How to Make Paper Medallions for a Young Explorer's Birthday Party | Pottery Barn Kids

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Hi, I'm Kim Stoegbauer, Party Stylist from The TomKat Studio.
I'm here with Pottery Barn Kids, sharing ideas for a young explorer's birthday party.
I'm going to show you how to make paper medallions using maps.
This is the perfect party decoration for your young explorer party.
They're easy, affordable, and anyone can make these.
For this project you will need a map, scissors, a hot glue gun,
something that can help you cut a circle, whether it's a punch or tracing a jar,
a ruler and a pencil.
Today I'm gong to show you how to make a twelve inch medallion out of the maps,
however, you can make these in all different sizes, using different paper to add
texture and dimension to your party design.
To begin, we're going to cut eight six inch by six inch pieces from our map.
You're going to measure using a ruler and pencil, three quarters of an inch for your first fold.
Us your first two marks to make your first fold, and continue folding back and forth, accordion style,
the full length of the paper. The next thing you're going to do is use your hot glue gun
to glue the pieces end to end.
On your final piece, glue both ends to form a circle.
Before we finish our medallion, we need to make a circle to help hold it together on the back side.
You could do this by using a circle cutter or a punch, like I'm using.
With your glue gun handy, push down the center of the medallion to create the circular shape.
Flip the medallion over and apply hot glue down the center to hold the pleats together.
Apply hot glue to the pre-cut circle and press it onto the back of the medallion.
Hold it there for a little while to make sure it's completely dry.
To hang these medallions, you can use ribbon or twine or string,
you can hang them at the ceiling at different heights to create more interest.
These are so easy to make and make your party really festive.
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