'Two Rivers': Changing the fishing experience

Uploaded by expresstelevision on 05.09.2012

Watching the sun’s reflection in clear blue water
gives the feeling of colours strewn across a canvas.
Far away from Karachi’s hectic lifestyle,
the spot known as ‘Two Rivers’ is a world in itself.
Amid crashing waves, people are
enthusiastically engaged in fishing.
It depends on fate when the fish actually takes the bait.
RIAZ (Fisherman): I have managed to catch around 2.5kg
of fish since morning. We will leave by sunset.
We don’t stay later than this. Many people stay all night.
Some come early in the morning.
I love catching fish. See how many I caught.
Seated upon these big boulders, people don’t only
Catch fish but also hunt for these crabs.
Whoever manages to catch a fish first is the happiest.
Youngsters come here to make these beautiful sceneries
immortal by capturing them with their cameras.
ZOHAIB: This is a very good place for photography.
It’s a good location and is very peaceful.
This seaside contributes towards great photography.
As the begins to set and evening sets in,
the Two Rivers presents even more beautiful sights.
But these fishermen, oblivious to their beautiful
surroundings remain busy in catching their day’s load.
The setting sun, the sound of crashing waves
and the sport of fishing.
How do you like the Karachiites’ new way of picnicking?