獨臂刀 - One Armed Swordsman (1967)

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Is Magic Swordsman Qi Rufeng home?
I'm Qi Rufeng. Please state your purpose
Are you Qi the Master Swordsman?
You are too kind
I have a letter for you...
from brigand chiefs, Ma and Xu, of Huainan
Poisonous incense!
Qi Rufeng, you didn't expect that, right?
You people are such rats!
This is for meddling in our affairs
Today we will make you regret
If I were you, I'd step aside
The master has been poisoned
Take him in and give him some medicine
Uncle... Open the door...
Open up, uncle
Uncle... Open up
Uncle... Open up, come on.
What is it? What happened?
What's the matter?
My father is fighting with some thieves
Fang Cheng
Fang Cheng
Master, you've raised me...
and taught me martial arts since I was little
It's my honor to die for you
But, my son is still young...
Don't worry, Fang Cheng
I'll take your son under my wing
You mean...
I'll make him my disciple
and treat him like one of my nephews
Come lad, thank the master
I'm your teacher now
I'm grateful, master
Don't you feel cold?
I'm chopping firewood
Please don't touch me. I'm sweating all over
Why are you chopping firewood?
You aren't one of the servants here
Miss, you told me to chop firewood
Well, now I'm asking you to stop
Come, practise the sword with me
I have already practised
I know, but practice with me again
Go get your sword.
Miss, I'd rather you carried on...
with the other two brothers,
or they'll detest me.
Why do you always address me as "Miss"...
but not by my first name?
He doesn't deserve it. Just let him be
Pei-er, I'll practise swords with you
It's none of your business. Fang Gang
His father was a mere servant
He's only good for chopping firewood
It's his ploy to win our teacher's love;
so that our teacher will scold you...
for treating him like a servant
Stop there...
I'm older than you
It's my job to supervise you...
Teacher never said anything like that
You refuse to obey me then?
We should obey senior disciples...
when the teacher is out. How dare you?
As an older disciple, you should treat
all brothers fairly and love them all
I actually don't like you fawning on Pei-er
while bullying other brothers
You're back
You again asked Ah Gang to do the chores?
No, I'm doing it of my own will
Pei-er and Sun Hao supervise me practicing
Why don't you wear the new clothes?
I'm afraid they'll get dirty
Go change your clothes and then practice
Pei-er, you're not a child now
Be more considerate
The world doesn't revolve around you
- It wasn't Peier's... - Shut up
You think I don't know your behavior
Your rich father sent you here...
because he knows I'll discipline you
Sun Hao, what did you do just now?
Your father is the famous Swordsman Hebei
He could teach you martial arts himself
Why did he send you here?
Your father didn't want to spoil you.
Don't you ever think I'll be lenient with you...
because your father was my best pal
On the contrary, I'll be extra demanding...
so as not to let my friend down
You're my disciples
I'll teach you martial arts
and you'll learn to be righteous men
I won'tjust let you be
He just favors Fang Gang. That's all
Fang Gang is cunning
He poses as a nice guy...
in front of our teacher
We get rebuked every time because of him
He even dared to fight back today!
I swear I'll fix him
I've an idea. Our teacher is home now
We have to be patient
and wait until mid-night
Then we ask him to meet us at the woods
and punish him
Great idea
He can only fool our teacher.
You pretend to be nice in front of teacher
to please him
You don't respect your elder brothers and Peier
Meet us in the woods at mid-night
You must come. Be there...
if you still have courage
Whoever reports this to our teacher...
is a brazen rat
It's late. Return to your room
You think it over carefully
Rufeng, Pei-er is our only child
Don't be too harsh on her
Fang Gang is no doubt a good lad;
but he's too stubborn sometimes
Peier is right. He's arrogant sometimes
True, Fang Cheng died for our family
but we've raised his only child
and never one day has he been starved
You've spoiled Pei-er
Actually, I have my own plan
It isn't because he's Fang Cheng's son
Do you know why I went out today?
