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Take, eat. - You eat.
You eat. - No, you eat.
What are you doing, dear? - Keep quiet!
What are you doing, dear? The laddoo (sweet) will crumble.
Eat it, dear. Take it from her hand.
She is so stubborn, she won't relent until you have eaten it.
Sukhiya, bring them both. - Come.
This is the plot. - The plot is very good.
That is why I purchased it. I thought these kids, like us...
will not manage our business.
So we'll build a factory for our Ashok.
It's a good idea. An industrial revolution is on anyway.
For the country's progress, industry must develop.
That is why the government gives all kind of help to new industry.
You will have to help me. - Tell me.
You will have to help me get a loan from the bank to build the factory.
Sure. We'll go tomorrow itself and speak to the bank manager.
We'll go before banking hours, so that we can speak to him comfortably.
Brother, want more tea? - No, thank you. I'll leave now.
Anything else I can do? - No, thank you.
Let's go, Ashok.
Greetings, brother. Greetings sister-in-law.
Mr.Amaranth! - Hello.
Hello. I'm seeing you after a long time.
I was busy, that's why I could not meet you.
Brother, you are going out? - No, I'll just see him off.
Stay here, I'll come back and talk to you.
Ashok, say goodbye to aunt. - Please bring Ashok here often.
When you have accepted him as your son-in-law...
he'll get the love of both, mother and mother-in-law from you.
Right brother? - Then leave him here.
That will make my home desolate. Come Ashok.
Ranu, my dear, very good. - Papa, even I will come.
Yes dear, you will. ...Hey! what's this on her mouth?
Sukhiya! - Yes master?
Take her, wash her face. - Come dear.
Come brother, have breakfast. - No, I have already had breakfast.
But since you are saying, I'll take one.
Take son, you also eat. - Eat.
Madam, shall I say something? - Say it.
Seeing your husband, it seems he desperately wishes for a son.
He addresses Rani as 'son'.
Like as if he is talking to a boy.
I think he is craving for a son. - I don't think so.
But I think you must adopt a son.
When he so desperately wants one, why not adopt Ranjan as your son?
Ranjan is my son anyway, where is the need to adopt him?
And anyway, my husband says, nowadays, girls and boys are equal.
Even I have read that. Such things are only meant to be said and heard.
But he surely wants a son.
Heed me, and make him concede.
Or it may happen that for a son, he may bring home another wife.
Jivanlal, what nonsense are you talking!
Nothing, we are talking in general.
To carry on the family name, to keep the family property...
to perform the father's rites...
you need a son.
I don't believe in all that. And look, if you want to say such things...
don't be seen in this house again.
I made a mistake. I apologise.
You apologise very easily. But when will you stop doing wrong?
You won't stop gambling, you won't stop taking money from people.
I am always hearing complaints about you.
All those people who complain about me are jealous of me.
I don't let them do any wrong, and two, I am related to you.
Don't smooth talk me.
People say I turn a blind eye to what you do because you are my relative.
And that's what you take advantage of. - I don't, I swear on my son.
Don't take fake promises. I myself saw the bungling of accounts.
You collected outstanding of Rs.1000, but didn't deposit it.
This is not done. Look, I am warning you the last time...
repay the money within a week, or find yourself anotherjob, understand!
Six, seven, eight, straight.
Take the loot. When you need money, you never win.
It's all a matter of destiny.
Did only my destiny have to be bad? I'm facing defeat since morning.
But what happened? - Don't ask me.
Early morning today, Rameshwar asked me to find anotherjob.
If a job could be got so easily, who would work for him?
He's always taunting that we are related.
Like as if he's done me a big favour.
He says there's no difference between a son and daughter.
What rubbish!
A daughter takes a dowry and leaves home.
And what if he even loses his daughter?
Then? - He won't be left with any heir.
Moreover, they have no hopes of having another child.
So tell us, should we find a solution for you?
A way in which you will kill two birds with one stone.
Sukhiya, distribute the oblation. - Okay.
Ranu, my child, come to me.
Malati, take, make her wear this. - Wow! my baby's chain is so good.
Thank you. - Congratulations.
Hello brother.
What are you distributing the sweets for?
Come Amar. Today is Ranu's birthday.
You didn't tell me before, or I would not come empty handed.
I'd get her a gift.
Give her your blessings, that will be enough.
Bless you.
Listen, I am going to the bank, then I will go to office.
Okay. Come Ashok.
Ranu, I'll be back soon.
My darling Ranu! Go to Sukhiya.
That's good. My darling Ranu.
Wish your father good bye.
It's a good opportunity. Driver, move.
Rani, where are you running? I'll catch you!
Lady, excuse us!
What is it? - Tell madam, saree traders have come.
We want to show her some sarees. - But madam never buys things like that
She buys from the bazaar.
But where do you get such sarees in the bazaar?
Atleast go and tell her. She'll call us immediately.
Come to me, dear. What a sweet child. She goes to anyone.
My child! Her name is Rani, isn't it?
Want a toffee?....Go call madam. Let her stay with us. Go call madam.
Madam, two traders have come to sell sarees. They want you to take a look.
Didn't you tell them I don't buy stuff like that?
I did, but...
Madam since they have come, take a look. Maybe you like something.
I don't want to buy anything. Go and tell them.
Madam...they kidnapped Rani. - What!!
Why did you give Rani to them? - I made a mistake, how was I to know?
What are you waiting for? Go try and catch them.
Madam, call the police. - No wait! Stupid!
Matters can get worst by calling the police.
Madam, I think they have kidnapped Rani for money.
I think we must inform your husband. He will do what he deems right.
I'll call him at the bank.
Don't you dare answer the phone! Stay where you are!
Vikram, take this. - Give.
You go out.
Beware! If any of you move, I'll shoot.
Catch him!
What happened, Mr.Rameshwar? - Help me lift him.
There comes your husband.
How did all this happen?
Yes Malati, this calamity struck us suddenly.
I have admitted Amar to the hospital. Let's see...
Amar? - Yes Malati.
A heist was committed at the bank. And one bandit shot Amar.
Malati, were you saying something else?
Someone kidnapped Rani.
Kidnapped? But how did that happen? Jivanlal?
We don't know. Two crooks came here posing as saree traders.
Sukhiya left Rani with them and came in to call madam.
And they kidnapped her. - Did you call up the police?
No. - Why not, Jivanlal?
God forbid, but calling the police could endanger Rani's life.
Wonder what kind of gangsters they are.
So we decided to first inform you. You can do as you please.
We called up the bank, but couldn't get through.
We called you at the office, but you were not there either.
What could we do? - Keep quiet, Jivanlal!
Do anything, but bring my Rani back.
Don't worry, I'll call the police right away.
Jivanlal, had you called earlier, the police would have perhaps traced them.
What..yes..yes...Malati, it's a call from the hospital.
Amar's condition is worsening. He is calling Ashok.
Ashok, come. Jivanlal, you also come along.
Let's go, Malati. Come son.
Brother, sister-in-law, you wanted to keep Ashok with you.
You only will have to keep him now.
You look after him now.
Ashok... - Yes papa?
Always listen to your uncle and aunt.
Papa, why are you crying? You make me cry too.
No son. Amar... doctor, please examine him.
The lamp blew off. - A strong wind is blowing.
Light it, you have the match. I'm scared.
I have it? I found it.
There! - That's better.
Why hasn't Jivanlal not come yet?
If this girl gets up, we'll have a problem.
No, this girl will not get up.
The effect of the pill lasts long.
Okay, but atleast Jivanlal should have been here by now.
When will he come, when will he make the call, when will we get money?
What is the time?
You are wearing the watch, and you are asking me?
If you are too drunk, don't drink any more.
