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Presents Express Boy - Episode 4
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Boss Hu!
You're here to help us fix the sign too?
This can't be, right? Lee Ah Biao, are you so free?
You're here fixing signs instead of cracking cases?
Let me correct you.
I'm called Lee Jin Biao, not Lee Ah Biao.
Aiyo, that's wrong. Don't you know how to do it?
Get up... Let me do it. Get lost.
Why is it so hot today?
Ah Nan, do you want some iced tea?
Ah Nan, I've caught the suspect behind the delivery's arson.
It's some underage brat, right?
How did you catch him?
I found some evidence at the site.
You want to charge him?
What's the use of charging him?
What happened?
The Big Foot Gang took Long Yan away.
What exactly happened? Where are Long Yan and the rest?
Elva, don't cry. Where is Long Yan now?
The Big Foot Gang took Long Yan away.
Mai Mai too...
They took Mai Mai away too!
Said they're going to sell her to a hotel.
That damned Fatso!
He went back on his word! Asshole!
Look carefully. Who is that?
What's that got to do with me? I've nothing to do with him.
Haven't you heard of a son paying his father's debts?
Bring him in.
Go in!
Son of a bitch!
Do you think you'll be alright if you don't call him "Father"?
Look carefully! See how much money your Dad owes us!
Brother Shui Jiao, lend me a bit more... I'll pay all of it when I win.
You still want to borrow?
Settle this debt before you borrow again!
What's it gonna be?
Do you want to pay us back for your father?
I have no money!
Long Yan!
Save me, Long Yan!
Long Yan! Save me! Long Yan!
Save me...
Long Yan... Save me...
What do you want?
You have two choices.
One, leave your father's hand with us.
Two, go back to the delivery and be my spy.
Please... please don't do that!
Don't chop my hand off!
You aren't humans!
I promise you...
Then we'll slowly settle your father's debt.
Don't think of escaping.
We have men in the northern, central and southern areas.
It's no use no matter where would you run.
Scram! Damned gambler! I don't want to see you ever again!
I know you hate me for being such a gambler!
And for not taking good care of you since you were young.
Say no more!
Stop it!
Because you are such a gambler, you destroyed our family!
And now, because of you I have to become a spy!
*Lao Da, Hu Tie Nan and Inspector Lee are here.
{\a6}[*Lao Da = Boss/Big Brother]
- Take them away. - Yes.
Come on...
Open the bet...
Place your bet...
Come on...
There is... come on...
Come on...
*Gao Da Jiao, come and get the goods in half an hour.
{\a6}[*Da Jiao = Big Foot]
Your little undercover will go back safely to your delivery in a while.
That better be the truth.
If something really happened to them,
next time it won't just be detaining your goods.
You only know how to show off!
Rest assured, Lord...
Your little undercover, and the delivery, will be very safe.
They better be.
Ah Nan, let's go.
Come on, everything's alright.
Go on. Let's continue the game.
Continue, I'll bet...
I'm telling you, we're rich!
Do you know how much this fish is worth?
I breed them myself.
Cool man.
We're damn lucky.
That tigress Mom of yours won't have to play mahjong to survive anymore, right?
Please! Since when have I had to support my mother?
Every month she sends me money.
It's not fair.
Uncle Fei Long, are you tired?
You've been walking in circles the entire night.
You make me dizzy!
Tie Nan has been out the whole day and I haven't heard from him!
He's not answering his phone!
Lao Da is not a little kid. What are you worried for?
Hello, Rong Rong? I'm Uncle Fei Long.
May I ask if Tie Nan went to your place?
He didn't?
Nothing, nothing.
Really, there's nothing.
He's back.
Thank you. Thanks.
Ah Nan, where did you go?
Uncle Fei Long, I brought him back.
It's you again?
Shocking! It's the dried *longan?
{\a6}[* Long Yan = longan]
Alright, everyone's tired today. We'll talk tomorrow.
You two, what time is it now? What are you doing?
Go and sleep now!
Can I take a shower?
Sure, I'll show you where. Come on.
Ou Gu, prepare one more bed.
Lao Da, I'll go and sleep now.
It's so late now. You all should sleep already.