I heard Smiling Tiger Cheng Tianshou...
is in the neighborhood
I'm afraid he's up to no good
So I checked around
There isn't anyone suspicious though
I've helped a lot of people in my life
but also made many foes. I'm concerned about
Smiling Tiger's older brother Long-armed Devil
I'll be 55 next year
I've informed all my disciples...
to gather here on my birthday
I'm going to choose a successor amongst them
Then I'll withdraw from the martial-arts world
I have only one daughter...
who is unfortunately spoiled and
far less skilled than me;
nor good enough to be my successor
I've many disciples
but none of them talented enough...
to learn all my skills and swordsmanship
I consider Ah Gang to be quite capable
I wish him to be my successor...
as well as my son-in...
You want Peier to marry him? I'm afraid...
Judge by what happened today...
Our teacher is strange
He favors a servant's son
I don't like the idea of...
treating a servant's son as brother
Teacher, you've been most kind to me
But I fear that my staying here will only...
make things difficult for you. I must leave
I hope I can repay your kindness someday
Brother Sun...
Fang Gang has left
Let's go
Rufeng, where're you going? It's late
Pull out your sword
I'm here to clear things up with you
and say good bye
I'm not fighting with you
Say goodbye?
I know you don't like me
My staying will only hurt everyone's feeling
Therefore I've decided to leave
You betray our teacher?
We can't let him go just like that
Let's punish this traitor,
on behalf of our teacher
Brother Sun, don't force me...
to fight back
Brother Sun
Our teacher is famous for his swordsmanship
You will only disgrace him...
with such paltry skills
You had the chance to learn from Teacher Qi
I urge you to do your best
Stop there.
You think you're the only one...
who has learnt all my father's expertise
Teacher Qi brought me up
I won't fight with you, Miss
Don't call me "Miss"
Your father died for the sake of mine
Why would you leave without saying goodbye...
if you're that grateful to my father?
I won't let you go...
if you don't fight with me
Let's fight with bare hands if you insist
I don't want to hurt you even by mistake
It's too dangerous
You're afraid of my father's swordsmanship?
We both learned our skill...
from your father
Okay, let's fight with bare hands
Miss, I'm sorry.
You... you hurt me
I told you not to fight
Qi Pei-er, you...
Pei-er, you acted so quickly
Pei-er, don't worry.
You cut off his arm, so what?
He won't come back anyway
Don't bring this up in front of our teacher
Teacher is coming
I just knew you were here. Where's Ah Gang?
How dare you kill Ah Gang?
No, we didn't...
What's this?
It was all his fault
He dared to fight with Pei-er
Pei-erjust cut off his arm in the fight
You're lying; the three of you together...
are not his match
Tell me the truth
or await the punishment
Father, I forced him to fight with me
He defeated me with bare hands
I pulled out my sword and cut off his arm
Where's Ah Gang?
He left
Come along and help me look for him
You'll be responsible for him
Grandpa Wang
Grandpa Wang
Xiaoman, what can I do for you?
Grandpa, there's a man bleeding in my boat
Who is it?
He's a stranger
He has suffered serious injuries
His arm has been cut off
Please save him
Ah Shun
Help move the injured man from the boat
Bring me a pillow.
I'll prepare some medicine
Hey, you're up! We were worried to death
Who are you? Where am I?
My name is Xiaoman. This is my home
You've been unconscious for 7 days
My right arm...
What am I going to do without my right arm?
My sword... where's my sword?
No, not this one
Then... is it this one?
But it's broken!
Father, you were a servant your entire life
You died for your master
I just wanted you to be proud of me
but I'm getting nowhere now
I am maimed
Miss Xiaoman, didn't mean to scare you
You didn't
You haven't fully recovered. Don't move
Thank you for saving my life
I just lost my control. I'm sorry
Please don't be scared
I understand it must be hard for you
Where is your family?
I'm an orphan
You took care of me for 7 days...
when I was unconscious?
Please lie down. I've cooked some porridge
Let me get you some
Xiaoman... Come here
Look, I can fish
I can fish with my left hand
Great. It's a big fish
But I can't manage a lot with my left hand
You can learn how to use it
You work so hard
I don't want to burden you
Don't say that. You've just recovered
You're still weak
I know you feel sad because you can't practise
...martial arts without your right arm
Well, where has martial arts got you so far?
