#captionTHIS Testimonals

Uploaded by rabidgeek on 10.06.2012

Imagine being in a movie theater without sound, watching dialogues
and trying to figure out what's going on. How would you feel?
That's exactly how we feel without captions. I don't want to go through that.
I value captions so much because of the accessibility to information, which is important.
Without captions, I wouldn't be able to understand what's going on.
Captions are important for everyone, not just deaf people -
senior citizens, children learning english, etc.
Of course I cherish captions because without captions, I would have to rely
on others to tell me what's going on. It's frustrating - I must have captions.
I'm here with my daughter, a student at California School for the Deaf.
Captions are valuable in helping my daughter read.
I don't want second hand information!
I want equal access, so I get the same information as hearing people do.
Captions are very important because we need to learn
what's going on around the world,
to know what's going on in politics, legislative matters, etc.
It's important to us to learn - captions are very important to us all.
Don't you dare eliminate the captioning laws!
You must keep on captioning, and if you haven't, you must add captions!
Captions are important, because as a kid without captions
I relied on my family and friends to tell me what was being said on tv.
I didn't feel independent, I felt more like a burden on others.
Captions give me that independence, and I don't have to rely on others.
That's why captions are important.
I support #captionTHIS because companies like CNN who don't bother captioning
their videos even though they should.
Their argument was that being forced to provide captions would violate their freedom of speech!
What a joke, they can say whatever they want, as long as they caption this!
I want equal ACCESS!
Me too!
We grew up with captions on TV, and were able to enjoy shows.
Now, my son goes online, and there's no captions
on a majority of online videos. Is that fair?
What do we do? #captionTHIS now!
NOW! #captionTHIS now!