Google+ Update: Real-time Search & Improved Hashtag Support

Uploaded by googleplusupdates on 11.10.2011


VIC: Hi.
My name is Vic, and I'm an engineer here at Google.
Last month we introduced search on Google+.
And today, we're introducing two new features that make it
a lot more interactive.
First, real time search results.
Results that show up the moment they're posted.
And number two, improved hashtag support.
Let me show you how they work.
Here I'll search for a term, like Android.
And you'll note that Google+ will show me the
best post on Android.
But if I just wait a few seconds, as new posts come in,
you'll see this one more recent post link.
Once I click on that link, from that point on, all new
posts coming in will show up in real-time.
This is especially useful for breaking news, sporting
events, maybe your favorite TV show, and many other examples.
In addition, we're launching improved support for hashtags.
All I have to do is add one to my post. And once I share,
Google+ automatically links the hashtag to search results.

Both features are rolling out gradually.
So don't worry if you don't see them right away.
Thanks for your time, and on behalf of the Google+ team,
thank you for helping us make the product better every
single day.