If your teacher wasn't a swordsman...
your father wouldn't be killed by his enemies
If not for martial arts...
your arm wouldn't be cut off
I've practiced martial arts...
since childhood
I know nothing besides that
I could be a bodyguard...
if my arm wasn't cut off
Or I could teach martial arts
What can I do now?
You're still a robust young man
You may not be a swordsman
but you can learn to farm and fish
depending on your commitment
Mother left me this house and the field
It's not big, but it's good enough
If you decide to lead an ordinary life...
we can farm, fish and weave...
to support ourselves
Xiaoman, you've been nice to me
How come you have never told me...
your last name?
It's not like that
The truth is I don't know it either
Didn't expect to see a pretty girl...
in this small village
It's a pity!
She's with a cripple with only one arm
Ah Gang, don't pay attention to them
Hey girl, he can't hug you...
with his only arm
Mind what you say
Come home with us
We can hug you much better than the cripple
Ah Gang
Let him go
Come and fight
Stop it
Master Cheng
Miss Xiaoman, I'm sorry
These two idiots behaved outrageously
I'll punish them. Please forgive them
Get out of here
Sorry... Goodbye
Ah Gang
Leave me alone
I... I'm a good-for-nothing...
Don't you dare stir up trouble
My older brother told me
to watch out for Qi Rufeng
He's going to teach you some skills...
which can restrain Qi's sword
If you spoil my brother's plan...
you know his temper
Ah Gang
You haven't slept yet?
You've seen everything
I didn't want you to practise martial arts...
but it breaks my heart to see your sorrow
You may find it useful
Xiaoman, where did you get this?
It's a long story. I told you earlier...
that I don't know my last name
All I remember is one night
when I was little
my father came home bleeding all over
I was scared and cried
Hide this book in a safe place
When Xiaoman grows up...
It's all due to this...
Heartbroken, Mom threw it into the fire
When she regretted and picked it up again...
the book was burned down to less than half
Mother brought me here after that
She bought the field, built this house...
Two years later, she passed away
She didn't tell me what my last name is
nor my father's name
She said reprisal only breeds reprisal
Besides, most contents of the book...
were burnt away
On the left hand side is just what remains
I keep it in memory of my parents
I thought even if I know who I am
I may not be able to get revenge
On the contrary I might be killed,
if my enemy finds out about me
So I decided to lead my life farming
You happened to lose your right arm
but this might be useful for left-hand training
I know nothing about it anyway. It's yours
Stand up
Ding Peng, Ba Shuang...
Explain it to them
You learned how to fight with one sword?
Brother Ba
This is Qi's golden sword
All Qi's disciples...
have a sword like this one
We got this from...
Qi's disciple that we killed
It's 3 and a half feet with a thin blade
Study it carefully
You use this sword and fight with me
Do your best
I will
Come on
If you were Qi's disciple...
you would be dead now
Our teacher fought with Qi for 2 days
He memorized all his moves
There are 64 moves in total
Our teacher created this sword lock,
which has 64 tactics too
The lock is purposely designed...
to lock Qi's sword
The size and design are just perfect
We'll surely defeat Qi Rufeng...
with this sword lock
I understand the concept now
But I still have to learn...
how to use it from you, brother
You two must work hard
and don't let your uncle down
You practise the moves with your brothers
Do not show it to anyone
We want to take Qi by surprise
You mustn't leave the house with the lock
Or you know how we'll punish you
I wouldn't dare
Anything special over Qi Rufeng's side?
The fifth day of July...
is Qi Rufeng's fifty-fifth birthday
He has invited all his disciples to a party
Reportedly, he's going to choose his successor
and withdraw from the martial arts world
Great. We'll seize the oppotnity...
to destroy them thoroughly
Qi Rufeng has many disciples
There's not enough of us to eliminate them all
We can't let someone slip through...
lest he come for revenge some day
Tonight, we'll teach you
all 64 moves of my sword lock
You practise it with Guo Sheng and Qin Dachuan
Tomorrow morning, Ding Peng and Ba Shuang...
will come with me to ambush Qi's disciples
Stand up
Who're you?