I'm not drunk. Hey! it's 9 O'clock.
What! it's already nine?
Could it be that Jivanlal has trapped us?
What will he trap us? He himself will get trapped.
Someone has come! - Yes, someone has come.
If he has, why doesn't he appear? Who is it?
Softly! why are you shouting?
If it's someone else, we'll be in trouble.
Let's go there and see.
There is no one here. - There is no one there too.
Wait...there is no one here either.
There is no one here either. Why are you simply....
Move on. The road is clear.
Hey, leave..leave me!
I am not your father, leave me.
Leave me.
Leave...leave me. I'm not your father.
What a bother!
Though this incident is not mentioned in the epic...
it is an accepted legend. Here's a Shlok connected to it.
Please hear it.
This is the incident of that time when there was a drought...
in King Shreeradbad's kingdom.
Soothsayers told the king the drought will pass away...
but he should plough the field himself.
King Janak agreed and ploughed the field.
While pushing the plough, the plough struck something in the ground.
When that place was dug, a pot was found there.
And from it came out a small, little, innocent girl.
Seeing that, King Janak said...
'God, you are great'
'I thought running the plough... will free the kingdom from drought'
'But the drought I had in my heart of love, of affection...'
'since so many years, you freed me of it by giving me this child'
You must be wondering what a fate this king had.
Had he got a son instead of a daughter, it would be so good.
If the plough had to strike something....
and something had to be found in the pot, then why not a son?
We always think having a son is the ultimate.
But shall I tell you something? Why do we wish for a son?
We want a son so that he carries on our name.
But don't be under that misconception.
A son does not carry on our name.
Whatever property we have in our name...
our son will be the first one who, after our death...
will file an application in court...
that the man in whose name the property stood, his name should be canceled...
and his name be put.
So a son does not carry on the name, he cancels that name.
Then why have this false concept?
A girl is God's greatest gift.
The king was very happy. He embraced the girl.
History is witness that he is not her biological father.
But he gave her so much love of a father, that he was named Janak.
Know what Janak means? Janak means father. Janani means mother.
And he is that father who taught all the fathers of the world...
to rear daughters like Janak.
Tutor daughters like Janak. Give her values like Janak.
It is late now. We will discuss the rest in the coming days.
Let's chant God's name. Repeat after me 'Hail Lord Ram'
Hail the Lord Ram!
You were so lost in the discourse, you are forgetting your daughter?
Take her and go.
Dada? - Madan you?
Where are you coming from at this hour, Dada? Who is she?
She's a pile on. Drop me home.
Home? But police is standing outside your home.
I had a passenger from your area. I'm returning from there.
Is it? - Yes. The whole city is gossiping.
A bank heist has been committed, and even a murder has taken place.
Murder? Whose murder? - Some rich man.
A bandit named Shanker has also been caught.
He only must have taken your name. Heed my advise and don't go home today.
Come and stay with me today. Hop on.
Brought my Rani home? Where is she? - There is no news on her yet.
The police is looking for her. - You look for her.
Find my Rani. How will we live without her? How?
Have patience, Malati.
How can I be patient? Tell me.
How will she sleep without hearing a lullaby from me?
How will she live without us?
Wonder how much they must have made her suffer.
How they must have kept her?
Should you keep a knife before a little girl?
Was it a toy that you placed it before her?
Be thankful it is not a deep cut. What if it had turned septic?
You are talking.... - What a good man you are!
What kind of a friend do you have, Madan?
I bandage his child, try to make him see sense...
and he's shouting at me? - You are going on yelling at me.
I said she took the knife, I didn't give it to her deliberately.
It's okay, Dada. - What okay?
Forget it, Salma is a cop after all.
Cop? - Yes, a cop.
So she'll naturally be a little tough.
She may talk bitter, but she is very good at heart.
Forget about my heart, first tell me the truth.
Your Dada looks like a goon. Has he kidnapped this girl?
She doesn't look like his daughter. So what's the truth?
No Salma, she is his daughter. Actually..his wife..was very beautiful.
She was very beautiful. This kid has taken after her.
She is no more. There is no one in the village to look after the kid.
That's why Dada has brought her here. He'll keep her with him.
He'll keep her like that only. What is her name?
Name..? Child, tell her your name.
What? Nannu. - We call her Nannu, affectionately.
Did you feed her something or not? The girl's mouth is dry.
No, he hasn't. - Indeed! This is how he'll keep her.
Madan, get something from the bazaar. Get milk if you can.
Oh yes, the shops are open for him at this late hour.
You'll get liquor now, not milk.
I'll only have to get her something. Wants to buy milk at midnight!
As if the shops are open for him.
Madan, is she really a cop?
Her husband is a cop. he's on duty in Dendgi.
He comes during weekends. He is a very good man.
But he is a cop. What if he sees us?
Take, feed her. There's no milk at home.
I'll give it to her in the morning when it comes.
Take, eat. - You
What a sweet child. See, she loves her father more than he loves her.
You lost the girl. How will I get ransom without her?
Had I collected ransom, I'd give your share.
Forget those stories, we won't buy them.
We did ourjob. So pay us our money.
Be thankful the child went missing then.
Or if she was there when the police removed us from the gutter...
even you would be in jail with us now.
But who took her?
Must be the bandit who the police was looking for.
That is why the police didn't pay much attention to us.
Forget that, talk of money. We are stinking, we have to bathe.
Jivanlal, pay us our money.
Why don't you understand? Where will I bring so much money from?
We don't know that, you will have to pay us.
Rs.50000 is big money! - Rs.50000?
That's what you promised us. Do you want to deny it now?
I did promise, and I am not denying it either.
But I cannot give such a big amount.
You cannot? Okay, don't give. We will go to Mr.Rameshwar...
and tell him you got his daughter kidnapped.
Don't give me that threat.
If you go to him, you will get caught first.
Who cares about that? We have been to jail several times.
One more time is fine with us. You think about yourself.
Look, I don't have Rs.50000. Take some money from me. A little.
How much? - I have about 200-250 rupees.
Are you joking? - I cannot give more than this.
He cannot give. Okay, give us the money in installments.
Pay us Rs.250 a month. You'll clear the amount slowly.
That's unfair! - Then we'll go to Rameshwar.
Wait!...I'm stuck.
You understand now? Go get Rs.250.
What say? I did right? - Absolutely!
Jivanlal will keep paying us for life, and we'll keep blowing the money!
There is no other option.
Dada, what are you thinking? Drink tea, it's getting cold.
Wonder what you are thinking about early morning.
I'm thinking about the problem I'm in.
Atleast go and see the situation near my house.
My clothes and money is over there.
Atleast I can bring those if I get a chance. I don't have a penny.
Why do you worry about that? You are not in a stranger's home.
Only one night has passed. The police must still be standing vigil.
Don't even think of going out now.
Stay here and look after the girl. - Shut-up! Look after the girl indeed!
This girl is another problem.
Wonder how I'll get rid of her. She'd been kidnapped.
It's difficult even to find out about her and drop her home.
Moreover, you told Salma she is my daughter.
Wonder whose daughter she is.
Whoever's she may be, assume she is your daughter for now.
That alone is in your interest.
Hail Lord Shanker!
Okay Dada, I am going on duty now.
But you take care, and don't go out at all.
Okay?...Whatever you may say, but the kid is sweet.
Bapu (father). - What do you want, dear?
Bapu. - What do I do now?
Pacify her.
She's up. - Yes. She got up.
Come dear.
You have some work here? - What work? You talk strange.
I had made halwa for breakfast so I brought it for the girl.
And this is milk. Feed everything to her.
Yes, but let me wash her face first.
If you want to go out, you can leave her with me.She'll play with my Bilkis
No, I'm not going anywhere. I'll stay here all day today.