Ou Gu, what are you doing here?
Laying the mattress.
You're disturbing them here! Let's go...
- Where are you going? - Going to sleep!
But I'm laying the mattress with them here.
What are you laying your mattress for? We're girls...
They are girls. How are you going to sleep with them?
I'm sorry.
I didn't know things would turn out like this.
But this was my room first.
Let's go! Go and lay your mattress with Wei Jue Ye!
I don't want to! Mai Mai! Mai...
The people at Evil Boys' Delivery Express are all weird.
Mai, are we really staying here?
I've no idea...
By the way, did those jerks bully you today?
Of course!
They took me and locked me in a dark, small room.
They even said something about selling me.
Long Yan was treated worse. He was almost beaten to death.
I didn't expect Godbrother to treat us like that.
He's too much.
You really want to stay, right?
Who said that?
I just think that Hu Tie Nan isn't that bad.
He's saved us so many times.
If we leave tomorrow, it doesn't seem right.
When did you become so considerate?
Hey, don't tell me you...
What? Just go to sleep.
Don't you think he's very manly?
Hu Tie Nan? He's not too bad.
Oh yea! I know you're interested in Long Yan.
Of course you don't think other guys look better.
Can you stop thinking you're perfect?
It's irritating.
What? You're angry?
Just take care of yourself!
Otherwise, you'll bring me death!
You're really weird.
Why, every time there's trouble, do you blame me ?
I didn't want that to happen either.
You didn't want that to happen either? I really don't understand you!
I thought you had guts. Why'd you come back after you left?
Everything happened too fast. I couldn't react in time.
I'm telling you, I don't care whether you want to hear it or not,
since you're back, lie low. Don't be a hypocrite.
Shaking your butt there, undecided about staying.
Did you know that Lao Da was almost killed by the Big Foot Gang because of you?
What do you mean?
On the day you left,
he went to talk with the Big Foot Gang alone.
Really? What happened after that?
Yeah, I'm making it up.
Afterwards, Lao Da even went to Doctor Su's place.
He's only just fully recovered.
You've got a thing or two.
I'm warning you...
Don't get into trouble again.
Otherwise, I'll chase you out!
Brother Nan, he...
Don't be so pathetic.
Try your best for your future!
Ah Nan.
Uncle Fei Long.
It's so late and you're not asleep?
All the brats are asleep.
Let's move some stuff.
It's so late now, what are you gonna move?
Move a volcano?
Yeah, come on...
A toast to you.
Don't worry.
There'll definitely be a solution.
Remember how hard it was for us in the past?
Didn't we get through it?
What are you afraid of?
Uncle Fei Long, you've always been more worried than me.
Why are you so relaxed today?
I think it's because I've finally realized that
plans can never keep up with the changes.
Yes, plans can never keep up with changes.
Changes can never resist a phone call.
Each time, the more I want to escape a situation,
the more I place that problem right in front of me and won't let go.
Rong Rong often says "we choose our own situation."
But, why I don't think so?
Come on, have a drink. Come on...
Now that I think about it...
If I hadn't met you and Uncle Ah Piao,
maybe the Delivery Express wouldn't exist today.
Ah Nan, here's some advice from Uncle Fei Long.
Don't try to force things too much.
Although these little kids call you "Lao Da", "Lao Da" everyday,
you're only a few years older than them.
You're a big kid yourself.
Don't give yourself too much stress.
Just drink up!
"The Grave of Yan Qing Piao"
How come your resume is full of blanks?
What experience do you have?
I started off at 16, was promoted to Vice Gang Leader at 18,
promoted to be the Gang Leader at 19.
I was thrown in jail at 20 for murder.
That's why I was in prison.
I'd like to find a job now that I'm released.
Ah Nan, come over for a while.
Take care of this.
It can't be just coincidence.
Uncle Piao, let's go!
Let's go...
Don't run! After them...
Doctor! Doctor!
Uncle Piao!
Uncle Piao...
How are you feeling now?
Ah Nan, I'm sorry.
Uncle Ah Piao can't take care of you anymore!
You won't leave this world so easily! Stop uttering nonsense!
Is it so easy for you to leave?
