Mexican Violence Poses Threat To Spring Breakers

Uploaded by AggiesTalk on 20.02.2009

The problem has been long-standing.
We started by pushing it,
we kind of pushed it into Mexico
by pushing it out of the Caribbean. When we
shut down routes that passed through the
Caribbean, those routes transferred over
through Mexico. So it now comes up through
the south of Mexico. The violence began
several years ago - the really sustained violence
began several years ago when Mexican
authorities cracked down on some of the kingpins.
The idea was if they cut the head off
the snake, maybe they could end this.
It actually worked the other way around,
when they cut the head off the variety
of snakes, they all went to war. So now
they're battling for control. And what
you really have is a fight for the entry
points into the United States, both the legal
entry points and the illegal entry points.
There are a bunch of corridors, almost like
highways, that are running drugs into the
United States and taking cash and guns
back to the south, and the fight
is over those corridors.