Answers to Facebook and Twitter questions

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MARY NEUBAUER: Well hello again everybody.
Mary Neubauer with the lottery here.
We told you on Twitter and Facebook
that we'd be doing a player mail video
based on the questions you sent in.
And you guys gave us some great ones.
I'm gonna handle the Facebook questions
this time around.
And Amy's going to handle
the Twitter questions,
so let's get started.
Well first up on Facebook
we had Sam Kruse who wanted to know
'What are some of the more interesting
things that lottery winners
have done with their money?
You know, Sam, that's a great question.
Of course it's something that we all
think about. You know, 'What would I
do with the money if I won a big prize?'
You know, in general here in Iowa,
winners tell us that they either
want to buy their first home,
or remodel their existing home.
We have a lot of people who are
talking about planning for their
children's college education,
planning for their own retirement.
A couple of really interesting items
that come to mind for me though,
were a couple years ago,
there was a couple from Eastern Iowa
who were in the process of adopting
a child from a foreign country
and they happened to win
a big lottery prize right in the middle
of all that.
So their lottery winnings were going
to pay for their adoption expenses.
Which is such a great way to use the money.
You know our biggest winners here in Iowa
are Tim and Kellie Guderian
They're a couple from Fort Dodge.
They have a really interesting story.
They won a little more than
two hundred million dollars back in 2006.
And they gave a big donation
to the community foundation
there in Fort Dodge
that's been used to build a new
animal shelter. So all
sorts of really interesting things
that people have done with their money
over time. Thanks for that question.
I'm going to wrap things up on
the Facebook side with a question
from Patty Shirley. And Patty wants to know
'Why does it seem like there are more winners
in some cities than others?'
I love this question because
I think it gets back to, you know,
that old wives tale, or that urban legend,
that nobody from here ever wins.
Basically it seems like no matter
where you're from, you always think
that people from your area aren't winning.
Well, I can tell you that's not true.
There are people who are winning big
prizes in the lottery everyday.
What I can also tell you though,
is that lottery prizes, in general,
follow the population bases.
Now when it comes to lottery tickets,
everyone has the same equal chance of winning.
You know you neighbor doesn't have any
better chance than you do.
If you buy a ticket, all the chances
are the same for everyone in the game.
Because that's one of the beauties
of the lottery. That's why we have
a lottery, is to make sure that
things are fair and secure and
being conducted in the right way.
But when you have a big population base,
and more people live there,
that means more people are going to the stores,
and the convenient stores and gas stations
where lottery tickets are being sold.
So with more people buying the tickets,
more people are winning prizes.
Folks in the smaller towns have just the same
chance of winning as people in the larger
cities, but lottery prizes follow the population
bases just like the population does themselves.
Alright, that's it for Facebook this time around
guys. I'm gonna go check out what Amy has to say
from the Twitter side. And we'll do another player
mail piece really soon because again, it's just
interesting to us to see what you guys
are thinking about out there.
See ya next time.
AMY GARRINGER: Well I'm Amy Garringer
and I am the face of the lottery's
Twitter page. So if you see the lottery
tweeting, it's from me. We got a couple
of really great questions from our
Twitter followers. The first one we're
going to answer comes from the Twitter name
@sweetpolly50. You know some of the Twitter
names can be kind of strange, so they don't
have real people names, but that's how
we're going to refer to them.
And @sweetpolly50 wants to know,
'Why doesn't the lottery contribute lottery
funds to the food banks around Iowa?'
Great question. We get questions like that a lot.
People want to know, 'Where does the money go?'
Lottery proceeds go to several specific purposes.
They're actually mandated by Iowa state law.
Probably one of the most important things
that lottery proceeds go to, is the
Iowa Veterans Trust Fund. The Iowa Veterans
Trust Fund helps fund veterans and their families.
And we have contributed more than five and half
million dollars to the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund
in just two years.
The second place the Iowa proceeds go to, is the
general fund. Now the general fund is the
biggest pool of money in the state budget.
It pays for everything from education
to law enforcement, to agriculture.
And then the third place that lottery proceeds
go toward is Vision Iowa.
Vision Iowa is a program that receives
it's backup funding from the lottery.
This program has helped build Iowa Tourism
destinations across the state, as well as,
help build and repair schools.
So great question, sweetpolly50.
We hope we've been able to answer that
for you. The Iowa Lottery is really proud to
support worthy causes in the state.
And sometimes we do get requests from local programs
that ask us to donate to their funds.
And we would love to do that, but we do
have to go by state-mandated law
which determines where Iowa Lottery
proceeds go.
Thanks for all the great questions from our
friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter.
Be on the lookout for more player mail
videos from us when you can ask us what
you've always wanted to know about the lottery.
TERRY RICH: You're a winner! ANNOUNCER: WooHoo.