Gifts at Work: Minnesota Landscapde Arboretum - From Rotten Boards to Rejuvenation

Uploaded by umngiving on 07.08.2012

It started out as some railroad ties laid side by side the people could walk in
and then around nineteen sixty eight
turned they put the
railroad ties on top of some logs and then built
had a decking made out of redwood put on top of that
and when i started that
fifteen sixteen years ago
the boardwalk was in disrepair of course
so all my efforts out here were repairing the boardwalk
nothing to do
with the plants
This bog did not have an underlying endowment
and therefore the annual maintenance was
not at the level it should have been
and over the years the boards rotted and
some people
can recall walking
on the treacherous boardwalk
mary myers who was the interim directors idea was to
restore the bog walk
when i arrived
we had the opportunity to
add the funding
and complete the bog walk
three years ago we were able to
have this structure built
steel footings
galvanized supports and then a treated lumber on top
the footings should be here a long time
you see the delight in children
everybody who comes down here
really feels like a walking
right among nature
it's a rejuvenation and restoration of the soul when people do that