Nike CTR360 Maestri III Video Review

Uploaded by SoccerProVideo on 31.07.2012

Hey soccer fans, this is Matt from I just wanted to let you know
we got in the brand new CTR360 Maestri III
in two sick colors, but the first one we're going to go around today is the black
with solar red.
Now I've seen a lot of photos of these shoes on the internet that don't really
give you the true color, but I'm happy to bring you some nice images today, really
show you how bright and lustrous that red looks, and that it's really more of a red
than a pink.
Now these shoes are sure to look sharp on field, and have a lot of new technology
compared to the older Maestri.
Now, the first thing about these is the redesigned upper.
Now the upper is thinner, more like what you'll find on the Mercurial Vapor even
though it is still made out of Kangalite,
and has that nice memory foam padding on the back to keep them so comfortable,
which is one of the real selling points and the really cool things about the
Maestris, in my opinion.
You'll also notice that the two pass pads on the toe are gone, and they've been moved
along the side where you traditionally had another pass pod, but not so much of a pad.
Now, these pass pads that are on the new Maestri are really neat, something
different, and give it kind of a sharp toothy look that I really like.
Now, each of these pads is designed to individually alter the flight and tempo
of the ball.
Some of them have got little marks on them at the top or the bottom, little indentations or
that really help you get a hold of it, and help you get more grip when you
try to pass or distribute.
Another cool thing about these shoes is the fact they're so versatile, and with the
thin Kangalite upper, you can play with these as a speed striker. They
don't weigh as much as they used to, they're only 8.4 oz
and really you're not going to have an issue wearing them around the field or
getting tired with something heavy on your foot.
Now, the older Maestri
had a thicker upper, and while still a sharp great shoe, these are a definite
improvement on the older model.
The coating is also something new and unique.
Now, these new Maestris feature the ACC, that's All Conditions Control
coating from Nike.
Now, this stuff really works. We went and tried them out and especially with the high
end balls,
the new surface on these shoes does make them sticky. I can
feel the ball sticking to my toe,
and while the old Maestris are great for control, they just didn't have that
element, and I think it's a really cool selling point of these shoes.
Other than that, we've got them at and they're 10% off right now,
so make sure you check us out, just click the link on the description, you can buy
them right now.
Have a great day.