Let me tell you! Let me tell you!
You must hold on!
Ah Nan!
I'll leave Fei Long in your hands from now on.
Uncle Piao, stop talking nonsense! You won't leave!
Uncle Piao, did you hear me? You won't leave!
I'm telling you, you won't leave! You still owe me 150,000!
Fei Long, you can't leave!
Ah Nan!
Please pass this to my mother for me.
And tell my son,
he mustn't take this path of no return when he grows up!
Uncle Piao, you cannot leave!
Uncle Piao!!
Ah Piao!
Ah Piao!
Uncle Piao, I'm here to visit you again.
Actually, I'm here to tell you my troubles.
I can't help it. Everyone calls me "Lao Da".
I have to act tough sometimes.
Uncle Piao, honestly,
I really don't have the confidence to lead these brats.
In the gang last time, I had my father looking after me.
I had Uncle Fei Long and you beside me to help me.
I had so many men out there as well.
And now that I'm alone, I'm scared sometimes.
But, I still like this job very much.
Whenever I feel down,
once I think about the clients' anxiety,
the recipients' joy,
I feel like I'm some powerful big shot.
I want to continue fighting on.
Uncle Piao, don't worry.
No matter how much it takes, I'll work hard!
Besides, I won't let your sacrifice be for nothing.
You, why are you here?
Whenever you're down, you'd chat here with Uncle Piao.
Uncle Piao loved crowds! I'm afraid he'll be bored.
Then... why did you secretly cry?
Did I? I'm not a girl.
Don't worry. Where there's a will, there's a way.
If your company closes, you can help me at my clinic.
I think you better worry about your marriage first.
Why make yourself sound so sad?
Waiting for an impossible person.
To me, he's a very important person.
If he's not as good-looking as me, I won't accept it!
Hu Tie Nan, it's not funny.
I'm sorry.
Uncle Fei Long, what's so urgent?
Alright... I'll be right over.
What's the matter?
What should I do if they ask for compensation?
What are you afraid of?
Since you don't have money, you can offer your life.
You're still joking with me at this time?
What's there to worry about?
You've already survived a grand ordeal.
Everyone's decision is to keep the company going.
Is there a problem?
No? Alright, then that's settled.
Our Lao Da is here.
Everyone's here?
Ah Nan, we had a meeting just now.
I have something to tell you all as well.
I thank you all very much for supporting me these past two years.
But, there's no free lunch in this world.
No, there's no banquet that doesn't end.
Lao Da, what exactly are you trying to say?
Lao Da, don't chase us away!
I've decided to close the delivery temporarily.
What? Are you out of your mind?
Why close it?
What's wrong?!
Since you all call me Lao Da, just listen to me.
All of you go home.
All of us just decided.
No matter what happens, we'll stay at the delivery.
Exactly! We can't possibly abandon you right now.
Ah Nan, just let everyone work hard together for awhile and decide later.
Lao Da, no matter how hard you chase me away, I won't leave!
I treated the delivery as my own home!
My two years there were the happiest time of my life!
Right! The delivery is my home!
Where will I go if you want me to leave?
Lao Da! I don't care. You can't abandon me.
I won't leave either!
The delivery became like this because of me.
I want to work hard with everyone until it reopens.
I want to stay too.
Although the entire thing has nothing to do with me,
you did save us before. I'd like to help too.
Me too.
What are you all doing?
Fine! Since everyone wants to try again,
then I've decided...
I've decided to be reborn after death!
I'll treat everyone to singing karaoke the whole night!
Uncle Fei Long, we'll hold an official welcome meeting
for Long Yan and the others tomorrow.
Sure... Sure...
Give me five!
Not only is he out of tune, he screeched!
I said not only is he out of tune, he screeched!
Come on, let's drink up!
No matter how perfect a man is, he still has flaws.
They're called "beautiful flaws".
The politician's still in a meeting this late?
Can you help me and tell him it's Hu Tie Nan from Evil Boys' Delivery Express?
Elva is with me.
No! Why would I want money from you? Are you sick? Why offer me money?
Ask him over.
My husband is not in. Please call again another day.
Mr. Hu, I'm not very clear regarding Elva's affairs.
