Long Branch Short Movie (HD) (English & French subtitles)

Uploaded by pchqfr on 29.10.2012

Do you need to get going?
I'll walk you wherever you need to go, if that's cool.
You wanna fuck?
Let's go to your place. Mary has people over.
- How are those in arch support? - Why?
We're gonna need to run!
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Next station is High Park.
High Park station.
Seriously, where do you live?
Long Branch.
You’re a 905'er?
It's just temporary.
This is gonna take like three hours!
It's more like two...
Like one
if you've got a really good podcast.
Do you want to turn around?
We're doing this!
Hey! Yeah, give me...
one rose
- for the lady. - No! We're okay.
We're good.
Why? She don't like romance?
Don't you like flowers?
Tonight isn't about romance, okay?
Do you need to get that?
We should probably use this time productively.
Get to know each other a little bit. My name is...
It's too personal.
Let's just keep things... surface.
Like basic one night stand etiquette.
Right, yeah.
Cool, totally.
So do you have a lot of one...
Okay, yeah. I think I'm getting it, now.
It shouldn't be much longer.
So, what did you have for lunch, today?
Excuse me?
Really? Too personal?
Okay. So you're like a vegan.
Yeah. You know...
Minus the chicken, bacon, fetta cheese, goat cheese
and half a bottle of ranch dressing.
- Take my coat. - It's not gonna bring back
- the feeling in my fingers. - It's okay, come on.
Crap! We gotta go!
No way!
No way.
Look, it's the last lag, I promise.
Couldn't we get a taxi?
Stop, stop, stop! Stop!
Okay, okay.
You okay, yeah?
Dude, stop calling me!
Yeah, well I'm not at my place! Because I'm sick of this!
I'm not gonna be that person for you anymore just because you're "lonely".
Fuck off!
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. Let's just keep going.
Who was that?
It was my ex-boyfriend.
Do you want to talk about it?
There is not much to talk about.
He was a guy, we dated
and, after a year, he still can't spell my name right.
I'm not even gonna ask what it is, so...
Seriously, where are we?
Do you had a passport stamped or something?
Take it easy.
What part of "This is where we have sex." are you not getting?
Yeah, I just don't want to wake up my uncle.
You live with you uncle?
Yeah, and my aunt and their kids.
But it's okay 'cause I've got the whole basement to myself...
I knew you wouldn't want to come over if I had told you.
- I usually stay at buddies... - I have to go!
What? No! You don't have to go.
- Wait! - Look!
You were supposed to be some random asshole
who lived 5 mins away in some shitty apartment.
and we were gonna have this hot,
dirty sex.
Then I was gonna fall asleep, you were gonna fall asleep,
I would leave, we would never see each other again and I would feel better.
But you're so nice!
And this isn't me.
Stay! No.
Look, it's been a really long night.
We can...
We'll just sleep.
I won't touch you.
I promise.
good night.
My names is...
You are so...
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
I'm so fucking tired.
God me too!
I don't even know anything about you.
It's okay.
I'm an excellent speller.