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“Achieve your dreams”
I always like to begin a presentation with a picture, In this case a flower.
What does it mean to you a rose? A red rose is used to express love.
and on February 14th. Valentine`s Day there will many roses around.
With this image i want to express my affection to you in spite of have not met you before, I used a lot of care in preparing this presentation.
Also Saint Exupery said that love is not look each other on the eyes but also it is look both in the same direction.
In this sense, I think that we can look in the same direction, because;
we can improve and become better people and better human’s beings.
We live in times of change,
we are in a world that have big changes.
What has not changed in the last fifty years, now in a week can make a dramatic change.
We are experiencing many things.
Ten years ago, I couldn´t imagine to live as we live today.
A few weeks ago, a student told me
“I bought my mobile phone two years ago, and I have always increased my phone bill,
but two moth ago my bill started to decrease, now I spend less”, and I asked her.
How could that be so, …
And she told me that now she was connected with social networks,
And did not need to call so often because she could chat and keep in touch with her friends trough his computer.
In the old days, the life span of an innovation was long, for example a phone had remained for forty o fifty years,
but now, new technologies like the mobile phone can be substituted in two years, and can be replaced so easily.
We are living in a changing world with so many innovations.
Look at this, there are people that use a camera instead a mirror when they have to shave.
I will show you another example of how technology advances.
Sometimes People remains with old habits not adopting new innovations.
You are laughing, because, once you have seen a typewriter that we had in the old days.
But when I show this video to some youngsters at the university, they do not understand the joke because they have never seen a typewriter,
They don´t know what is a typewriter
I mean, they have grown with a computer
We don´t realize, but the peace of change is running very fast
Here I have another element
Other technological enlighted.
It´s same sad, but
I am sure it happened to someone.
Population change, recently they said that we have to extend age retirement
Pyramid population always have been like a triangle, where the base was wider than the top.
Now is like a diamond and the base is very narrow, and there are less children
Who will pay for our retirement?
Marriges within the people of the same sex,
even male pregnancy,
changes in organizations,
employment, in the economic moment we are living leads to unemployment
I will show you a video that seems it exaggerates; someone had an idea
Where will we get with both unemployment and so many things happening?
I have organized a paintball game, because I think the company needs it.
I don’t know boss, but doing this kind of thing with our workmates it is ok, but somebody told me that to play paintball can be dangerous.
Don´t worry about paint balls because in this game we will use with REAL BULLETS.
We have to reduce staff numbers,
we have one employe in excess in the company and I do not stomach to do that I don’t want to choose among you.
And why do we have to shoot each other?, You have to fire someone and problem solved.
If I do that it could happen as when I fired Gorriti, other employees were saying that I was a bad person, bastard, slave master...
That´s not fair.
Yes, it is there is a shotgun and six bullets for each one of you.
But, that could be a slaughter.
No, it won`t be, because the game will end when somebody will be dies.
Well, If that it so, then OK.
You are crazy.
If you don´t mind, we will start.
I don’t want to it, I have a wife and a son.
Me too.
This is horrible; Right now I will report you to the police.
I don´t understand, why are you complaining, Look, how this company cuts back staff.
Whoever wants to keep its job has to win this career sacks through mined-field.
It isn`t a joke
But It´s true, and when we watch the news,
Happens to me a strange feeling in my stomach.
This whole situation, where are we going?, finally We feel fear and don´t feel well
I don´t watch the news for a few months now.
Someday I asked to myself, if because of my job, I have to keep up with news, but
I don’t watch the news
But It´s true that the fear paralyzes, Do you know body language?
When somebody feel frightened, this person cover their face or their head and there
And this could be happened for example when somebody threaten us,
We cross our arms in a way to protect our body.
And when we feel even more frightened then we usually cross ours legs,
it is an instinct of people to close to something that may harm or threaten.
But that happens too, when this fear is produced in our mind, for example
when there a stimulus that could be damage us, Mentally we are blocked and
our mind stay blank, it is that caused the fear.
I´m not Psychologist but Psychologists say there are a trinomial first, we think,
and then our thought creates some neurotransmitters
and those biochemicals trigger feelings and these
feelings are the trigger of our behaviour.
For example, I gave an exam yesterday and a student taking the exam wanted to ask a question,
She wanted to know one of the answers, and accompanied the question by a smile. (expecting that the smile will make me more permisive and that i would answer her question).