Yet, I've made the offer.
What is it? Move!
Hand over everything you have to me!
I'll give it to you.
Come on! - Don't kill my Bapu...don't.
What are you doing! Moves aside!
I'm breaking the lock. The girl is crying inside since so long.
I told you to leave the kid with me if you go out, but no!
You locked her up inside and left. You'll kill her in two days like that.
Are you her father or a butcher?
Stop crying. I am back, now stop crying...stop crying!
Is this how you will calm her?
Give her to me. Go get water, her throat is parched.
Your father left you alone? ...Hey! she's so hot. She's got fever.
Fever? - Yes.
Just siring a kid doesn't make one a father.
You must have a father's heart too, only then can you rear children.
Hold her, I'll get some medicine for her.
And keep cold water strips on her forehead, the fever will subside.
Madan, Nannu is absolutely fine now.
That's good. Go eat something, I'll take care of her.
Dada, she's asking you to sing a lullaby.
Lullaby? - Yes. Sing it for her.
Your innocent smiles made me a father
Hiding in my heart...
you awakened my affection
Your innocent eyes narrate a story
A princess of mansions came to a hut by coincidence
Wonder whose destiny..
united me with you
Your innocent smiles made me a father
These little arms of yours have so much strength
Who has the guts to break this bond and leave
You don't know...
you shook up a mountain
Your innocent smiles made me a father
Where had you gone, Nannu? - I'd gone to the fair.
Is it?
Bapu, shall I show my toys to Bilkis?
Yes, back soon. - Yes.
What have you bought, Nannu? - Lots of toys.
Come Dada. - Madan, you are back early today.
I sold my rickshaw today. I am going back to my village.
I told you my father had written to me.
The government has released our mortgaged land from the landlord.
My father will not be able to work in the fields in this age.
I'll only go and manage. - Okay. It's a good idea.
But Madan, if you leave, I'll have to vacate this room.
Why? Salma is the landlady.
I will tell her. And then, she cares for her rent...
then whether you stay here, or I.
And then, it is 3-4 years since even you came here.
She won't ask you to leave.
Though if you heed me, you also return to your village.
Even you may get back your land. - No Madan, I have left my village now.
If I go back, old graves will be dug.
Skeletons will fall from cupboards.
If I get caught, what will become of Nannu?
Why? Why did you laugh?
Dada, I was thinking how much this girl has changed you.
How much you love her.
Itjust doesn't seem she is not your daughter, but a stranger.
Nannu is not a stranger. Neither does she have anyone other than me,nor do I
She is more dear to me than my life.
I sometimes wonder at the coincidences life throws at us.
How much love can change a man.
It turns a thorn to a rose, and a rose to a thorn.
I used to love my sister.
I had mortgaged my land, given the dowry demanded and got her married.
I thought I am a man, I will manage my life somehow...
but atleast my sister will be happy.
But her in-laws troubled her still.
Hearing this, when I reached there, I came to know thatjust 2 days earlier...
she has been burnt to death.
I went into a rage and broke my brother-in-law's bones.
I was arrested and sentenced.
When I served the sentence and returned to my village...
I found the landlord had usurped my land, and the villagers...
instead of supporting me, shunned me.
They started taunting me.
Fed up, I came to the city.
I tried looking for a job, but couldn't get one.
I made friends with the jail inmates, and even I became a goon with them.
I committed thefts, heists. And then suddenly I found Nannu.
And I reformed. If God continues to be kind...
I'll spend the rest of my life with her support.
I'll bring her up, give her a good education.
Have you studied somewhere else? - No.
What is your name? - Nannu.
That must be your pet name, what is your good name?
We call her Nannu. Whatever name you find good, give her that name.
Such a sweet girl should have a sweet name.
Not Nannu, her name from today is Nandini.
Which means, one who pleases everyone, makes everyone happy.
Great madam! It's the perfect name. Record that name.
From today, you are my Nandini. - Father's name?
What? Father's name? - She is your daughter, isn't she?
Yes. - Then tell me your name.
My name is Janak...Janak Singh. - Occupation?
Fruit seller. - Birth date?
Her date of birth and year.
I don't remember. She must be about five years.
You haven't noted down? You must take a birth certificate.
You people don't do anything. - What!
Won't you give her admission without it? Madam, I am an illiterate man.
I want to educate my daughter. - Alright, I'll admit her.
Later, if you can remember or find out, let me know.
Okay madam - Don't do that.
Thank you very much, madam.
Children, what is this? - Flower.
What flower? - Rose.
Isn't rose called the king of flowers?
Yes. - And which is the king of fruits?
Mango. - Why are you laughing? She is right.
She knows. - Why won't she know?
Her father sells fruit outside school.
Shut-up! What's so funny about that?
So what if her father sells fruits? Look here.
You came so late? It's a long time since you got your lunch break.
Take, eat. - No.
Eat it! The bell will ring and you will run back to school again.
Bapu, don't sell fruits outside my school.
Why? I sit here because I do a good sale here.
And I'm even close to you. What if you need me suddenly?
No Bapu, all the girls laugh at me that my father sells fruits...
outside the school.
Who are those girls? I'll ask them what their father does.
No dear, no job is menial. Don't care about them.
Don't be suppressed by anyone.
I sell fruits in a basket here. I'll save up some money...
and buy a cart. If I save more money, I'll buy a shop.
Take, eat.
Bapu, this is not round again. - Doesn't matter, give it to me.
Bapu, are you angry with me? - No.
Then why aren't you talking to me? - I have a headache since afternoon.
The slightest of tension gives me a heavy head.
Why didn't you tell me before? I'll get medicine from Salma aunt.
I took a tablet, I'll be fine. You go and get water, we'll have dinner.
You have come, Nannu? - Yes.
What are you doing? - Applying balm.
You have a headache, You'll feel better with this.
I borrowed it from Salma aunt. Feel good?
Yes dear, very good.
You touched my forehead and my pain disappeared.
Liar! - No, I'm speaking the truth.
That's enough now. - Let me massage some more.
You are my blooming bud, and you are my golden bird
Having found you, I feel I have found my lost mother
You reformed me
You taught me to live
Your innocent smiles made me a father
Hiding in my heart ...
you awakened my affection
Nannu, eat during your lunch break. - Yes.
Do your exam well. Read the paper well before attempting it.
Write every words neat and clear. You have to get good marks.
I know everything. It is my exam, and you are nervous.
See my result, and then talk.
The way you are repeating yourself, like I know nothing.
Now you go.
Greetings Sister. - Nandini! Come. Bless you.
You called me? - Well done! Your result is excellent.
It is all thanks to your blessings. - And your hard work.
Have sweets. - You also have.
You turned out to be just like the name I gave you.
Even in the future, study well.
Even your father must be very happy. - Yes.
My child! - Bapu, I passed with flying colours.
82 %!
Bravo girl! Well done. Bless you.
Have sweets I bought them for you. I knew you would pass.
Even I have bought sweets for you. - We'll eat that, first eat this.
And you eat this.
Jaggu, take, you also eat.
What is this? If you keep rotten fruit on display, will anyone buy it?
Oh yes. I'll turn it around.
And when the customer realizes on reaching home...
that the fruit is rotten, won't we earn a bad name? Throw it out!
Dada, she is throwing fruit. - It is her shop.
She owns the shop. We are servants, what can we say?
Let's go home, dear. Take care of the shop.
Hello Dada. - Hello Raju.
Have sweets. - What's the occasion?
My daughter passed in her exams. - Then I will surely eat.
Won't we gets sweets? - Yes, why not? Take.
What are you doing there? Have sweets. My daughter has passed.
She's a fresh babe. - That's why she is so sweet.
Take have sweets. Congratulations Salma, Nannu has passed.
