Mobbed Episode 4 - Just Haven't Met You Yet Flash Mob - January 11 on Fox

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LAUREN GOTTLIEB: You may have seen the pilot last spring or
the holiday special before Thanksgiving.
Well now, the season is back.
In this show, I help out Nappytabs.
I pretty much assist them with the thousand people that show
up that day.
And I choreograph all of our mobsters into the routine.
And today, I have Tabitha and Napoleon D'umo with me.
So next week's episode, I kind of feel like we dive into
their personal life a little bit.
TABITHA D'UMO: Yes, there is a lady who's been divorced but
hasn't told her parents or her aunt.
NAPOLEON D'UMO: And she also tells them, I have a
six year old son--
TABITHA D'UMO: --That you've never met.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Ouch, personal.
NAPOLEON D'UMO: The cool thing about that episode is that
she's telling her mom that she's lost a man in her life.
And then here's a new man in your life.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: That's special.
It's just such a surprise though.
It's really cool.

LAUREN GOTTLIEB: OK, so you definitely don't want to miss
this episode on January 11, at 9:00 PM on Fox.
Check it out.
NAPOLEON D'UMO: Check it out.