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Most of these men would be lucky to have you, Christine. Yes they would. Oh yeah.
Hi, Al. Christine.
I’m 27. Oh. Ok.
Well you don’t look a day over 21.
Yeah, I’m probably the youngest person in here.
Yeah. Well does that matter really? Does that matter to you?
No. I mean, no, but I was expecting people to be a little bit older, but it’s fine. But wasn’t there an age requirement, or…
Yeah. 29 to 39. Oh.
I misrepresented myself.
You lied.
Lied? Such a big word. I adapted, Christine. Came here to meet people. Not blow up the White House.
I’m 24. Happy? So you like older women.
You’re quick on the uptake. What’re you looking for?
A man who doesn’t lie, and who isn’t condescending.
But you’re ok with the difference of age?
Yes, that’s not a problem.
Smart girl. Where you from? No, please, let’s start with you.
Fine, ok. I’m from Venice, California. Born and still living there. My parents, they’re West African immigrants.
They came here for grad school and stayed behind. Illegal aliens. Does that bother you?
Good girl. Are you latino? I’ve just never had a latino girl.
Had? For dinner? No, had. Been with. Hooked up.
I don’t see why not, I’m sure they would love to have you.
Really? Hm. I’ve been with white girls. And Jewish girls: yummy. And Thai girls aplenty.
Aplenty? How did that work out for you?
I think they were pleased. I mean they were chicks, though. Girls, you know. I want women. A woman, I mean. Haven’t had much luck in that area.
Can’t imagine why not. How do you go about it?
I’m not telling you. You’re one of them.
So what, are you in school? Or do you work?
Yeah I graduated college just last June. And I was in the military, the army actually, a while before that.
What did you study? I majored in Latin American literature.
Oh, wow. So Isabel Allende and all that, huh?
Wow, what? I mean, I’m not a dummy. I’m into the arts and all that.
I wrote a thesis. What was it about?
Uh, portrayals of slavery in the 19th century novel. It was good.
If you say so. Good is good, honey.
Just now, when you asked me how I go about it with older ladies, um, why were you asking?
Maybe I could give you a tip or two.
How am I going to be able to use that stuff if you’re giving it to me? I mean, you see it coming a mile away.
It’s to use with other women, dopey. I don’t go for younger guys.
Oh. ‘Cause you’re afraid.
See, that’s the first thing. Never talk to a woman like you know what she wants better than she does.
Well is there an exception to that? No. What do you mean?
Well what if I do know what she wants better than she does? And when she wants it and where. And how.
How’d your first two dates go? None of your business.
C’mon, there’s no harm in telling.
Go ahead then.
Ok, well the first one, that tall number over there— Please don’t point.
She can’t see— If you do that again I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.
She’s deaf in one ear. That’ll get you a guy. Now the second one, no way. She’s 39. Still hot though, but… She was nice.
Nice? Oh so you’re no a complete ass.
She was nice. How was she nice?
Oh, don’t get defensive, hun. I mean you’re nice, too.
You have no idea what I am.
I can tell a lot.
Oh really?
Yeah, I mean, some stuff is just written on a face. Really? I’d love to hear it.
Yeah, um, ok. Well, you love animals.
Wow, that’s deep.
You like to travel.
And you like “Girls Gone Wild.”
I do. Good call.
Um, you’ve probably been married before. You’ve got that air about you. Rebound.
You feel guilty when you sleep with a guy you’ve just met. Even if you had fun. Especially if you had fun.
And you like older guys. Daddy types, right?
That’s bullshit. But where do you draw that conclusion? What gives you the—
Balls? Cajones?
The idea that you can tell things just by looking at people?
Not people, women. I mean, not people in general. Not guys. You want to hear more?
Sure, knock yourself out.
You hate it when a guy tells you what to do, but you feel insecure if he doesn’t.
You need a guy to tell you what’s what.
You like a little more flesh on you, but, if you gain weight, you’re scared your ass will look big.
How’d I do? Not very good.
You’re going to be very lonely one day. Or at least I hope so.