Can Blind People Open Their Eyes?

Uploaded by TommyEdisonXP on 20.03.2012

Been gettin' a lot a questions again.
What the hell's a matter with you people?
I told you with the questions, please.
Nah, I'm kidding.
We got lotta questions in here, and some good ones too.
Here's a popular one. First I'll play the guitar.

Well -
One of the most popular questions that people want to know, is,
Can you open your eyes?
Boy, can I.
But why would I? I mean, it's hard to keep your eyes open for a long time.
Those are muscles that I never use, so,
it's hard to do, so, why not just keep 'em closed.
I never thought to open them.
I mean, I could.
Would you like to see?
I'll show ya.
After the break.
♪ [old fashioned organ]

Hi everybody, I'm Tommy Edison.
And I use orangsnogrbgn.
It works like crazy!
Look at my hair!
And it smells delicious!
♪ [organ music]

Alright, so you wanna see? Alright, I'm gonna show you.
Wanna see what it looks like with my eyes open?
See, it's not so easy, is it people?
I can't really do it! You guys were right!
Hey, you wanna see? Wanna see me open my eyes?
♪ [high note]

Next time, I'm gonna show you how I perform surgery!
♪[TXP bumper music]

Okay, so that's two down, and about 736 to go.
If you've got something you wanna know, you know what to do with it, right?
Stick it right here. In the comments below.
You thought I was gonna say somethin' else, didn't ya?
Clean up your ..what's a matter with you.