Priscilla Queen of The Desert The Musical Toronto

Uploaded by TorontoVacation on 22.11.2010

What has thirty thousand LED lights, more sequins than you can count and can only be
seen in Toronto this holiday season?
Here's a hint:
It's not a holiday light show. It's Priscilla Queen of the Desert, the Musical, now playing
through January 2nd at the Princess of Wales Theatre.
After smash hit engagements in Sydney and London's West End, Priscilla has finally made
its North American premiere.
Adapted from the Academy Award-winning film, this spectacular stage production tells a
wildly funny and heart warming tale.
So, Will for people who have not seen the movie tell us what this outrageous show is
all about.
It's about how many production numbers can you cram into 2 and a half hours, but secondly
it's about three fantastically wonderful performers who trek through the Australian outback on
a gigantic bus.
I play a guy named Tick who's got a son that is a secret from his other two friends and
he hasn't been a part of his son's life to this point and he decides that he has to,
you know, make good on his promise to be a father and so he drags his friends across
the Australian outback to go meet his son and to do a gig together.
So tell us about the spectacular costumes.
They're unlike anything you've ever seen and I'm not just saying that. They won the Academy
Award for best costumes in the film and it's the same costume designers who've
now been given carte blanche to get bigger and go crazier because it's a musical and
there are more production numbers so the costumes are just gigantic between headdresses and
feathers and wings and heels and dresses and reveals and quick changes it's unbelievable.
The music is as big a part of the show the costumes and the makeup and the heels.
Tell us some of the songs that are in the show.
It's mostly the the disco hits from the '70s and '80s. I Love the Night Life, Boogie Wonderland,
Always On My Mind, I Will Survive.
What are some of your favorite moments in the show?
When we finally paint the bus. They paint the bus pink throughout the course of the
show, and the bus becomes like the centerpiece of the show. For a bit it totally steals the
show because it lights up a million different colors and we .. literally you see it getting
painted on stage in a very creative way.
Audiences must be having a fantastic time.
Audiences are going nuts for this show. Literally they're on their feet in the end
they're going crazy.
There's all kinds of stuff flying through the air and then going out singing the songs.
With an incredible array of jaw-dropping costumes and a fabulous score, Priscilla Queen of the
Desert is a feel-great musical experience.
Don't miss the bus- This limited pre-Broadway engagement of Priscilla Queen of the Desert
The Musical is in Toronto through January 2nd.
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