been exposed to a lot
We walk it through, we take turns.
>> MATT: They take us literally right down the check list of things to do
And you do it enough times until you have it mastered
Go get your CDL and get to work
I'm looking forward to getting out on the open road
it's a different lifestyle and
And as long as they think I'm prepare for that and
made a conscientious effort that this is what I wanna do
I'm looking forward to that I can't wait to get there
I wish I had the real piece of paper so I could
go start pulling a load today!