Wegmans Arugula Salad

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 23.08.2011

Baby arugula is one of the few ingredients
in this recipe that I'm making today, arugula salad.
It has nice light peppery kick with lots of flavor,
and like with all great Italian recipes,
each ingredient should really stand out and speak for itself,
which this really does. Okay, this recipe calls
for an extra virgin olive oil, but with all these choices
how do I know which one is the right choice?
Well, the one I would pick is the Toscano and the reason is
that it really has a bold sort of peppery flavor to it.
It's perfect for salads especially as a compliment
to the arugula. Okay, let's get going
with the salad by starting to make the vinaigrette.
So the first thing we're going to do is squeeze in some
fresh lemon juice, but I have to first of all,
I think a great way to get the most juice out of a lemon
is to roll it with the palm of your hand like this
just so it breaks up the fibers a little bit in there,
so you get more juice out of the lemon.
And this recipe calls for about a half of a lemon,
so that's what we have here. Okay, a great way to squeeze
the lemon into your bowl, we need about a half of a lemon
is right into your fingers that way you can catch
the seeds. And to that we're adding
a table spoon of white wine vinegar,
whisk that in. And slowly drizzle in
a quarter cup of extra virgin olive oil
and keep whisking until you have a little emulsion.
You'll see it'll start to become somewhat cloudy,
just like this. There you go.
And then we're seasoning with some salt and pepper,
and this is basically to taste however you like it,
but you don't need an awful lot there.
There we go. And give that another little stir,
a little whisk right in your bowl. And then let's just bring
our arugula already washed, cleaned and ready to eat here,
um, and drizzle it over, the vinaigrette over
the arugula and lightly toss it. This a perfect way to end
a great Italian meal.