Alejandro & Diego - Part 39

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Here I am.
What do you want to tell me?
I want to give you something.
Something that has helped me a lot.
A book about how to stop being gay?
Diego I don't need this. I'm fine with the way I am.
At least read it through.
I don't believe in this nonsense that stops you from being gay at the drop of a hat.
Look ... the author is a scientist. He knows what he's saying.
This scientist is probably a closet homosexual, just like you!
You know what I think?
Guys who criticize and make fun of us haven't come out of the closet.
Those who are secure about their sexuality don't care. - Alejandro!
I am not in the closet! - You're not?
Then why do you ignore me when we're in front of everyone ...
but then you kiss me when you're drunk or when we're alone?
This isn't right.
Alejandro, this is an illness. The book says so.
Did you know that da Vinci, Michaelangelo and Alexander the Great were gay? They were geniuses.
Diego, they weren't sick. Being gay isn't a sickness.
Wait, Alejandro!
How do you feel about me?
You're making progress.
You were able to hug me without being drunk.
You didn't kiss me, but I know you're dying to.
No ... It was just a hug between friends.
I've got to go because I have dinner plans with Nora, her mom and my dad.
See you later.
You're going to keep lying to Nora?
Read the book.
Give yourself the chance to be normal.
Mom, I just got a call from Dr Baron himself.
He told me that he just left the hospital.
Lets hurry up then because the first impression is what counts.
Mom, he seems so strict and serious that it makes me queasy.
That's why you have to promise me dear ...
that you won't make any inappropriate comments at dinner.
Don't say a word about our secret.
We'll talk about how much you and Diego love each other and how well you get along. That's it.
Mom, you're talking as if Diego is our saviour to get us legalized.
Do you love him?
Yes, but I'm not going to marry him so soon.
I'm not saying that you need to get married tomorrow!
I'm just telling you to strengthen your relationship.
He is going to be our salvation, Nora.
So, your husband is traveling?
Yes, he had to go to Mexico ...
to visit his mother because she is not well.
May I know what her illness is?
I can put her in contact with colleagues who work in the best hospitals in Mexico.
Thank you, Dr Baron. I'll ask him if she needs it.
Why didn't your wife come to dinner?
We're in the process of getting divorced.
I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked.
Don't worry.
Not all marriages work out.
But that is no reason not to believe in marriage, right Diego?
Yes, of course, dad.
Why don't you tell them what you told me the other day?
Come on, don't be shy.
Tell me!
Well ... I was telling my dad ...
that I really like your daughter ...
and I'd love to get engaged and marry her one day.
Is this a formal engagement?
The ideal thing is for my son to ask your father for your hand in marriage.
That's how it should be.
But since he is not here ...
What do you say, Lupe?
Do we have your approval so that they can see each other as fiancees?
There's no problem on my part.
What do you two think?