That's great! Congratulations! Well done.
Now eat sweets for my passing too.
Congratulations! Have sweets.
We are getting to eat sweets from everyone today.
We'll be too full for lunch. - What are you distributing sweets for?
My Nannu passed in her exams. - Congratulations, Janak.
Why congratulate me? Congratulate these girls.
Even parents are equally responsible for their children's success.
You should be congratulated. - I am just doing my duty.
What lovely sound! - Is it?
What a scream!
Doesn't your stomach fill eating food that you smoke immediately after?
One must not eat food cooked by you.
Why? I cook so bad?
No, you cook so well that I eat more than my fill everyday.
And then I have to smoke to digest it.
Have a digestive to digest food.
If I had place for a digestive, would I not eat more food?
Shall I ask you something? - Ask me.
Shall I learn typing? - Why not? What's bad about that?
That's what even I thought. If I learn typing, I'll find a job.
Why do you have to work? No dear, you study.
Gather all the possible degrees you can.
Don't you know what big positions women get with their education?
Even you have to do all that.You don't know how many dreams I have for you.
How many desires. And you have to fulfil them all.
I'm there to take care of other things.
No dear, don't talk to me about taking a job.
Okay, I won't. I'll do what you say.
In your happiness lies mine
Your dream is my dream
I will never cause you pain, O father
In my very existence...
dwells your every advise
Father, even a mother has never loved her child so much
You are my darling, ideal daughter
You are a sacred person
The company of this Midas...
turned me to gold
O father, your love has spoilt me
Your innocent smiles made me a father
You won't play with us? - No.
We are losing, please play with us.
You are losing? Come, I'll play for you.
Sister, our tip cat. - Wait, I'll get it for you.
What brazen behavior is that?
Return the tip cat. - I won't.
Who hit the tip cat? - I did.
Is this a place to play tip cat? - Ofcourse!
If we won't play tip cat in open spaces, will we play in your home?
But you must look before hitting. Ashok saw it, so he caught it.
Or what if any of us three would have been hit by it?
What if my glasses had broken? What if someone had got hurt?
But you didn't get hurt. - What if we had?
How would you? The tip cat was flying this way.
Didn't you catch and stop it? - Yes, I did, but...
But what? - It could have flown here too.
What if you had made a mistake? - Those who play, don't make a mistake.
Wherever we aim and hit, it will go in that direction only.
Shall I show you?
Tell me where do I hit now? On the bonnet of that car?
No! The glass will break! - The glass didn't break.
Take, go pick it and play.
Strange girl! She seems tough.
Come sir. Want to have a cold drink, or eat fruit?
How much for the apples? - Only Rs.8 a kilo. Want them?
Give two kilos. - Okay.
Jaggu, select good ones and give him.
This shop is yours? - Yes, why?
No, it's nice... How much for the mangoes?
Rs.4. How much do you want? - Give...give me three kilos.
And? - And..and..what else do I buy?
Don't you care for your home?
Guavas? - I wasjust about to ask for them.
Give me the mangoes to. - Mangoes?
I mean, guavas. Give me three..four kilos.
Jaggu, weigh the guavas for him. - Yes.
I don't have change. Give me Rs.37.
I don't have change. You keep Rs.100.
I'll take the balance some other day.
I'll come again. - Then you only pay later. Take.
Keep it. - No, I can trust you.
Even I can. Please keep it. - Okay.
Sir, the fruit? - Help him keep it on his bike.
Take sir...want me to come home? - No.
Why were you staring at him like that? Sold your heart to him?
Don't want to come to college? - Give me two minutes.
Why have you suddenly brought so many fruits?
Like some fruit seller?
I purchased them. - He purchased them very lovingly.
You guysjoke about everything. - Why are you getting angry?
Listen... - Yes sir?
The one who was here in the morning... what is her name?...where is she?
Nandini? She must be home right now. - Why? What is the matter?
Nothing. I purchased some fruits in the morning.
I gave her Rs.100. I had to take the balance money.
How much was it? - I don't know.
Strange! You don't know how much you have to take back?
It's okay, I'll take it some other time.
Nandini is not here all the time. - Is it?
See! My daughter is intelligent. She has written the whole account.
She's in college.
Here's your balance money.
Sir, you look educated. Atleast keep an account.
Yes..thank you.
Greetings aunt. - Come Ashok, sit.
Saw our factory plot yesterday? - Yes,the plot is quite big. It's good.
What did Mr.Puri say?
He said a good factory can be put up there.
He'll make the plans according to the plot and meet you...
and begin construction. - Alright.
But a boundary wall needs to be put there.
The plot is open. - So get work started on that.
Okay. - It's your last year in college.
We want the factory to be ready when you finish your education.
Because you only have to manage it. That's why Amar had bought this plot.
Even his desire will be fulfilled.
Make tea...what thoughts are you lost in?
Nothing. A thoughtjust crossed my mind.
That time passed. So much time passed.
Amar's one wish is going to be fulfilled.
And we had one more wish.
If that could be fulfilled, how nice it would be.
Who can do anything against God's wish, Malati?
Forget that. - How can I forget it?
What do I do?
Isn't he the same guy? - Who?
The buyer of your heart. Looks like he's standing for you.
Forget it.
Excuse me.
Yes? - I got the balance money that day.
I know, father told me.
Were you standing here to tell me that?
No, I was supervising the work being done on our plot.
Our factory is coming up here. - Is it?
Shall I ask you something?
If you don't expect an answer, you can ask.
You can atleast say yes or no. - That depends on the question.
The question is not such that it is difficult to answer.
Leave the decision of difficult or easy on me.
Ask what you want to.
We are celebrating 'Hindi Day' at the University tomorrow.
The invitation has gone to many colleges.
A lot of people are coming. You also come.
When so many people are coming, what difference does my coming or not make?
I'll be happy if you come.
Will you come?...I'll wait for you.
Respected Chief Guest, the invitees, and my dear students.
Before everything else today, I'd surely like to say...
Ashok, what are you doing here? You should be on stage.
You are the organizer of the show, and you are standing here?
Give a speech, get your pictures clicked, recite poetry. Move.
Come! Thank you. - You are thanking before the welcome?
You are welcome. That is why I was standing here.
I knew you would surely come. - So you are an astrologer too?
No, but faith also has power.
I had little hope, but immense faith.
It is a matter of pride, that the duty of a language...
that is the expression of the heart's feeling...
Hindi language is capable of fulfilling it.
We must accept this progress too.
That is all I wish to tell you. Thank you.
Friends, I now call upon my friend & member of Literature Society, Ashok...
to come on stage and recite his new creation for us.
It's a small poetry, maybe you like it.
Don't say no, don't say yes
Keep your silence
You have the right to stay silent now
The silence says the heart is acceptable to you
My poet's heart said 'beloved' the moment it saw you
You are like a ray of rainbow in the blue sky of my heart
I surrender my life to you
The silence says the heart is acceptable to you
You are a breeze which makes one go crazy with its fragrance
You are that stream which despite being deep is mischievous
I will generate faith in you
You give me hope
Those who wish to read, read the language of the eyes
Your eyes say they love me
The silence says the heart is acceptable to you
Hey! where were you lost? The poetry is over,let's go.
Ashok, that was great.
Was this composition really yours?
No, it was Adam's. What nonsense you talk.
So what if I asked? Wish someone wrote such poetry for me too.
Sure, why poetry, we'll even make someone write your funeral song.
Ashok, that was a great composition.
Thank you, sir. Skip that, give me the composition.
I'll get it published. No one writes such poetry nowadays.
Nannu, let's go, we are getting late.
You can meet him there too. You can praise him there.
She turned! And what a look she gave!
You told me something? - Nannu, let's go.
