EXCLUSIVE: Celebrities Sing for Komen Orange County

Uploaded by KomenOC on 06.12.2012

Can I just do that first? I don't know the tempo!
Merry Christmas everybody! No, I can't say that. Now I've completely lost it. You guys are serious about this?
There's a need, are you listening? A campaign, we are christening, Together we'll fight,
To make things alright, Funding Orange County mammograms, With your help, we'll be grinning, Keepin' more people winning,
Detection's the key, when it's early, Funding Orange County mammograms
Closing in on where we need to get to, Come on! Making progress each and every day,
But there's still a need for us to ask you, To help us reach our goal without delay,
Your support is the reason, Komen's thankful this season, When lives are at stake, a difference we'll make
Funding Orange County mammograms, Funding Orange County mammograms, Funding Orange Count mammograms, ah! Funding Orange County mammograms
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