POD Farm w/ Justin Derrico and Corey Britz - Producer Series | Line 6

Uploaded by line6movies on 25.05.2010


Hi, I'm Corey Britz. I'm producing Justin Derrico's record. We're here to
show off some awesome POD Farm tricks.
Check it out, it's gonna be fun. What we got going
is we're using Pro Tools. We're using POD Farm 2 as a plug-in
and the way we've got it running is we're using it as an aux send and going
directly through it instead of using it on the back end. It's kind of fun that way sometimes
because you print what you're getting. So it's kind of like doing it with a real
amp. What we've got going is we're running a tweed
model with a tubescreamer kind of a thing in front of it, a compressor,
a delay after the compressor and then of course a little reverb just to
cover stuff because we're doing an ethereal intro kind of solo thing.
So here we go. We'll give it a try and take a cut at it, see how it goes.
Ready, buddy? Yeah, man.