Interview with Darer-Goblak (english subs)

Uploaded by MoscowFive on 13.07.2012

We are still at StarLadder #2, and I'm with Artur “Goblak” Kostenko from team Darer.
- Hello, Artur. - Hey.
So, you've spent sometime playing with PGG, then you had like 1 year in Na`Vi. How come you are playing for Darer now? Did ArtStyle himself offered you a spot in the team?
We've decided to unite because it's more likely for us to get an invite with such a strong roster. So, we end up getting it and now are preparing really hard for the International.
So, when the offer to unite arrived, how big of a role did it play to be with ArtStyle on the same team regarding getting an invite to the International? Especially, considering him switching teams a lot and you guys being the latest “version” of his roster?
It didn't really matter, because we were uniting mainly to empower our team. More than that, IceFrog contacted me personally on Skype the night ArtStyle made his offer and said he wouldn't like us to disband the original roster in case there were any promises made to us, because in reality there really wasn't any invite promised to him at the time. So, we received an invite only after we proved strong winning a bunch of matches over the weekend. In fact, the invite was given to us because of our new strong performance and good results, so all these rumors you might have heard is completely BS.
Gotcha. In this case, what was your first reaction to getting an invite to the most expected and respected tournament among the DotA-community?
We were pretty happy, of course. As I mentioned, the main goal for every DotA-player was to get an invite to the International. So, when we did get it, we started to practice, get all the necessary documents ready, etc.
Pleasant chores, eh? Now, tell me. Do you save your REAL tactics for the big tournaments like our CS-players used to do in the past?
I don't think so. We will try to do our best at this StarLadder. May be we will come up with something new at the International, because there will be 6 new heroes added to the game, if I'm not mistaken. The whole draft could change dramatically.
Yeah, heard the same thing. What hero could cause the maximum difference to the game in your opinion?
I think it's Keeper of the Light and Visage. Also, Push has improved, so one can expect a greater number of fast-paced matches at the International.
Are you afraid of the Asians? Not like avoiding them on the street, but in DotA?
I see your point, ha-ha. I'm not afraid of anyone. Everything will depend on how well we are going to be prepared. If we practice hard, there will be no one to fear. Why attending the event in the first place if you are afraid of somebody to play against?
Well, if you have an invite – why not? :)
Nah, I don't like this approach. If we are attending, we're going to make everything possible to win the whole thing.
What do you think about the Asian teams in terms of them predominating the number of European and American ones at the upcoming event? Do you think all of them deserved to be there or it's just because there was no one else for organizers to pick from? Who would you highlight?
Well, if VALVe's decided so – I guess they deserved their spots. It's not my right to judge this. I would highlight Zenith. I like them more than the other Asian teams.
Do you watch their replays and try to analyze their game?
Yeah, I do. Asian ones, European ones. Everything.
Is there any significant difference between Asian and European playstyles?
The draft differs a lot, which results in a pretty different playstyle as well.
What is exactly different? They hold more? Or may be push more? What is it?
The play more passively and more safe. And they also prioritize different heroes than Europeans do. For example, they rarely use Shadow Demon which is widely considered a first-pick hero here. There a lot of other small differences, too.
If the International had to take place right now, what style would be the winning one to your mind? Have you played that much with Asians, by the way?
It's really hard to tell. We did practice with LGD, winning 2:0 from them, but it didn't really matter that much. It happened around 3 weeks ago, may be even later. But you shouldn't consider this outcome as something significant because they were new to the game. Today they are much more prepared. So, while we can't really practice with them now, we can't really tell anything precise about their current strength or shape.
Ok. Let's get back to the local rivalries. Your latest games with MoscowFive went into their favor. Why do you think your team had lost? Did you analyze your mistakes after those matches?
We sure did. I can tell that M5 have become much stronger during last month, and I would even say that at StarLadder they are the most uncomfortable opponent for us to play against.
Even worse than Na`Vi and mouz?
Yeah, I think so.
Or may be it would be just easier for THEM to play against you, since they're motivated so much?
I don't know why it is the way it is, but I wouldn't like to meet M5 in the brackets.
- So, in the group stage it's ok for you? - Well, not in the brackets at least.
Alright. Thanks for the interview. Wanna greet or thank anyone? Go ahead.
I would like to thank everyone who roots for us and also our sponsors, Radomir (“Darer”) and Razor.
- Ok. I wish you good luck. See you next time. - Thank you. Bye.