Computer & Media Workshop for Girls - Google Office Tour / Techno Craft Workshop

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Computer and media workshop for girls, day 3, was held by Center for Women in Research at Tsuda College on Aug. 25, 2011.
Google Office Tour
On the morning of August 25th, the students visited Google Tokyo Office.
Techno Craft Workshop
Techno Craft Workshop
Preparation: Mac, pencils,
Liliypad Arduino, desks, connections, ….
The girls arrived at the Sendagaya campus in the afternoon.
The workshop begins.
The workshop’s goal was to create an original emblem with blinking LED lights.
First, students created a program on Modkit to blink a LED light on Lilypad Arduino
Students designed an original emblem. Students drew a schematic diagram on the worksheet.
Drawing a shape of the emblem, putting a light sensor and LED lights, and connecting them with lines.
Students sewed an emblem according to the diagram.
Students wrote a program using Modkit.
The program will turn a LED light on when touched, or a light sensor is covered.
When the emblems were complete, they were displayed on the board.
The students rated each other’s emblem by putting a post-it beside the best emblem.
Created by Center for Women in Research at Tsuda College, Kodaira, Tokyo, Japan. This event was supported by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) program “Support for female students choosing to study science".