Interview with ZeroGravity @ IEM6 WC

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Mar 8, 2012

- Hi everyone, it's the day three of Intel Extreme Masters
and we're going to interview Natus Vincere manager
and leader Alexander 'ZeroGravity' Kokhanovskyy
- Hi everyone!
- Wow, you have so many titles...
- Yup, I have many faces!
- You've just reached the playoff, how do you feel about it?
Did you expect to beat fnatic so easy?
- I can't say I was confident about our game after
the groupstage, we lost a lot of pistol rounds
and had a lot of tactical mistakes we should have done.
I though the game would be much harder
because we were getting ready for the tough match.
We felt to be in a good shape but still the game
could not be foreseen. The first map was tuscan,
we had close match there but managed to get 8 rounds
as attackers which was actually an easy win.
On de_train the guys did enonomy break up:
enemy team bought weapons, then got $1400
and had to lose two rounds once again.
So fnatic played just a few weapon rounds
and could not prove their advantage.
We thought the match would be much serious.
- Please tell us about the first day...
I don't remember it had ever happend: you played like 120 rounds...
- More rounds than for our whole life!
- ... and then lost to Chinese team.
What emotions did you have after the first game?
- We lost to Chinese team because we didn't manage
personal relationship in the team during the match in a proper way.
We felt so cool about ourselves that we started
to reproach each other. Of course it immediately affected the game.
You can't allow yourself to reproach anyone
during the match, it decreases team morale significantly.
During the match versus Chinese we blamed each other
in every mortal sins: Edward told me to shut up.
I did shut up and just hanged behind them
and you could see the score...
Of course it affected the results but our strive for the victory
proved itself and we managed to get out from the group
which is a real miracle. Lady luck supports the best ones.
- Look, ESL organizers forbid our streamers (yxo) to broadcast.
Why is it so?
- Well they did not forbid, actually there was a long history behind that
like we didnt have agreement with ESL.
Some guys streamed, the other did not but I made it possible
for us to stream everything we want to on all future ESL events.
- As far as I know, the team lives in Spartan style conditions.
- Like always.
- Do you think it's ESL feature and it helps you?
- I think it's their visiting card that unites us:
we're getting cold and have to give each other some warmth,
there is not enough hot water for everyone in the morning,
central heating is very low so overal it's total... astral.
So it boosts us, I guess.
- Tomorrow you are to face Lions. They are Group B winner,
yet their way wasn't that easy.
- I think that Bjorn is good leader and good player.
Speaking about Lions and their win in the groupstage,
it should only motivate them to get courage and slap us
in the face tomorrow. On the other hand we realize
that there is no unbeatable teams on this tournament,
so far we didn't lose to any favorite and I hope
we can keep this confidence tomorrow and win the match.
- Any afterwords?
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