Wait, let me ask who they think they are.
We think we are crazy about you.
Don't you feel ashamed to talk cheap like that?
I'll beat all the craziness out of you!
That is what even we want.
Don't you feel ashamed teasing girls from your neighbourhood?
Dada, leave him, he will die. - You shut-up!
Is this why you let them stand outside your shop?
I'll set your shop afire!
Will you do this again, tell me!
Enough, Bapu. - You keep quiet!
I'm sorry, I made a mistake.
Next time you make such a mistake, I'll kill you.
Remember that!
You go home.
You get so angry? - Angry? You've not seen my temper yet.
I cannot tolerate injustice. I would kill him today!
Such temper is not good. What if anything happens to you?
What happened?
I and Nannu were returning when some loafers at the kerb...
teased Nannu.
They tease everyone. It's difficult to move out because of them.
I have taught them a lesson. They will never tease a girl again.
Who all will you teach a lesson? Such loafers are everywhere.
Why should young girls leave the house?
What are you saying? Should they stay home fearing those rogues?
If you care for your honour, you have to stay home.
They are not kids, they have grown up now.
Rather than fight with everyone for them, worry about their marriage.
Think about that, or will I only have to think about it?
What are you looking, Bapu? - Nothing.
I noticed what Salma said is right.
You really have grown up.
How come you are here?
I'd come to the bazaar to buy clothes when it suddenly started raining.
I cannot even see a rickshaw here.
How long will you stand here and get wet? Come, I live just across.
Go when it stops raining. - No, it will stop now.
Who can be sure of it? Come! ...Come.
Come...come...Aunt! - Coming!
Sit down.
Aunt, she is Nandini. She was getting wet outside, so I brought her in.
You did right. Sit down.
You are totally drenched. Sukhiya get her a towel.
Wipe your hair dear, or you will catch a cold.
Go and wring your saree in the bathroom.
The weather is bad. - No, I'm not that wet.
Yet. - Take dear.
Take dear, you have come on a good day. Have sweets.
What is it today? - It's my daughter's birthday.
Where is she? Let me meet her. Even I will wish her.
I don't knew where she is. - Why?
She went missing in childhood. We looked for her, but could not find her.
But being a mother, I cannot forget her.
Every year, I pray to God...
that wherever my daughter is, let her be happy.
If she was here today, she'd be as big as you.
But my heart says we will surely find her one day.
Why not? A good mother like you will surely find her daughter.
Take, eat. Sukhiya, get water.
Ashok, you also eat.
Take dear.
It has stopped raining. Shall I go now?
Come. - You stay, I'll go myself.
I'll drop you. - Bye mother.
Bless you.
Listen...If ever you pass from here, drop in.
I will.
Nandini, you stay there only? - Where?
Where you play tip cat.
I don't play anymore. I used to play before.
That day, I was surprised to see your aim.
What happened?
That day?
That day, I was in an unbending mood, and I even got it right by chance.
Or it's quite difficult. - A lot happens by chance.
No, I mean, the rain falling today by chance.
Your passing from here by chance.
Our meeting today by chance, and today evening being so beautiful by chance.
Evenings are always beautiful. What's so special about today evening?
Maybe because you are with me.
Or I find evenings very sad and dull.
Whenever I see the setting sun, or the spreading clouds...
the clouds take so many forms.
But the rainbow we etch on our heart's sky...
we can never erase that. - You even talk poetically.
If I get inspiration, I can even do poetry.
Though I don't want to recite, but live poetry.
I am leaving now. - Wait, I'll drop you.
I'll go, I'll get a rickshaw ahead. - What if it starts raining again?
Whose house will you enter this time? Come, I'll drop you.
I'll go. - Afraid to sit on a bike?
I don't get scared. - Then sit.
Saw that? - I did.
One who has eyes will see, a blind man won't see.
Come in. - No, I'll leave now.
How can you leave like that? Come in.
This is our small home.
Don't you have anyone else in the family?
I have a father, but he will be at the shop now.
We have no one else. - You atleast have a father.
I am an orphan since childhood.
Uncle was my father's friend. I am very grateful to him...
that he reared me. He even gave me lots of love and affection, but...
Even my father loves me every much.
Truly speaking, I saw a mother's image for the first time in your mother.
Though my father has never let me feel anything amiss.
My father is very good. You'll know when you meet him.
I didn't ask you to sit.
You did, but I won't stay here now.
I cannot stop you. - It's not that.
I may stay back even without your saying.
But the more I stay, the more I will want to stay.
I will not be able to win you in talks.
Yet, I am losing something and leaving today.
Come sir. - Whose shop is this?
It is yours only, sir. Tell me, what do you want?
Kashmir apples have just arrived today. Shall I show you?
We don't want to buy apples, we want to buy this shop.
What did you say? - Is this land and shop yours?
Yes. - We need this land.
You must be aware that a big factory is coming up behind it.
That's my factory. I want its front gate from here.
On this land? - Yes, I'll buy it.
It's not for sale. I've had this shop since so many years...
and I'm doing good business here. Why will I sell it?
As if where a small shop is matters. It will run wherever you put it up.
Such a big factory is coming up here.
It's main gate has to open on the main road.
Take whatever the market price is.
Price? - How much will you take?
How did you assume I will sell this land?
This shop may be small for you, but not for me.
For me, this is very big. I have put my sweat & blood, my hard work into it
This shop is my life's dream.
I have made it for my daughter in her name.
I will not sell it at any cost.
Wherever your factory gate may be, it cannot be here.
The gate will be put at this spot!
You cannot use force. Let me see how you do it.
See how it gets made.
Let's go, Jivanlal. I told you to speak to him first.
I unnecessarily had to talk to such a man.
How was I to know we will have to deal with such an idiot...
Wait a minute. Look use your brains.
Heed his advise, you will benefit.
If the municipality takes the plot, you won't get any money.
Don't give me those threats. Do you rule the municipality?
Let me see who can make me leave this land.
Do whatever you can. - We will.
If you come to your senses, come to 146 Alimgar, at the bungalow.
Listen, close shop, I am going home.
Why mister, you must not have seen anything today.
So what even if he did? He owned a bike.
He was not a street boy like us.
It is only the poor who get beaten, the rich enjoy.
He had made her sit so close to him on the bike.
He's pretending he didn't hear anything.
Who are you talking about? - When you have understood, why ask?
And if you haven't, go and ask your pet daughter...
who she had gone with on his bike.
Bapu? You are back early today.
What is the matter, Bapu? - Where had you gone today?
With whom had you gone? Who was that biker with whom you had gone?
I don't tell you anything, I don't ask you anything, I trust you...
that doesn't mean you can do as you please.
Do you go to college to study or to frolic around?
People make fun of me behind my back. Will you bring me shame?
Answer me!
I don't want to answer your any question.
Because you only have taught me not to tolerate any wrong, any injustice.
Then why should I tolerate the wrong you are talking?
How could you even think I will do anything wrong?
Someone said something, and you believed him?
Is that all you trust me?
I have always done what you told me to do.
I have never hid anything from you.
Had you come and asked me, would I hide it?
Would I not tell you? Did you have to accuse me?
I will bring you shame? I will make a laughing stock of you?
Why didn't you kill me before saying that?
I made a mistake, dear. Forgive...
No Bapu.
Come Bindu, sit. - What will we get here?
Let's go to some good restaurant. - Atleast sit here.
Bindu, eat here today. I'll give you a big treat some other day.
If you like to eat, don't I?
I'll spread out a carpet from Mirzapur...
fill water from Haridwar in a jug from Muradabad...
and wait for you.
You wear Bareilly kohl in your eyes, and Ferozabad's bangles...
and henna from Kanuach.
