Herbalife24 Athlete: Former WWE wrestler Shane Roberts talks about Herbalife24

Uploaded by 24HourAthletics on 07.11.2012

My name is Shane Roberts, I will be 40 in July, and I train many different athletes
anything from a football player, a volleyball player, to cyclist to mixed martial arts fighters.
I do a lot of cross training style workouts which is very intense, it’s a lot of plyometrics,
a lot of jumping around. Having a good nutrition program really is vital for that kind of training.
I was already getting pretty good results, actually phenomenal results off of the existing
line but with 24 even better it took my body to another level. By taking the 24 products,
it basically gave me an edge. What I love about 24 is that it’s a completely new concept
with this modulated system. Depending on what you do and what your athleticism is, your
activity level. You can customize it to your activity level, it’s amazing what you can
do with this product. With the modulated system and they way that you can manipulate this
program, there’s nothing out there like this. It’s a game changer it really is.