Don't you know me?
Tell me your name and be killed
So you're that Long-armed Devil
I'm Pei Xun, Qi Rufeng's ninth disciple
My teacher defeated you once
Now, along with your disciples...
you're here to ambush me
You're not my match
I'll challenge your teacher
Ding Peng, Ba Shuang...
My disciples will fight with you
Fair enough?
You mind leaving this tree alone?
If you keep practicing a few more days...
You'll tear down my house...
My palm technique is almost perfect
but I still have to practise my swordsmanship
Where's the book?
In the house
The sword is auxiliary
so it should be shorter
My sword is too long
It doesn't go with the moves
I got it
Teacher, it's a bit dull...
to try this on a dummy
Why don't you let us go out...
You can't leave the house with the sword lock
Did you forget your uncle's words?
Keep practising, I'll return to my room
I am bored to death
I hear there'll be a temple fair tomorrow
Let's get out of here and check it out
We just have to leave the sword lock here
You haven't slept yet?
The broken sword is just perfect
I've learnt something new as well
I don't understand
why are you so happy?
What's so good about martial arts?
I could protect you like the other day
and no one can hurt me
It'll bring troubles with it too
If my father didn't learn martial arts
he'd not inherit this book from his teacher
and wouldn't eventually die for it
My Mom and I wouldn't have suffered
When you learn everything in the book...
you will leave me
and lead a swordsman's life
No, I won't leave you
I know you're good to me
You just say that. Who knows!
That's a promise
I'll only use it to protect us
and won't mind other peoples' business
Can't you see it?
Pei-er actually likes Fang Gang
Shut up. Thinking back...
we shouldn't have treated Fang like that
Let's go
Pei-er, cheer up
There is a temple fair today
Let's check it out, shall we?
Look, over there
Have you been to a temple fair before?
No, I've been busy practising swords
We never thought of going to one
Grandpa Wang, Shun
Has the young fellow recovered?
Yes, thanks for treating him
Let me introduce, Grandpa Wang and Shun
They saved your life
Thank you
Don't mention it. So long
Look at those two kids
Aren't they cute?
Masks galore
Masks. Buy one for two cents
Come on, masks for sale
He took my mask
I'll buy you another one
Hi kid, come here...
one for two cents, come on
You're too old to rob from a child
Shame on you
Those three who just passed by...
were my brothers and Pei-er
I don't wish to be seen
Come on...
Hi girl, don't you like it?
How can you do this?
I do what I like. Can you stop me?
It's Buddha's birthday
How dare you molest the girl!
Buddha's birthday or not. Damn you
Don't fight
Let go
Don't fight...
Don't fight...
They practise martial arts. Don't fight with them
You're not their match
Come on, put down your stake...
We are not their match. Please help me...
bring Shun home
Grandpa Wang, what happened to Shun?
Master Cheng's disciples teased Mrs Zhang
Shun told them to behave themselves
and was beaten by them
Ah Gang
Grandpa and Shun saved my life once
It's not meddlilng in others' business
It's my chance...
It's you, the maimed, again?
The pretty girl is here too
You can't take care of her
and want us to help?
Mind what you say
Why did you beat Shun?
You're at our mercy too
so mind your own business. Come on, girl
They deserve it
You stirred up trouble again. Go home now
You did a good job...
Wait... Let me treat you to some tea
We're in Qi's neighborhood. Don't cause trouble
or your uncle will kill you
Teacher, look
Pei-er, let's go over there
Teacher, I believe...
they're Qi's disciples
Who could that girl be?
Qi has a daughter. I bet it's her
Let's try the sword lock on her
But we haven't brought it with us
We can't try it here anyway
Let's kidnap her
Let's go over there
Miss Qi
How do you know my name?