Then I'll treat you to Dehradun's Basmati Biryani cooked in Khurja butter
Then I'll treat you to papad, raddish, brinjal, snacks...
and sweets like sonpapdi, revdi, gajak, peda, petha, gulab jamun...
and fruits like mangoes, guavas, which I will myself cut and serve you.
And then..
Enough! Now seal your mouth with a lock from Aligarh.
You are only talking, not ordering anything.
Are you from Chaubepur?
One cup tea and two single samosas.
Rickshaw, stop! On hire?...Come.
Hop on...come on....move.
The samosas were good.
You? Is the month over?
We have not come for that. - Please come in.
What brings you here?
Where is your son? Call him. - Why? What has he done?
What has he done? He is wooing my daughter.
He is having an affair with her.
Warn him not to be after Bindu, or the consequences will be bad.
The truth is that you cannot clap with one hand.
Heed my advise and get them married.
Our ties are so old, they will become even more stronger.
I won't even take dowry from you. - Have you gone nuts?
It's you who has gone mad.
What does my son lack? He is handsome, educated. Look, what does he lack?
He looks good from every angle.
What do you have that I should give you my daughter?
What do you have? You come every month to take money from father.
That's an old account, we don't come to beg from him.
I know your account, but you will have to close your account now.
You have fooled father enough. - Oh yeah?
Nothing doing. Father, you won't give them a penny.
Don't give, we'll go to Mr.Rameshwar...
and reveal everything to him. - Wait Nathulal, do one thing.
We all will benefit, and even your daughter's life will be made.
What do you mean?
I mean, you take your daughter to Rameshwar & tell him she's his daughter
It's a great idea!
They still torment for their daughter. They will be very happy.
We won't do any such thing. - You will have to do it.
We will take you two before him, and then, even if you say...
father got their daughter kidnapped, he won't believe you.
Because he will think that we have caught you,so you are trapping father.
How will he believe you? Won't he ask you how you know?
We will tell him Bindu told us.
And Sukhiya will recognise you the moment she sees you.
The same maid from whose arms you snatched Rani.
Yes madam, they are the two men who kidnapped Rani.
They are the ones. Call up the police and get them arrested.
How much sorrow they have given you.
Don't spare them. Ask them why they took Rani.
What had I done? Master, they will go to hell.
You may forgive them, but God will never forgive them.
Forget it, Sukhiya. By God's grace, we got back our daughter.
Come dear. - Go.
Whatever it may be, but we are grateful to you.
Because you have reared our daughter so well.
But I want to know why you kidnapped her.
Actually.... - What do we say?
Sorry, but we kidnapped her for ransom.
But we liked the girl so much, that we didn't feel like returning her.
That is why we kept her. You can say, sir....
that your daughter proved to be a boon for us.
A daughter is always a boon. - Sit down.
Child...Malati, take Rani to the bazaar today.
Buy good clothes for her.
What do I know about children's taste these days? Ashok will take her.
What say, Ashok? - Yes aunt, I'll take her.
There is one shop here too. Let's see here.
No Bindu, it will get very late. - So what?
Ranjan, you are with her, you help her finish the shopping.
Here's the money, and the car keys.
I have urgent work, I'm leaving.
Coming mom.
Why? You invited me and forgot about it?
You said you will introduce me to your father.
But father is at the shop. - I didn't see him there.
Then he must be on his way home. Come.
Come, sit.
What were you doing? - Nothing.
Were you thinking of me? - Why? Were you getting hiccups?
Then you should be getting hiccups all the time...
because I think of you day and night.
Chant my names a few more times, I'll make tea until then.
Make good tea.
Nannu! - Yes Bapu?
Hello. - Hello.
Bapu, he's Ashok. I'd told you. - Yes, I recognise him.
Isn't he the same guy who didn't know how much money to take back?
He's a poet, he's always lost in poetry.
Making the poor man sit alone here, what were you doing inside?
I'd gone to make tea for him. Sit, poor man.
Nannu! Must you talk like that to a guest?
You call him poor man, it's okay. If I call him the same, it's wrong?
I spoke respectably.
She always talks crooked. Sit, dear.
Bapu, he's the one who dropped me on his bike that day.
Yes, I
Nandini was praising you a lot that day.
She is a daughter, she will praise her father.
We are very ordinary people.
Nandini was saying you have a big treasure.
Shall I come to loot it sometime? - One thing about this treasure is...
the more it is looted, the more it increases.
How is the tea?
It's good.
I'll be going now, good day.
The boy is really decent and sensible too.
Why? Because he praised you? - No, because he kept your respect.
He drank sugarless tea. - Sugarless?
Why didn't you tell me? - To keep his respect.
Where did he go?
You? What are you doing here? - I've brought tea for you.
Why did you bring it? The servant would bring it, or I would come down.
So what if I brought it? - Yes, it's okay.
Come sit, I have brought my tea too.
We'll drink it together. - Look Bindu....
Not Bindu, Rani. - Yes Rani.
You didn't like my coming here?
It's nothing like that. Infact, I am very happy.
Uncle and aunt were so sad without you.
They got back theirjoy, what can be better than that?
Even mom wants me to take care of you.
Look Bindu, you know my secret, and even I know your secret.
What secret?
You are going to meet her? - Yes.
Nandini, stop! - Why should I?
Once I start, I don't stop. - Listen to me.
I'm just a little late and you are so angry?
Little late? I've been waiting since 10 minutes.
Leave my hand. - Release it if you can.
I won't leave it.
Don't create a scene. - Then come with me.
You are laughing. - To make you laugh.
If you know to sulk, I know to pacify. - Then pacify me.
Then let's buy a drum first. - Am I a monkey?
No, you are the juggler, I am the monkey.
What is there over here? - Get off.
What happened? - I don't know, I'll check.
I told you we won't go so far, but you didn't listen.
Now spend the day in thisjungle.
So what? We'll enjoy in the jungle. - Let's see how you enjoy in the jungle
If you had to come so far, we could have came by bus.
We would travel chatting comfortably.
We cannot talk with the sound it makes, and now we have another problem.
We have the whole life to talk.
Back to poetry?..Mend the bike!
Have patience. Keep quiet, only then I'll know what the problem is.
Where are you going?
'Who wants to pacify the sulking woman? Let her come if she needs me'
I don't need you. - Okay, I need you. Come.
I won't come now.
'Look, you will regret it. You will face defeat'
'There is everything in the world...'
'but you get it only if you are destined to it'
Won't listen? - Convince me.
Convince you? Nonsense! - What! You are showing me the thumb?
Okay! So...
I have never come across lust anywhere in your love
O my lord, my heart has begun to worship you
I'll become a branch of sandalwood and make your life fragrant, my love
I'll be a garland of flowers and embrace you
I see you day and night, but yet never quenches the thirst of my eyes
O my lord, my heart has begun to worship you
I developed trust in you, I have hope in you
The eyes had correctly read the language of the eyes
I had my heart, which I surrendered, I have nothing left now
I have never come across lust anywhere in your love
I will always walk besides you as your shadow, my love
You have turned my heart into your temple
What I was, what I have become, surprises even me
O my lord, my heart has begun to worship you
This incident is of that time when Sita became of marriageable age.
She went to the garden to pluck flowers and saw Lord Ram there.
And she accepted him as her husband.
And when she came to Parvati's temple...
she even got a boon.
This was about Sita.
But Sita isjust a daughter. How much experience does she have?
She lacks the vision of her father.
Let's view this from King Janak's view point.
When King Janak saw Ram and Laxman come in with Vishwamitra...
he was impressed.
Then he thought he must know from which family they are.
He asked Vishwamitra...
Sage... - Yes King?
Which family are they from? Because a child learns values from his family.
