World of Tanks. Complete Guide to T-50-2

Uploaded by WorldOfTanksCom on 20.09.2012

Dear players, we continue to try new things here at Wargaming TV while we develop video tutorials that will benefit as many players as possible. We've released some
brief video guides in the past, but this time we've tried to take an exceptionally close look at the hero of today's video, the Soviet light tank T-50-2. This video guide is
unusually long, but if you like it, we will make this kind of video more often in the future.
Let's take a closer look at the characteristics of the T-50-2 and compare it to the other Tier 5 light tanks, the Chaffee and the VK 2801. In comparison to these other tanks,
the Soviet light tank has only 560 hit points, the lowest among the group. However, you will really notice this only in low-Tier battles, where the VK 2801 can survive one
more hit, maybe. In other words, the number of hit points on a light tank is not very important in high-tier battles.
The weight of the T-50-2 is 15.5 tons. This is also the lowest among the Tier 5 light tanks. This is an advantage, because the coefficient of engine power and weight of the
T-50-2 is the best of the bunch. It gets 34.5 h.p/t (horse power per ton), while the Chaffee gets only 25 h.p/t and the VK 2801 has 26 h.p/t.
The T-50-2 has among the best acceleration and maneuverability of any vehicle in World of Tanks due to its low weight. In addition, the maximum speed of this tank is 72
km/h. By the way, the T-50-2 can climb hills faster than any tank in the game.
Despite the fact that the VK 2801 has the same top speed, the German light tank takes longer to reach it and its maneuverability, especially at high speeds, is very poor.
The Chaffee has practically the same maneuverability as the T-50-2, but its top speed is only 56 km/h. The American light tank needs more time to reach this speed as
well. This means there is no other tank in the game that can catch the T-50-2.
Don't forget that it also difficult to hit such a fast and maneuverable target. This is one of the best features, but not the only good feature, of the T-50-2.
The tank's low weight and high speed provides not only pros, but also some cons. For example, the Soviet light tank can't pivot in place, like the VK 2801 and the Chaffee
can. It is also easy to damage this tank by ramming it due to its low weight. Heavy tanks can do about 300 damage and if they reach their top speed they might even destroy you.
Now let's take a closer look at your armament. The best gun for the T-50-2 is the ZiS-4, which is known as the "puncher". This gun has an impressive rate of fire. It is the
fastest among the tier 5 light tanks. It can fire about 21 rounds/min even without any modules or perks. And if you buy the medium-caliber tank gun rammer and
ventilation modules and your crew trains in the Brother in Arms perk, you will be able to shoot about 25.5 rounds/min. In other words, you will be able to fire nearly every
2 seconds. The average damage for this gun is not very high, though. This gun averages only 85 damage. It is the lowest among the tier 5 light tanks. In comparison, the
Chaffee averages 115 damage and the VK 2801 does around 110 damage.
In theory, the T-50-2 is capable of inflicting about 1700 damage and penetrating any tank in the game using regular AP ammunition. The truth is not so nice. You will do
less damage and your average penetration is not that great.
The average penetration of the ZiS-4 is 112 millimeters, if you use ordinary armor piercing ammunition, and 189mm, if you use Premium armor piercing composite rigid
shells. This is better than the Chaffee's penetration, but lower than that of the VK 2801. This allows you to penetrate any tier 5 tank from the front as well as Tier 7 self-
propelled guns and medium tanks. You can penetrate the heavy tanks, TDs, and high-Tier medium tanks only from the side or rear. You will probably have some trouble
penetrating the Maus, the E-75, the E-100 and the IS-4. You will have to aim at their tiny weak spots to have any chance of penetrating these heavy tanks.
The accuracy of the main gun is 0.34, the best among the tier 5 light tanks. This is excellent. This makes it great for sniping. The aiming speed is only 2.3 seconds though.