Your father is the famous Magic Swordsman
I see your golden sword. I hear Swordsman Qi
passes on all his skills to his only daughter
That would be you, I bet
May I ask your name?
I've heard a lot about you and your father
I have some important information to tell you
I live nearby, would you kindly come with me?
Let me tell you everything
Why not
Pei-er, we don't know him
Nothing to be afraid of.
I can see he's nice
Besides, he has something to tell me
You beat those two rascals
They deserve it...
I believe they'd have some ulterior motive
It's not our business
She cut off your arm
so couldn't count as your saviour, right?
Please have a seat over there, young men
Take a seat, Miss Qi
Your tea
What have you done to Pei-er?
Don't worry
I just made her fall asleep
We won't kill her
We just have a toy we don't want her to see
so we made her slumber off a while
What toy is that?
This is it
Then why're you showing it to us?
We're going to try this on you
How can we keep it from you?
But don't worry
You have no chance to talk about it
Now that we've fallen into your trap
Just show us your toy
Wait a minute
This must be some martial-arts master
May I ask your name?
I'm Cheng Tianshou, nicknamed Smiling Tiger
I've heard your name before
You should square accounts with our teacher
but not us. I'm afraid...
It's no use
Of course I won't fight with you
My disciples will
It would be one-on-one fight
Is it fair?
Come on
Brother, don't talk to him
Let's fight with them
Who's first?
Brother, death before dishonor
Teacher, what about Qi Rufeng's daughter...
We surely will beat Qi Rufeng
with our secret weapon the sword lock
But it wouldn't be wrong to be careful
We keep her as our hostage
I see you're worried about that Pei-er
She treated me badly
but she is my teacher's only child
Ssh, I'm here to rescue you
What if our teacher finds out?
She'll still be our hostage
after we do this to her
Miss Qi, we're here to...
keep you company
If you do what we tell you to...
we'll get you out of the cellar
It's you again
Why are you wearing a mask?
Who wouldn't recognize you're the maimed?
I let you go earlier
I won't spare you this time
You bully me because I'm maimed
Now you know what it feels like!
You jump up first
Fang Gang, I cut off your arm
Why did you rescue me?
You recognize me
I'm familiar with your voice
Besides, you have only one arm
Guess there aren't too many one-armed men
I should not rescue you, but I...
I understand you've always liked me
That's why you kept your distance
I did keep my distance from you
You rescued me tonight
I won't treat you as a servant
You don't have to keep your distance
Xiaoman? Xiaoman
I rescued you, but you put me in trouble
What am I going to tell her?
She's just a country girl
The night you cut off my arm...
she saved my life
To be honest with you, you're wrong
I never liked you
That's not the reason that...
I kept my distance from you
I rescued you today
because I owe it to your father
But I've always loved you
Loved me?
You tried your best to torture me
You cut off my arm
Because you were arrogant
I don't want to hear about it
It's late. Your father would be worried
You go home now and I should be home, too
You live with that girl?
Yes, go home
You won't come home with me?
Father misses you
I rescued you today and that's it
We won't see each other again
You prefer a country girl to me
You should go home with her
What're you doing here?
You've only heard her part of the tale
I never liked her
I told her thatjust now
Why did you rescue her then?
She asked me the same question
I owed it to my teacher, her father
My teacher is heroic swordsman
I can't let her...
be the cause of his ruin
Had she been assaulted...
How could my teacher face anyone?
My Mom always said...
she'd rather marry a farmer
and live happily and peacefully
than marry a swordsman;
Because they'd die for...
the reputation of their teacher
My father sacrificed himself...
to protect the book
that he inherited from his teacher
My Mom said they act heroically
They appear righteous and courageous
Girls always fall for them
She told me not to be fooled
Ironically, I...
Xiaoman, I am maimed
I don't wish to be a swordsman anymore
I just told Pei-er the same thing
I rescued her and repaid my teacher's kindness
We would not meet again
I'd like to stay with you and become a farmer
if it's okay with you
You mean it?
