Intern Corruption - Mini Action Movie

Uploaded by infinitcode2 on 15.06.2011

Yes my Colonel.
Did you arrest Him ?
No it was too dangerous, I had to kill him !
You Had to bring him alive, You failed the mission !
Noooooooooooooooooooo ...
No !
Nooo !
Why ?
Why have they done that !?!?
Come Here f*cker !
Where Am I?
Help Me !
Mother F*ckers !
You are f*cked .
Get me out of here f*cker !
Shut up b*tch, You killed my grandmother !!
I got one thing to ask you
You are going to tell me where the others are
You are not leaving this place alive anyways , Do you understand ?
NO ! Shut Up b*tch , you wont do anything !
You asked for it ....
What are you going to do?
Ok ! Ok ! I'm going to tell you ...
They are at 5150 , Pertier Avenue .
I hope it's true. Anyways , you are not leaving this place alive.
You are going to tell where they are now ?
Tell me ! Answer !
Tell me !!
F*ck you man ...
OK OK , ok ok ok it's Jeffrey Carron and i Know where he lives !
Now that everything is done,
I finally can do my mourners,
Excuse me Grandma for all of this violence,
I will never forget you .
Hey did you see the Intern Corruption Movie ?
Oh , Hey how are you ?
Did you hear the gunshots yersterday ?
HAHAHA ! No one cares !
True ... True ....
Ur Ugly !