The other tier 5 light tanks take 1.7 seconds to aim. This makes it harder for you to hit enemies at long range. Reloading takes less time than aiming, so you should wait
until aiming is complete before firing again.
In practice, you should not have difficulties firing from cover, because you will most likely be shooting the enemy while moving. The accuracy penalties for turning the
turret or being shot are not too bad. This is worse than the Chaffee, but better than the VK 2801 with the regular gun.
Of course, if you perform sharp maneuvers while turning your turret 360 degrees, your aiming circle will be huge. You should pause and take careful aim to make your aiming circle smaller.
Now let's talk about armor. This vehicle has 37mm of armor on each side of the hull. The turret's frontal armor is 45mm thick, but the side and rear armor is only 40mm.
The T-50-2 has some sharp angles, but this tank is not built like a flying saucer. The only spot with strong armor is of the mantlet around the main gun. The tracks can also
save you from damage by taking all of the damage from a shell, especially if it is explosive. However, if a high explosive shell penetrates the T-50-2 anywhere else... Well,
you may have time for a quick prayer for your crew, because higher-Tier vehicles can easily penetrate your armor and do a lot of damage.
Now we'll take a closer look at the view range of this tank. The view range of the T-50-2 is 370 meters. It is the lowest among the tier 5 light tanks, but this isn't too bad,
because this tank is not meant to scout passively. If you want to have a longer view range, you should buy a "binocular telescope" or "coated optics" and you'll be fine.
You can spot a high-Tier heavy tank at a range of 410-420 meters fairly easily with a good crew and modules. Compared to the maximum view range for the game, 445
meters, this is not bad at all.
Don't forget about one more advantage of the T-50-2, its camouflage. Light tanks use their full camouflage factor even when moving. If you train your crew in
camouflage skill, most tier 10 heavy tanks will not spot a moving T-50-2 at ranges of 280-300 meters and even a firing T-50-2 at range of 330-350 meters.
The worst spotting is on the half-blind tanks like the IS-3. They can spot the T-50-2 only at ranges of 235 meters or less. Even the most attentive T-54 with coated optics,
improved ventilation, binocular telescope, recon, situational awareness and brothers in arms can spot this fast light tank only at ranges of 355 meters or less.
Other light and medium tanks can easily spot you right after you fire. If your opponents have these vehicles, you'd better be very attentive, because they can spot you after
you fire out to 445 meters.
If your enemy doesn't have any of these tanks or you decide to go around a flank that doesn't have them, feel free to scout out the enemy tanks and stay invisible from
them by holding your fire, since you can spot them at range of around 400 meters, but they can spot you only at a range of 300 meters or less.
Don't forget that bushes and trees can hide your enemies. You can drive across the entire battlefield and naively think that if you don't see the enemy, they can't see you.
A sneaky enemy might be behind some bushes and radio your coordinates to his teammates. To avoid this, you should learn "Sixth Sense" to help predict enemy attacks.
We can describe the general characteristics of the T-50-2 with a single sentence: "This vehicle is quick and maneuverable; it is a nearly invisible scout with a very accurate
gun, which also has a high rate of fire, good penetration potential, and practically "magical" armor."
So let's move on to modules and crew skills. We strongly recommend that you buy "improved ventilation", "coated optics" or "binocular telescope," and "medium-caliber tank gun rammer".
"Ventilation" improves everything by raising your crew's skills. It provides some bonuses to your maneuverability and view range. It is very valuable. "Coated optics"
provide additional view range, even when moving. What kind of scout are you if you haven't got coated optics?! "Binocular telescope" can be useful instead, if you plan
to hide behind bushes and enjoy sniping your enemies. The "Medium-caliber tank gun rammer" is best for experienced and aggressive players. They tend to get bored
standing in one place, and often want to enjoy the action with the assault team.