Yes, I mean it
We must leave now
I suppose Pei-er will tell her father...
that she saw you
Your teacher might come looking
But you have your house and field here
It's okay. Mother left me some money
which can support us for a while
I'll ask Grandpa Wang to sell the house
and the field, and send me the money
It's not my real homeland anyway
I just want to be with you
Then we leave at daybreak
Should we report the death of Pei Xun
to our teacher?
Normally, we'd be able to keep such things...
from our teacher
But tomorrow is his birthday
Learning about Pei Xun's death...
will only break his heart
I think we'd better reveal the news later
I'm afraid it's not going to work
Teacher Qi is going to choose his successor
He'll gather all his disciples here
There are only 20 of us
who are active outside
Up to this moment, five of us are missing
How can we fool him? I think...
I'll report to him then
Quiet. Teacher is coming
Be seated
What're you talking about?
Nothing. We're just chatting
You all grew up in front of me
You think you can fool me?
I can see it's about some serious trouble
It's definitely notjust chatting
Teacher, Pei Xun and 3 other brothers
cannot make it tomorrow
We know you won't be happy about that
Still want to fool me? I know it all
Except for them, you're all here?
Where're Deng Chong and Lu Zhen?
They haven't arrived yet
Could they be...
Don't worry, Teacher.
They've acquired most of teacher's swordsmanship
especially Deng Chong. It'll be alright
Brother, we walk too slowly
I'm afraid we'll fall behind others
Lu Zhen, can't you see...
I've deliberately slowed down my pace
There's something unusual about Pei's death
I believe we're watched by our enemy
and they've created some techniques
specially to counter our sword techniques
I see. So you slow down your pace
so as to lure the enemy to attack us
and to find out who they are, is it?
And what sort of skills they use!
That's right. So don't fall asleep tonight
Be careful and be on the alert
We try to gather some information
Tomorrow, our brothers will get together
to celebrate teacher's birthday
We'll think of something
See? We pretend not to know that
and wait for them to come back
My 2 disciples have suffered serious injuries
so I asked the Law brothers to help
Here they are
Thanks for your help
What happened to your disciples?
I'll tell you some other time
Because the Law brothers...
saw two of Qi's disciples
in an inn a while back
Tomorrow is Qi's birthday
I believe we'll see more of them
You and the Laws ambush them on the road
Ding Peng, Ba Shuang and I...
will handle the chaps at the inn
Then we'll go to Qi's estate
Qi's disciples, come out now
I'll go first
and try to find out their strategy
Who're you? What do you want from us?
Tell me your name first
I'll tell you
I'm Deng Chong, Qi's seventh disciple
This is my brother Lu Zhen
I know who you are
Good for you. I'm Long-armed Devil
Those not concerned with this, leave now
Or I'm afraid you may be hurt in the fight
Come on, return to your rooms now...
It's none of our business...
Let's go...
Come on
Deng Chong
Lu Zhen, go. You promised me
Go, quickly
It's late
Let's stay in the inn tonight
Lu Zhen
Fang Gang, what happened to your arm?
That's not important
Tell me what happened to you
Long-armed Devil is in the inn
Deng Chong is seriously hurt
Please go and tell our teacher and brothers
that Long-armed Devil has killed...
five of our brothers
He invented a strange weapon
which can lock our golden swords
When our swords are locked, he uses...
a knife with his right hand to kill us
Lu Zhen
He said Long-armed Devil is at the inn
But Deng Chong is in there too
He's dead. Report to the authorities
Where're they?
They killed this man...
then leapt over the wall and left
You stay in the inn and wait for me
I must warn my teacher
Are you going back?
Xiaoman, Deng Chong and Lu Zhen were killed
They were heroic young men
They too have parents, wives and children
They too are loved by their families
But they sacrificed themselves
for our teacher and brothers
Take Lu Zhen for example; he was injured...
but he still struggled to warn our teacher
He asked me to do this for him before he died
How can I let him down?
But, Ah Gang...
It's not only a matter of reputation
They want to kill all my brothers
Xiaoman, they're young men like me
Can you help refraining from saving them?
