Samoa APTC

Uploaded by AusAIDvideo on 13.01.2011

MAN: There's so many things I learn about APTC.
It's the culture,
the attitude from trainers.
More about knowledge and skills, are what I'm doing right now.
Only my dad that work,
so he can't supply me if I come to this course,
so, without this scholarship, I wouldn't be here.
The school helps me a lot,
learning how to work properly,
do lots of things for the hospitality,
for the way they encourage us to complete the course.
I've decided to take this course
because I am engaged in the catering business -
food preparation.
I know that I need to be qualified
and aware of all the issues, the health and safety issues,
which is our priority -
our duty of care and responsibility to the public.
It's been really good for me.
It's encouraging and has helped boost my confidence
with the skills.
Like everybody who's into this business,
they would like to grow and do well,
and if I do well, I'll be able to help my family.
The lecturers and chefs are very helpful.
Basically, they use a lot of local resources
and give us tips to economise the resources.
It will help me a lot,
as well as the rest of the Pacific islanders attending APTC.
I would like to help the Government of Australia...
..thank them for this opportunity.
It has helped a lot of islanders and struggling people like me.