Atheist know God?

Uploaded by preachinshawn on 07.08.2012

I have heard Christians say to things like this to atheist:
'You know God, but you are just choosing to deny him.'
The Christian may even quote the following scripture to back up their statement:
For about 9 years of my life I was an atheist, and if someone would have told me I knew God, I would have laughed at them.
If they said they could prove it by the Bible, that would have convinced me the Bible was false, since I knew what I believed.
Allow me to keep reading in Romans to show you why such a statement is not accurate.
Verses 21-22 read:
I experienced this process.
A time in my life came when I did not want to be under anyones authority.
Around that time I was convinced that God was a fairytale for adults.
I though people who believed in him were very stupid.
By definition an atheist cannot 'know God'.
The word atheist comes from the Greek word 'atheos', which means without God.
Obviously the god I am referring to is Yahweh.
Jesus said:
So by these two points Muslim's are without God, and thus by definition are atheist.
In Ephesians 2:12 some Gentiles were told:
So if knowing God is eternal life, you can not be without God at the same time.
So no, atheist do not know God. And if they know God, they are not an atheist.