Katy Perry Part of Me 3D Concert Film - Official Clip & Sneak Peek - 2012 (HD)

Uploaded by DanceOn on 05.06.2012

-Next question, though--
what happens when your daughter is on MTV?
-I don't watch it.
-You wouldn't watch me, mom?
-Katie, I'm not going to watch you if you've got half your
clothes off.
KATY'S DAD (OFFSCREEN): She ain't going to have half her
clothes off.
-I feel like I wasn't ever allowed to
even think for myself.
And I, like, all of the sudden, my heart wants to do
all kinds of things.
I want to travel and experience other things
outside of my comfort zone.
I guess I'm just probably going through a rebel phase, I
don't know.