Vishwamitra told the king not to worry.
'They have been sent for my benefit. They have not come to become sages.'
And most important...
What King Janak noticed about Ram...
'He is handsome, brave, knowledgeable. But most important, he is calm'
Be sure that what is most important in life is a man's character.
The groom is handsome, and of good character.
Janak was very happy. Satisfied and with the hope in his heart...
that Lord Ram only break the bow...
and marry his daughter, Sita, reared in comfort.
King Janak returned back to his palace.
Let us also leave. Hail Lord Ram!
He speaks so well, he makes you aware.
I have heard him so many times, but I hear new things always.
What is it? - Don't act like you don't know me.
I heard your voice and knew you were Vikram.
You have even forgotten your name now?
You are mistaken.
You cannot fool Shanker by changing guise.
I will not spare you! I have served a sentence of 14 years.
Since then I've been looking for you, and you are enjoying yourself here?
I want my share of Rs.400000. - I don't understand anything.
What? You don't understand?
I'll explain to you. You think you can fool me?
Tell me, are you Vikram or not? Tell me!
What is the matter? - I don't know, he's piling on.
He says I'm Vikram. - Is he mad?
Yes, I'm mad! - Leave him!
You go, we'll deal with him.
Leave me. He is fooling everyone. I am not mad.
You'll get into my hands again.
Father, you are very late today.
The wedding procession of Abdul left long ago. You wanted to attend.
Yes. - What is the matter, you look upset.
I'm tired today. - Have a headache?
Yes, a little.
Okay, I'll get tea for you, it's ready.
No, I don't want tea. - Alright, lie down, I'll apply balm.
No dear... - It always gives you relief.
You go where you were going. I'll lie down, and feel fine.
I'll go, but first I'll get tea for you.
Bapu, tea for you. - Give.
What are you looking? - I'm thinking of getting you married.
What do you say? I like Ashok.
Why don't you speak?
I had never given a thought to your marriage until now.
But now I think, I won't survive long.
Anything can happen to me anytime. - Why do you talk like that?
Just because you have a headache, you are talking nonsense.
No dear, I will have to get you married.
So its better I get you married and free myself.
Give me Ashok's address.
Whose son is he? Who are those people?
He has an uncle, Mr.Rameshwar.
The plot of land behind our shop, where a factory is coming up, is his.
I know him. I even have his address.
That's great! I'll go and talk to him tomorrow itself...
and fix everything. You were going for song and dance, weren't you? Go.
I spread my mattress on a high terrace
I was lying down when he came secretly
I was filled with joy on his arrival
Your beloved? - No, the moon
A full moon in the sky
I had left with a pot full of water
He caught me in the middle of the street
My clothes got wet, my body got wet
Your beau? - No, clouds
Unseasonal rain cloud
He ruffles my tresses, he pulls my scarf
He teases me and escapes
He doesn't listen to anyone stopping him, or taunting him
Your love? - No, wind
A naughty whiff of wind
Always stays close to my bosom
Holds me close and kisses me
Other women are left holding their heart
Your boyfriend? - No, chain
My father gave me a gold chain
How well you fooled us, friend
You unnecessarily made our heart skip
We know how many boyfriends you have
How many, friend? - Four.
Moon, cloud, wind, chain
Hello. Is Mr.Rameshwar in? - Yes.
I want to meet him. I have urgent work with him.
What is your name? - Janak Singh.
Please be seated, I'll call father.
Who is it? - Hello.
Oh, it's you. - I cannot fight with you.
Everything I have is yours. So I brought the papers along.
He's come to his senses. - Okay, how much money do you want?
There is no question of taking anything from you now.
This is a small gift from me. Keep it.
I had taken this land and shop for my daughter.
I have to give it to her, I will give it to her.
What do you mean? - I have a daughter, Nandini.
She and your nephew, Ashok, love each other.
Accept my daughter, that is my only request.
I don't want anything else. - Are you out of your mind?
How did you assume I will accept your condition?
Not condition, sir. I have come with the hope that the way I care...
for my daughter's happiness, even you will consider Ashok's happiness.
Call him and ask him how much he loves Nandini.
Whether Ashok loves her or not, his daughter surely loves him.
She saw a rich man's son, wooed and trapped him.
Hey! Shut-up! Say whatever you wish about me...
but not a word about my daughter, or you've had it from me!
No sir, my daughter is not that type of a girl.
She is very simple, innocent, good.
She is studying in college. And then, you haven't seen her yet.
Just see her once. She is one in a million.
However your daughter may be, she cannot marry Ashok.
His marriage is fixed since childhood with my daughter, Rani.
No sir, please don't say that.
If I have made any mistake, forgive me.
But please don't avoid me
I have promised my daughter I will fix the alliance and return.
If you refuse, what will I tell her?
She will be heart broken.
Even you are a daughter's father. Just think.
How can a father see his daughter suffering?
No sir, please! I plead with you.
I will be grateful to you for life. Call Ashok once and ask him.
If he says yes, even you will have to say yes.
Will you leave or not? Jivanlal, throw him out!
Forgive me, dear. The happiness you wanted...
I could not get it for you.
I cried before him, I pleaded, begged, but the stone heart didn't melt.
It is my mistake, Bapu. The happiness you should have found for me..
I chose it myself, and made a mistake.
You were humiliated because of me today.
No dear, Ashok was not present there, or he would have spoken the truth.
I still have faith in him. I will speak to him.
No father, you won't talk to anyone.
Ashok is so obligated to them, that he won't go against them.
I know he won't be able to displease them.
Don't feel sad for me. I will forget Ashok.
He was a friend, just a good friend.
And even good friends separate sometimes.
I have no complaints against Ashok. I only want him to be happy.
Father, no one means more to me than you.
You take a wash, I'll serve dinner.
I am not hungry. - You will have to eat.
Bapu, what is this? You had taken this to fix my alliance?
You didn't even tell me. - What would I tell you?
Why not? You think I would feel very happy when I came to know later...
that you sold yourself for me? You had gone to make a huge sacrifice?
You wanted to be praised?
But father, how would I accept the happiness that ruined you?
It is good they rejected me.It's good. - Shut-up Nandini!
What do you know what my problems are.
What do you know what I am going through.
If you understood a father's pain, you would not rub salt in my wounds.
Bapu. - Yes dear?
I know; you may hide your sorrow...
but you are crying within. Like I am.
You are suffocated, like I am feeling suffocated
Am I right?
My child, for your happiness...
any price I pay is less
My broken heart...
has only this regret
Your poor father...
couldn't even give you this much happiness
From birth to the day of marriage, every day I count
Whether the daughter is rich, or poor...
she is the worry of every home
The family where she gets married into...
the father bows his head there
Your innocent smiles made me a father
Bilkis, you are alone? Where is Nandini?
Why? What have you got to do with her now?
You go around with Bindu now.
What are you talking? Do you know... - Yes, I know.
She is your uncle's lost daughter, and also your fiancee now.
What? - Don't put on an act now.
If you cared so much for your uncle's approval...
then before expressing your love for Nandini,before making promises to her...
why didn't you ask your uncle?
Instead of taunting me, atleast tell me what has happened.
Go ask your uncle.
Nannu's father had gone to meet him yesterday.
He insulted him and threw him out of the house.
He said you will marry his daughter.
Bindu, why didn't you tell me?
Father told everyone at home that you should not be told anything.
Yes, I did say that. And what I said was right.
You will have to marry Rani, that is what your father wished...
which I will fulfil.
And what about my wish, my desire, my happiness, you don't care about that?
I love Nandini.
That's not love, it is immaturity, infatuation.
You cannot marry that loose character from the street.
To do right for you is my responsibility.
Tell me, have I not fulfilled that responsibility well until today?