You should learn the following skills for your crew. First off, you should train your crew in camouflage skill. Your commander should learn "Sixth Sense", your gunner
should study "Designated Target", your driver should train in "Clutch Braking", and your loader should take "Safe Stowage". Then you should train them all in "Brothers in
Arms", because this skill improves maneuverability and view range. The next skill for your commander is "Recon", while for your driver it is "Off-Road Driving", and for the
loader and gunner, they should be trained in repair skill.
Why should you choose these perks? They emphasize the most important features of the tank, like quality of scouting and maneuverability. Repair skill is also useful, but it
is not as important. If the enemy destroys your track, you can use a repair kit. But if they knock off your track a second time, you're toast.
As for consumables, we highly recommend that you buy a small first aid kit, a small repair kit and a removed speed governor. Nobody questions the first two items, but
players always ask about the removed speed governor. The T-50-2 seems fast enough. What happens when our engine breaks?" The answer is simple: the Removed speed
governor gives an extra 10% to the engine's power. The T-50-2 has much better acceleration and better maneuverability when its engine has more power. You will make
the most important features of the T-50-2 even stronger. The engine will work for a long time, even with the removed speed governor. If you use this consumable
properly, the engine will not break down during battle.
Outfit your T-50-2 with the best gear, the most effective modules and consumables, and then jump into battle. Once you get there, your tactics will depend on the map and your position.
If you are a top-Tier vehicle in the battle, you should understand that you cannot scout for the entire battle. If you are a top-Tier vehicle, you are responsible for taking out
the enemy tanks, which means you must fight. In this case, you should scout the enemy team just enough to find their main offensive thrust. Find a lone high-Tier heavy
tank and use the "carousel" tactic against it. If there are no enemy heavy tanks around, you can search for a gap in the enemy lines. You can also try to destroy the self-
propelled guns as well as the tank destroyers from behind. You should also help eliminate the enemy tier 4 and tier 5 light tanks. You'd better not lose sight of them at the
beginning of the battle, or they may get to your artillery. You can catch any tank due to your high speed. Nevertheless, try to remember that the Chaffee and the VK 2801
can destroy you in a 1-on-1 battle as easily as the French tier 6 and tier 7 light tanks. So if you are chasing them, you should make them to turn their attention on you and
just run away. If you do it right, you will give your self-propelled guns some time to change their positions, and your teammates time to shoot their scout. You can even
ram other light tanks, except the VK 2801.
In the second part of the match, the battlefield will become more open as fewer tanks fight for victory, so you should look for more lone targets and destroy them.
Don't forget that in close combat only the tier 7 to tier 9 medium tanks and the French tier 8 heavy tanks will really cause you any trouble. These tanks have enough
maneuverability and turret rotation speed to keep you in their reticles. They are also equipped with guns that average around 300 damage, which is a half of your HP.
Their reloading speed is fast enough to shoot you in the back one more time as you run away. For other vehicles, you can use the "carousel" against them or you can just run away.
If the Great Belorussian Random made you a low-Tier vehicle in the match (which is quite common for scouts), you should scout for the whole battle. You will have to
choose between active scouting and passive scouting.
If you are an active scout, find a clear field with nice terrain around it and drive through it spotting the enemy tanks for your self-propelled guns. You can drive up the
central hill at Prokhorovka, or to the hills at the 2d and 3d rows on Murovanka or near the bunkers on the Siegfried Line.
If you can't stay in the field anymore, you should find a good spot and spot enemy tanks from that position. You can play this way until half of the other team is dead.
Don't forget that living longer helps your team mates. The T-50-2 is useful in the later stages of the game as well.
You can also be a passive scout. You will need the "binocular telescope" module to become a good passive scout. Your job in this role is very simple. Choose the thickest
bushes as close to the enemy as possible. Then get to that position and enjoy watching your enemies being destroyed by your artillery. The most important thing is to get
to that position without being seen. The most important thing is to stay alive throughout the battle so you can spot the most targets for your team.