This is to show you that when somebody see a stimulus like this, then is more receptive than if it sees a serious face.
Positive thought, we all know, will lead to creative actions.
Positive thought leads to create and to make new things.
And negative thought, produces the opposite.
Do you remember when happened on 11S?
with the attack to Twins Towers?
What happened?, when people are frightened, what they do?,
they close down and start to protect themselves
When we are acting based in fear we try to defend ourselves but when we are happy,
we are more creative and we can do more things.
There a Einstein’s phrase that I like a lot and say.
The most important election that you make everyday is deciding if you live in friendly universe or hostile universe,
If circumstances will be in your favor or in against you.
He said when you wake up in the morning. If you take a decision that everyone
that you will meet and you think that that they will help you
and they could be a guide to achieve your purpose
You take your life in a different way
But If you wake up and think that your neighborhood is your enemy and
your boss will try to disturb, and your son will try to get your money out of you.
Depending on how you face life, you will have a different experience.
In Chinese the word crisis it is made up with two characters:
one of them means danger and the other one means opportunity.
Danger for who?, as crisis suppose to affect the status quo,
then people who is on the top, in a good situation, stable.
Now for who could be suppose a opportunity?
People who are ready to change, to be more creative
Always when they say crisis, they announce it with these two characters
It is a danger and a opportunity, the outcome will depend on what is your reaction
The result will be different.
It is very important the attitude that you take towards life and the things than happen on to you.
Look this picture
What do you see?
A surfer and a shark......., what else......,
another thing...... or everyone sees the same?
A wave, what else, a table
Everyone sees a shark?
A dolphin?
What will be happen If you see a shark?
What is the first thing that we can think, when we see a shark?
If you were there, where this guy is, what would you feel?
Panic, and after
Paralysis, and after
What will the shark do when he feels that we are paralyzed? Eat us.
Do you think that this guy (well let us assume that he isn´t blind),
sees a shark?
May be, no. He could see the wave is beautiful.
He can know consciously that there is a shark.
But for him, how does he looks at this reality? Does he consider that the shark wants to eat him? Or on the contrary, he percieves the situation as a fun and a challenge?
Do you understand?
How does he see the situation? Because depending on how he looks at it,
his mind and his body will react in a different way.
Do you agree?
If we think that it is a stimulus, a way to mesuare our forces, a way to have fun or only adrenaline?
This is same that happens in our life, when we see someone that shows us pout.
Or when things don´t come out as we expect.
Everytime you are faced with a challenge you can choose if your obstacle will prevent you from achivieng your goals
or that the challenge is an opportunity to improve your skills,
to experiment with yourself,
to know who you are and to develop yourself a little more.
I am going to tell you a few histories. I like to tell histories.
The first is about a “Fast Food Restaurant”
The story is located in US, it is about a man who has a “Fast Food Restarurant”
He is a small town man, you know, the kind of person that has been grown in a little village.
He has a son and his Restaurant is located by the highway.
Many people stops in his trip and eat there because of they serve generous home made meals,
and like this kind of place that is situated in a village.
They serve large portions of chips, and abundant meals in big plates, also the food tastes good and they provide a friendly service.
One day he decided to sent his son at Harvard University, because he wanted that his
son will become a successful guy. So he thought, that the University had a great
reputation and he could grow to be someone more important than restaurant manager.
When his son finished his studies come back home and told his father
“I have bad news for you”, he went on “Great economists in Harvard say that we are facing a big crises”
“You have to change your business model”
“You are wasting your money: The meals and portions you serve are too big, you have to reduce your costs”.
“And so we could save four or five cents for each burger you serve,
for example the leftover cheese we could cut and use in other thing
and serve smaller potatoes....”
Well, he son prepared an operations cost analysis and he designed a “Crisis Menu”.
Everything was measured, weighted and adjusted because he heard that crises was coming soon.
And they did not want to waste resources.
Now, what do you think it happened when his costumers saw the new menu?
Were they pleased with it?,
The customers compared old menu with new one, they thought before they saw more food, now they serve everything very mean.
For the same prices, and over time the customers quitted the restaurant.
A few months later the father said to his son,
“Son, you were right, and i was very lucky to get ready months in advance, before
crisis reached our restaurant”.
When you have the idea in one thing, finally it becomes true and his son was right.
Can you see?
The next story is about a frog, it is more popular.
The next story is about a frog, it is more popular.