It's better if you talk to my husband directly.
Who's he looking for?
Wrong number.
Good girl.
What's going on now?
Are you a stepmother?
You don't even care about your own daughter.
You're right.
That was my stepmother.
Don't waste your efforts.
They don't want me, an outsider, to return home.
But don't worry,
I won't live here in vain.
I'll work with everyone.
The Evil Boys' Welcome Meeting is officially starting!
The descendants offer their respects to the ancestors.
We won't blame you for leaving. But if you stay, you must end your bad habits.
The entry plank on the grain boat is 3 feet 3;
It's easy to enter yet difficult to leave.
Get into your positions!
We don't care how things will end in future.
At least we were together,
there's no need to hinder each other.
Even more, there's no need for spoken promises.
The boss speech.
From now on, the three of you will be members of the Evil Boys' Delivery Express.
Our company's first motto is
"One must do good things from the heart."
Members must pay their respects to Heaven and Earth.
Amongst themselves, they must be friendly and live in peace.
Anybody who goes against these rules
will be disciplined by our home laws.
Alright. Everyone will live in peace and harmony from now on.
Help each other. Got that?
You all must respect your seniors in future.
The three of you are the youngest, listen to your seniors.
Wei Jue Ye! Ou Gu!
You must take care of your juniors in the future, understand?
What is this? Isn't this a bit lame?
Don't be so conventional!
This is how the triads welcome their members.
This is an Evil Boys' Welcome Meeting! What triads?
We haven't mixed with the underworld for a long time.
Little Junior, I'm officially announcing this as your senior.
Starting today, you will be doing the chores for a month.
You'll be in charge of washing the clothes and cleaning the toilets.
What? You won't accept it?
Don't think you all can bully us because you are our seniors?
What's the big deal about seniors?
Never mind. We're the juniors anyway.
I'll do the duties together with Long Yan.
I'll just clean it.
Mai Mai, you don't have to help me.
I'll take responsibility for my own duties.
Lee Sir...
You're here?
I've been wanting to have a proper talk with you.
But I was very busy at the station.
Regarding the Big Foot Gang, I've settled it for you.
Don't worry, they won't create trouble for you again.
These are the general requirements for the police academy,
and the tuition fees.
Lee Sir, I've decided to work in the Delivery Express.
I'll return the tuition fees when I get my pay.
I thought you didn't want to follow that overbearing triad leader.
Everything started because of me.
I don't want to leave like nothing happened.
Oh, by the way...
A few days ago, Brother Nan held a welcome meeting.
During the meeting, Brother Nan asked us to pay our respects to Heaven and Earth.
Something like, "we must do good from our hearts".
Now I'm confused if it was a company's welcome meeting
or the welcome ceremony of an underworld triad member.
What a pity that I didn't attend that meeting.
Honestly, I'm not very used to it.
I'm not sure if I'm working in a company or mixing with the underworld.
Besides, Brother Nan emphasizes delivering each item as though I was delivering a gift.
It's only an express delivery.
But he has many ideas that are different from other people.
Ah Nan is a good man.
You can learn many things from being around him.
He's really very good. But I...
Is your hand better?
It's not fully recovered yet.
Good morning Sir!
Good morning everybody!
Oh no! I'm late! I'm late!
Mai Mai! Wake up! Mai Mai...
Is something wrong with her? She didn't even wake me up!
Treat this place as your own home. Live here in peace.
Nobody will chase you away. Lao Da.
Evil Boys' Speedy Delivery!
- The fastest in the world! - The fastest in the world!
- The strongest in the universe! - The strongest in the universe!
Express Boys' Speedy Delivery!
Big or small packages, we'll bring them to the ends of the world!
Yo! Yo! Yo!
You said yesterday,
Lao Da got his start by being a delivery man for the community?
Wow! That's great!
But what's that?
A "community deliveryman" delivers everything.
They deliver people, newspapers, even food.
They even go fetch and deliver your pet from the groomers.
At first, the company didn't focus on "community delivery" as its main service.
But since times are bad, we need to focus on making money now.
Make a few more rounds.
Ah! This is life!