When the tier 9 and 10 monsters have all killed each other and there are only a few enemies left, you should start hunting for their self-propelled guns. Find the best way
to sneak up to the enemy's artillery and destroy it. If the opposition has no artillery or their teammates are defending the self-propelled guns, you should look for
wounded enemy tanks and destroy them using "carousel" tactic.
We will say this once more for emphasis - stay alive. What can you do if you can't get to their self-propelled guns? You can scout. What can you do if there are no lone,
wounded enemies? You can scout! The scout that attacks many enemies is a fool, and very quickly back in their garage picking another tank for a new battle.
Don't forget to help your allies whenever possible. For example, if two IS-7s fight against each other, the T-50-2 can help their teammate by shooting into the enemy's
rear. The enemy will definitely feel uncomfortable in this situation, with a giant tier 10 heavy tank attacking him from one side and a tiny light tank doing damage from behind.
You can also troll the enemy using this trick. Furthermore, if you have quite a bit of luck, you can even kill an enemy using this trick. However, you should be very attentive,
because you can also be destroyed by another player while helping your friend.
Of course, you should always choose the best route for scouting in any battle. Your primary mission at the beginning of every battle is to spot the maximum number of
enemies and help your team choose the right flank for their attack.
If you have the opportunity to spot their artillery, you should go for it. But be careful not to get killed!
In the middle of the game, you should scout the enemies on the flanks, where your allies can't spot them. You should also assist your self-propelled guns, so they can
shoot the enemy. There is no sense in spotting enemies when your teammates can easily spot them even without your help. You're better off patrolling the flanks, where
they haven't got any visibility.
Now for the maps. If you play on an open map like Prokhorovka, Malinovka or Fisherman's Bay, you should scout during the entire battle if possible. When you play on
city maps like Ensk, Himmelsdorf, and Ruinberg, you should start searching for optimal targets and look for ways to sneak up on the artillery.
You should scout more often without taking part in close combat whenever you have a lot of self-propelled guns on your team. That doesn't mean that if your team hasn't
got any self-propelled guns, that you should rush forward! Wait until some of your enemies are destroyed, so you can sneak past them.
Now we'll take a closer look at the most famous tactics of the T-50-2 in close combat. The T-50-2 is a quick tank in close combat, but you should fight
like a medium tank, just faster and more aggressively.
The first tactic is called "Attack on an angle". If you have to fight in close combat against an enemy who has already spotted you, and who is aiming their gun at you, you
should drive straight at them. However, you should turn your vehicle somewhat to the left or right in order to go to a position from which you can perform "carousel"
tactic. Then you should change your direction, just before the enemy fires. You can figure out your enemy is going to shoot in one of two ways. The first way is to count
the seconds since the last time he fired. The second way is easier, since most players just sit in one place when they shoot at you. This tactic helps them to aim better. So
when you see that your enemy has stopped and is aiming at your tank, you should turn the other way. You will only waste time if you turn too early, and you will get shot
if you are too late. You can only let the enemy shoot once before you get to him.
The second tactic is commonly called "Carousel". This tactic is both easy and hard at the same time. You have to drive around the enemy on the opposite side from its
gun, staying behind the turret at all times. The T-50-2 can use this tactic against almost any tank in the game due to its high speed and maneuverability. This is simple, but
there are some potential pitfalls in this tactic. When you use it, you should try to destroy the enemy's tracks to make it harder for him to turn toward you. You should also
be careful that your opponent does not reverse his turret to try to catch you, when you get to the opposite side. If you see that he is trying to do this, you should stop and
turn around. Your agility allows you to turn just as well in reverse, so backing up is a great option. You must be a little ways out from the enemy's gun to be able to react in time.
The third tactic is called "Teeter-totter". This tactic is even easier and also harder at the same time! When you see that the enemy's gun is almost aimed at you, you should
reverse as quickly as possible. In most cases, your opponent will not be able to aim properly and, obviously, will miss, so you will be able to continue performing the
"Carousel" against him. It is important to know when your opponent is about to fire at you. If you know he shot just a second ago, there is no reason to reduce your speed
by performing this tactic. Instead, you should continue to drive around his tank, because you know that he is defenseless, because he can't shoot you - yet.
