Erin's weight loss was a sign of stress

Uploaded by VeteransMTC on 28.11.2012


I started having issues when I was in Iraq.
It was in--
getting toward the second half of our, I'd say actually 3/4
of the way through our tour in '07.
Actually, it was in June of '07.
I got sick while I was over there.
I was down to 98 pounds.
I lost a lot of weight and they didn't know why.
But the stress, I guess, was just getting to me.
They sent me to a combat stress clinic in Baghdad,
where I spent a week there.
You learn ways to deal with stress, and you got to talk a
counselor or a social worker or a psychologist.
And then you also saw a medical doctor and a
And they just evaluated you for your symptoms that you
went to the clinic with and tried to return you to duty.
And those that couldn't go back with their units, some
people were sent back to the States.
So I got to spend my last two months in a safer area so I
can maybe try to let my guard down a little bit and try to
get some weight put on before I got back to the States.
I gained it all back and then some, eventually.