I agree you have done me many favours.
You gave me so much love, cared for my every need.
I will never be able to repay that favour.
But uncle, my life is my own. Let me take my own decisions.
Know what this decision means?
I do. I will lose your love, your support.
But the decision you are taking will break not one, but three hearts.
Three lives will be ruined. And I will not let that happen.
You are angry today, that is why you cannot think straight.
But when you do, you will realise my decision is right.
Nandini, let me come in, I want to talk to you.
There is nothing left to talk.
Everything is over.
One bond was formed, and another bond broke automatically.
The bond that was formed still exists, Nandini.
When two hearts unite, they become one colour.
All colours of my life have faded now.
The home in which my father was insulted, I have nothing to do with it.
I apologize to you for that insult.
I will never be able to forgive you, even if my father does.
Where is he? He was not at the shop. - He has gone to the doctor.
Alright, I'll wait for him.
If he forgives me, accepts me, fine.
Or I have already left my home.
Have you... - Yes Nandini
I gave my decision to uncle today.
Hello. - Yes?
We had not met Bindu since many days. We thought we'll come and meet her.
Where is she? - She's upstairs.
We'll go upstairs and meet her. - Hey! don't...
Jivanlal, please stop their coming here.
Agreed that they reared Rani, but yet...
I'll tell them.
You have the keys to the vault now.
Enjoy yourself, and make your father enjoy.
What if they ask me for an account some day?
Don't worry about that. They love you very much.
They will not ask for an account. Come on, hurry. Get the money.
You go down, I'll see what I can do. - Don't see, bring the money.
Bindu, what are you doing?
This is not your father's money that you are giving it to him.
And anyway your father has taken lots of money from my father.
Don't give him a penny now. - Then should I give it to you?
You should give it to me. You are here thanks to me.
It seems you no more love me, but money.
Yes. You cannot love without money.
See Ashok. He left everything and went away.
He was a fool.
Had he married me, he would be sensible?
Don't argue with me. Give me the money.
I won't! - Give it to me, I say!
If you act smart, you'll have to rot in jail with your father and uncle.
You go away from here! I will not give you the money!
Look master. I told you something is going on.
Ranjan, what are you doing here?...Wait!
Rani, what is the matter? - Nothing.
Tell me clearly, don't be afraid.
I am not your daughter. - What!
These people forced me to put on this act.
Who? - He, his father, and my father.
What for? - For your money.
I loved him, but their intentions were evil.
I didn't know that for money...
his father got your daughter kidnapped by my father.
She slipped out of their hands, so they could not get anything out of you.
No one knows where she is, so they brought me here as your daughter.
Oh, so that's the case.
Hey girl, you also come.
Where will you take her? Let her stay here.
She revealed everything. Inspector, let her stay here.
Come on! - What the world has come to!
You got your father arrested? - Notjust father, even uncle.
I blessed everyone all my life, but God didn't bless me.
Come on all of you!
Listen. Even after knowing everything, won't you bring Ashok back?
Yes? - Is this Janak Singh's home?
Yes, why? - You are his daughter?
Yes. - There's bad news for you.
What? - Your father's met with an accident.
Yes. He's in hospital. Come with me, hurry!
Even I'll come with you. - Who are you?
I'm her friend. - Alright, come.
You take them, I'll follow. - Okay.
What is all this?
Vikram, your daughter and her friend is in my custody.
If you care for their lives, bring my money to the ruins...
where we had decided to meet earlier.
Which hospital are we going to? We left the city far behind.
Just sit quiet! - Driver, stop the car!
Don't you dare protest!
What is all this?
There is no one at home and everything is in a mess.
Saw this frock? - Yes.
Don't you recognise it? It is the same frock...
which I had made Rani wear on her birthday.
How did it come here?
I don't understand this.
What is this?
A man named Shanker has taken Nandini and Ashok with them.
But this letter is addressed to Vikram. Who is Vikram?
Atleast you remembered my name today.
The other day, you refused to know me.
You called me mad before 10 people and escaped.
Anyway, I don't have to remind you today...
that we had together looted a bank...
and you had taken the booty, left me alone and escaped.
A man was killed at my hands, and I spent all my youth in jail...
and you enjoyed the booty. You became a businessman.
No Shanker, I don't have a penny of that money.
Whatever I have made, earned, is all with my hard work.
The bag containing the booty had fallen in the Daragiya stream.
A bandit will let go his booty?
Are you joking, or do you take me to be a kid and are fooling me?
Speak the truth now and give me my share.
There was Rs.400000 in it! - No Shanker, I don't have that money.
You have even searched my home. I lost that money in the stream.
I don't know all that. If you want back your daughter alive...
give me my share of the booty.
Let the children go, Shanker. Do whatever you please with me.
What will I do with you? Killing you will not give me my money.
I'll get the money only against your daughter's life.
Let's see if you love your daughter more, or money.
Believe me, Shanker. - Stop your nonsense!
I don't have time. I'll decide right now!
Vikram Singh, I will count till 10.
Once I finish counting 10, I will shoot.
Think over. - No Shanker!
One. - You'll unnecessarily kill an innocent
You have already served a sentence killing an innocent man. Now again...
Three. - Let my daughter go.
Don't punish her for my sins. - Four.
I plead with you, Shanker, believe me.
Five. - Shanker, you'll regret this.
Six. - Fear God, Shanker!
Where are you going, Shanker?
Tell me, you want your share?
Bapu, leave him, he will die. - Let him die!
Bapu, leave him! - Wait!
Arrest these goons.
Who is Shanker? - He's the one.
You wrote this note? - Yes.
Get up!
Inspector, will you arrest only me?
Arrest the one who has been fooling law since the last 15 years...
and enjoying life, while you carry his warrant.
Who is he?
Vikram Singh, who calls himself Janak Singh now.
Yes inspector, it is true that I am Vikram Singh.
Someone among you tell me...
whose chain this is.
Why? - This chain is my daughter's.
The day she was kidnapped, she was wearing this chain.
I saw the frock she was wearing that day in your home.
Tell me who that girl is, where she is.
If the frock and chain are your daughter's...
you have relieved me of a big burden.
I will be able to serve my sentence without worry now.
You have come at the right time. My daughter will live comfortably now.
What! You mean... - That girl is my Nandini.
Yes dear, I found you in this ruin one night.
I escaped the police and came here.
You called me Bapu and embraced me.
And I could never break the bond of your love again.
I am happy today that you have found your parents.
But truly speaking, I will ever be able to break ties with you in this life
I will always treat you as my daughter.
Bless you.
Be happy.
Let's go, inspector.
Don't take my father away!
Child, wonder how many troubles you must have taken until now.
Come back to your home.
No mother, don't say that. My Bapu never gave me any trouble.
He may have taken trouble, but kept me happy always.
He always pampered me.
I am grateful to him. I'll be grateful to him for life.
You know everything now. I am your mother, and you even have a father.
I know, but the bond which my Bapu will never be able to break...
how can I break it in a moment?
Until my Bapu doesn't tell me, I will not go anywhere.
Child, your father has come to take you.
Yes dear, that is your home now.
And then, you wanted to go to their home.
Isn't it?
But Bapu...
When your Bapu like Janak, has fulfilled the duty of a father...
we will not deprive him of his right.
That is why I got him released on bail...
so that he gives you away and we will take the bride home.
I am your daughter, why did you give me away?
Wonder what happiness this is
That made me cry
I am your daughter, why did you give me away?
You never left me alone even for a moment
The moment that will separate us forever is here
You did your duty
I lost my father
I am your daughter, why did you give me away?
The one to whom you belonged I gave you away to them
I have done a virtuous deed fulfilling this duty
How much comfort...
you gave your father
Your innocent smiles made me a father