As long as you leave it to the Evil Boys' Delivery Express,
you don't have to worry.
We'll fulfill the mission! Thanks everyone!
The reopening of Evil Boys' Delivery Express...
Evil Boys' Delivery Express is reopening!
We accept and deliver anything!
Evil Boys' Delivery Express is reopening! Come take a look!
Mister, our Delivery Express is reopening.
Mister, we're reopening. Thanks.
We're reopening, please take a look.
Our Delivery Express is reopening.
Rong Rong!
Ah Nan, your leaflet is not bad!
Right. It's not too bad.
Doctor Su!
In future, our company will continue to work for everyone,
we are not afraid of difficulties and earn as much as we can!
Are you interested in hiring me to deliver something for you?
But I don't really like hot guys.
I have more interest in Ou Gu!
Oh my God!
It can't be, right? Your taste.
I'm sorry.
I have no idea why...
Evil Boys' Delivery Express is reopening!
Reopening! Reopening!
You were out shopping this early?
No, I went out to buy groceries and decided to look around as well.
Rong Rong! You're really virtuous!
There are few girls who know how to cook today.
It'll be a fortunate guy who gets to marry you!
Ah Nan!
Lao Da! Lao Da!
Are you alright?
I'm fine. I'm fine.
I just drank too much last night.
I told you to drink less but you wouldn't listen.
It's nothing. Just a hangover.
Don't drink so much!
Come on! We're reopening!
We're reopening! Please come and take a look!
Yes? Evil Boys' Delivery Express...
I'll check the details with you now.
Half a dozen more of "Yang Le?"
Why are you here?
Hi! I'm here to buy groceries.
Lao Da seems to be anemic recently.
I thought of cooking soup to nourish him.
I want nourishment too.
Long Yan,
do you think chicken soup or beef soup is better?
I prefer chicken soup.
I'm not asking you. I'm asking which type your Lao Da prefers.
Forget it. It's useless to ask you.
If you're going home to cook soup, what will happen to your deliveries?
Who cares?
It won't be good.
Then please help me deliver them.
Do me a favor.
You know the streets well! You'll deliver them in no time!
You seem to be interested in Brother Nan...
even cooking a soup for him.
You're really naggy! Just say the word. Will you help?
I won't force you.
You're the best!
You're definitely my buddy. Bye.
Uncle Wang!
I've delivered your milk and newspapers.
Remember to come and get them!
Long Yan!
How are things? You should be almost done, right?
I have ten or more deliveries.
How come you still have so many?
I only have one item left!
I'll help you; I only have one item left anyway.
It's alright, I'll deliver them myself.
What are you doing?
It's alright. We should help each other.
I don't think you should.
Why don't you treat me to a movie some day?
Junior Mai Mai!
Ou Gu!
I'm meeting Wei Jue Ye for dinner later. Want to come along?
No thanks. I still have many items to deliver.
How come you're so pathetic?
You want my help?
There's more...
This is life!
How tall are you?
176 cm.
Your weight?
70 kg.
Do you smoke?
A lot.
What about betel nuts?
Can't you see I'm eating them right now?
Do you drink alcohol?
Doctor Su.
I'm with a patient now. You want to wait for me?
We'll have dinner together.
Mr. Zhou, this way please.
Doctor Su,
I want to get rid of this scar on my stomach.
My girl says seeing this scar on my stomach makes her sick.
I haven't had sex for almost a month.
Pull up your shirt and let me take a look.
Women are really troublesome.
It's not that I want to say this,
but aren't guys more attractive with scars?
It's not hard to treat this scar.
I'll use laser treatment to remove this scar first,
then use Cellex C Whitening Essence.
One or two sessions will treat it.
Are you sure you can remove it?
Otherwise, my girl will be unhappy when she sees it.
Must you limit yourself like that?
I don't get it.
Can't you just forget the past and start life anew?
I can accompany you.
Rong Rong!
Nothing, it's Ah Nan.
So the one you're waiting for is him?
I've liked him since I was a kid.
You knew it too.
My father and brother only knew how focus on the company all day.
They had no time to care about me.
For me, who didn't have a mother and a father's love,
Brother Biao felt like the only family I had.