Try to remember these few pieces of advice:
1. These tactics are effective only in open areas, where you have enough room to maneuver.
2. You shouldn't drive too close to the enemy, because they can easily ram you. In the best case, you will be slowed down and in the worst case, the enemy will
destroy your track. And you will be done for!
3. If your opponent is near some kind of barrier, you cannot use "Carousel" against him. You should just run away!
The fourth tactic is called "Catch-up". If the enemy attacks you from a hill and there is no way you can run away and there is also a barrier like a rock or house that you can
use for cover, you should use it to save your tank. You should get to the cover and start moving away from the enemy by driving around it. Be careful, because enemy
reinforcements can arrive at any time. If your opponent is alone, he cannot catch your T-50-2, which will zip around the rock or house. Even another T-50-2 can't beat you,
but can only match your speed. They will only catch you if you make a mistake, with the help of their artillery, or the help of reinforcements. If you are 1-on-1 with your
enemy, you can drive around this barricade until the match is over. When you make a more powerful enemy tank follow you, you can even make him expose himself to
your artillery. And if you are the sole survivor on your team, you can even make the battle ends in a draw.
The fifth tactic is called "Thin trolling". This is my favorite tactic. If an opponent is shooting your ally or using "Carousel" against him, you should first check for other
nearby enemies, then get behind the enemy and start shooting into his weak spots. If you can't penetrate his armor, you should shoot his tracks or around his main gun. As
soon as your opponent turns his attention and his gun on you, you should use the "Carousel" tactic to finish him off, or just hide behind some cover. As soon as the enemy
turns his attention back to your teammate, you can come back out and start shooting. You should repeat this tactic until the enemy is dead. Be careful, because you can
be destroyed by enemy artillery or tanks. It's hard not to laugh when an E-100 take damage to the rear of its turret, because it is too focused on an annoying scout or
when an IS-7 brews up after 3 or 4 of your shots in its rear. The most important thing is to ignore all flaming messages in the chat or to turn the filter on
so you can keep your eye on the battle.
Finally, the sixth tactic is called "Close contact". You can use this tactic against the turretless self-propelled guns and tank destroyers. This tactic is both easy and funny!
Find a lone self-propelled gun and get very close to it. Sit side by side, without any space between you. The self-propelled gun can't turn in either direction in this
situation. It can only run away if it drives forward and then drives back using some kind of barrier such as the corner of a building, a stone or a red boundary line. When
the self-propelled gun realizes it's had it, go ahead and destroy it. You can penetrate any self-propelled gun or tank destroyer using your gun. The stationary tank
destroyer is an easy target for self-propelled guns. So if you see a target marker, you'd better drive off quickly. Otherwise, you could be hurt by splash-damage from the explosion.
In conclusion, we have some rules for you to follow if you want to be an excellent scout with the T-50-2
1. Stay hidden and motionless only when you are acting as a passive scout (like at an intersection or choke point).
2. Don't attack! Use your maneuverability to move around opponents and obstacles.
3. Either stay very far away from enemy tanks or get right up next to them.
4. Always be scouting -- hide, use terrain to blend in, and keep looking for targets.
5. Stay away from obvious positions -- experienced players may already be targeting these spots for reconnaissance or artillery.
6. If you can't penetrate the armor, knock off their tracks -- and hit them right when they are about to shoot to throw them off!
7. Shoot into known weak spots whenever you have a chance.
8. Don't get trapped in dead ends or narrow spots where you can't maneuver.
9. Always try to be in the right place at the right time!
10. Keep an eye on the minimap and avoid tunnel vision on your target.
11. Do not die! Ever!
That's all for now. See you next time!