If I leave with you
without warning my teacher and brothers
I'll never find peace for the rest of my life
Listen, everyone
today's celebration is a bit different
I believe Long-armed Devil will be here soon
Deng Chong and Lu Zhen haven't arrived
I'm afraid they might have been killed
I decided not to invite guests
since I plan to choose my successor today
It's good I didn't invite any guest
You're my families and disciples
Let's change back to our fighting gear
and bring your swords with you
and wait for the enemy to show up
- Where's the master? - Peace Bridge
The Laws said they see no Qi's disciples
Where is your uncle?
He's at Peace Bridge
It's not early. Let's go to Qi's estate
Look, he's carrying a golden sword
He has only one arm though
Son, from your golden sword
I can tell you are Qi's disciple
But you have only one arm
It's useless to you
So why don't you give it to us
and kowtow 3-times to each of us
then we'll let you go
No? Then I'll have to take it from you
Waiter, bring me some wine
The waiter has left. Let me bring you some
You know, if I were you...
I would leave immediately
Go on
I was blind
You're Qi's disciple too
You use your disability to fool us
and stay near us to watch us carefully
I now know who you are
You're Long-armed Devil's brother
Smiling Tiger Cheng Tianshou
So, our identities are exposed
We don't have to pretend now
You owe my disciples two arms
but you have only one left
I'll have to kill you to get revenge
Pull out your golden sword now
Qi Rufeng, we're here
Pei-er, bring me my sword
Let's tackle the enemy first
so as to find out their moves
Right, fight for our teacher
Long-armed Devil, long time no see!
Qi Rufeng, I'm here to settle an old score,
with you from 13 years ago
I'll celebrate your death today
Your martial arts must have improved a lot
since our fight 13 years back
But it wasn't a heroic act...
to ambush and kill my disciples
You should've come straight to me
Teacher, wait a minute
Today is your birthday
Let's handle them
I'm Wei Xuan. Let me fight with you first
Qi Rufeng, listen
I never killed your disciples
My disciples did all the killings
Ding Peng, Ba Shuang
you fight with his disciples
Yes. Let's...
fight with your disciples
Come on
Come on
Teacher, the lock...
Everyone, let's get revenge for our brothers
Hu Yue
You specially designed this weapon
to lock my golden sword
So let my sword meet your lock
Ding Peng, Ba Shuang, step down
Let me settle my old score...
with him myself
Qi Rufeng, you want to say something?
Hu Yue, you're not his match
Long-armed Devil, I admit defeat
I won't ask for your mercy
But my family and disciples...
have nothing to do with this
Please let them go
Qi Rufeng, you know me better than that
They'll get vengeance if I spare them today
You intend killing them all?!
Teacher, don't ask for his mercy
We'd rather die
You want to fight together? One-to-one
You're not my match
I'll let you die
Stop, I'll do it myself
We prefer death before dishonor
Our teacher won't beg for your mercy
But Mrs and Miss Qi are ladies
Let them go if you've any conscience left
Qi Rufeng, will you kill yourself...
Or should I do it for you?
Hold it
I'm Qi's disciple too
Fang Gang
Ah Gang!
Ah Gang
I was delayed by Devil's brother en route
I am late. Please forgive me
Ah Gang, we suffered a crushing defeat
What're you doing here?
You raised me and taught me martial arts
If I can't help you to fight them off...
at least I can die with you
Ding Peng, Ba Shuang, look
he has only one arm
He wants to die with the others
Well then, let's give it to him
Hey you, come on
Ah Gang, we owe you too much
You lost an arm
You really shouldn't be involved
Teacher, please take a seat
Ah Gang
So there is a swordsman like you...
among Qi's disciples
Let me fight with you
Well, do you accept defeat?
Fang Gang
Fang Gang...
My daughter cut off your arm
and you, however, return good for evil
Even more valuable is that your martial arts...
has improved a lot in just a few months
Teacher, I'm maimed
I decided to lead an ordinary life
Then I got a martial-arts book...
from a girl
who is waiting for me at the inn
I'm leaving. Guess we won't meet again
I will be a farmer
Fang Gang
Oh, papa
My dear!